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The Village Markets

Boutique Fashion & Lifestyle Market for Creative Entrepreneurs - Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast & Stones Corner, Brisbane Queensland

How to :: Lift your social game, with Stevie Dillon

From leading and launching digital site Stevie Says Social, to recently creating her own podcast series, Stevie Dillon’s career path has definitely been extraordinary. Here, our Intern Gemma Lyndon chats…

From leading and launching digital site Stevie Says Social, to recently creating her own podcast series, Stevie Dillon's career path has definitely been extraordinary. Here, our Intern Gemma Lyndon chats to the #ladyboss herself, to get the low-down on how to lift your social media game, for business.

Your website talks about relevant tips and tricks that empower many startups and entrepreneurs. What was the concept and idea behind Stevie Says Social?

There wasn’t a lot of thought put into it at the very start! I had decided to up-skill in all things social and digital in the job I was in, and I wanted a place to share what I was learning. I started writing epic, 3000 word blog posts documenting my social media and digital growth from the tactics I was applying and people started following along. Less than a year later, I had so many enquiries from businesses wanting me to get the same results for them that I was able to start my own business. The rest is history!

You interview many women of influence for your podcast, what are some key pieces of advice you have taken from women in this industry?

I love how passionate they ALL are about what they do. Honestly, I think that’s the secret sauce when it comes to small business success. Small business isn’t easy – but when you genuinely LOVE what you do, it makes things so much easier. I’m so passionate about people spending their lives doing what lights them up and having the opportunity to interview so many smart, capable ladies doing just that via the podcast is such a pleasure.

As a very influential and sought-after social advice expert how do you stay focused and centered?

I focus on producing GREAT work. There are so many people in my space, the only way to stand out is to focus on being the best. It means working harder than everyone else, coming up with offers and content that are different to what others are doing and always staying a step ahead.

What tips do you have for women getting into this industry?

Just start! So many people spend years following a traditional corporate path and ‘thinking’ about starting a business, doing something more creative or diving into something they are more passionate about. My biggest piece of advice is just to START. Write a single blog post. Build a website. Open an Instagram account and start posting. Just do something - even if you’re not sure whether the ‘thing’ you start with is what you want to continue with forever. Taking action creates momentum, and you never know where it could lead.

What do you do when you are feeling uninspired?

I think it’s important to get inspiration from outside your industry. Social media and online business can be a bit of a fishbowl, with everyone writing about, doing and producing the same ideas and thoughts. Looking to other industries for inspiration is the BEST way to set yourself apart. It gives you unique ideas and perspectives. My Instagram account is full of creatives, businesses and people that aren’t in either social media or digital marketing, and I love it.

Top 3 tips for branding and design for your business:

1: Being professional doesn’t mean lacking personality. Too many businesses end up with a dry, ‘blah’ brand in an effort to be professional. Dry, bland, ‘me too’ brands don’t stand out – on social, or in business! Brainstorm three – five words that sum up the personality you want people to associate with your brand, and then think about ways you can reflect that in your colours, fonts, customer experience and more.

2 Think about what makes you different every other business in your industry, and then TELL people about it consistently. Being a little different or better to your competitors isn’t good enough – you need to know why people should choose YOU over every other [insert what you do here]. If you don’t focus on this, you end up competing on price and it’s a race to the bottom.

3 Design matters. Investing in brand early on allows you to really set yourself apart.

Top 3 tips for social media marketing

1 Tell stories. Small businesses in particular have the luxury of infusing personal stories into the things they post on social. The connection this create with your audience is second to none, and allows you to hold your own against the bigger players.

2 Quality over quantity. It’s no longer necessary to post multiple times a day. The Facebook and Instagram algorithms in particular prioritise relevant, engaging content when deciding what to display in the newsfeed of your followers. Spend your time on producing killer content, even if it’s less often.

3 Pillar content will set you apart. Build an audience by producing killer content, and then taking snippets of it to use on social. Whether it’s podcasts, Youtube videos, killer blog posts or something else, producing ‘pillar’ content is a great way to build your brand and feed your socials at the same time.

Meet Stevie here:

Follow Stevie Dillon here

Thanks so much for sharing Stevie, much love xx


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Celebrating 11 Creative Years on the Coast Today!

We’re back at Burleigh today and we’re celebrating our 11th year in business. Today’s lineup is looking rather sweet, plus there’s free live local tunes and our much-loved Rack Sale….

We're back at Burleigh today and we're celebrating our 11th year in business. Today's lineup is looking rather sweet, plus there's free live local tunes and our much-loved Rack Sale.

Sunday 06.10.19 at Burleigh Heads State School 8.30AM-1PM

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Stall Preview :: TVM Turns 11 this Sunday!

TVM is turning 11 years old this Sunday 6th October – come and celebrate with us at Burleigh Heads! Wow, eleven incredible years of supporting creative small businesses, meeting like-minded…

TVM is turning 11 years old this Sunday 6th October – come and celebrate with us at Burleigh Heads!

Wow, eleven incredible years of supporting creative small businesses, meeting like-minded people, sharing in milestones, celebrations, connection, collaboration and soaking in those famous good vibes a Sunday morning at TVM is so well known for!

We are so grateful for this incredible community of ours and things are only looking bigger and better in the coming years.

Thank you for supporting our local creatives and being a part of it all!

This Sunday 6 October at Burleigh Heads you will find street food, boutique market stalls, live music and pre-loved Rack Sales.

Also don’t forget to bring your own keep cup and re-useable bags, or you can pickup one of our good vibes market totes and brand new picnic packs at the TVM info tent.

Eats this Sunday are by Baby It’s Cold Outside, Greens on Grains, Hungarian, Jabbawocky Grind, Little Wahaca, Matsu Shaved Ice, Monkey Magic, MySEN Sushi & Japanese curry, Pressery Co, Raw Earth Organic, Smoothjuice, The Salty Turtle, The Weiner Haus, Wildflower Patisserie.

Stalls include S W E E T Child of Mine, Ali Mc Ceramics, Arvia Active, Attic Vintage, Au Fait, Billy Vintage, Brother Nature, Crawford & Co Handmade, DESERT WANDERER, divine creatures jewellery, Dolce Organico, Drift Trading Co, Dust, Forgotten Modern, Frocktail Party, Funky Sock Co / Lewd, Golden Sunrise Activewear,
Haize the label, Halcyon Daze, HARVEST CLAY, Huckleberry Flowers, Jbk designs, Jimmy Browns, Limbo, Little Leas, Little Loving Things, Lotus and Luxe Jewellery, Louv, manning made, Minarga, Moni The Label, Muki, My little glass jar, Nicotte, Ocean Luxe, Olas Supply Co., Pre Loved Stall, Rustic Peppermint, Sandinyapantz, Santography by Danny Santangelo, Scent of a Rebel, Solis & Mare, Sunday Rae, Ted & Patrick, The Daily Bliss Studio, The Lobster Shanty, The No Bake Company, The Rare Tide, Tusk Linen Co, VASH, Wolf and Clay, Zeffa and Fosse, Zoozap Eyewear and more.

Live music by Phil and Tilley from 8:30am – 10:30am and then Jackson James Smith from 11am – 1pm.

Make sure you tag your images for your chance to win a TVM tote and picnic pack: @thevillagemarkets #thevillagemarkets

TVM | Sunday 6 October 2019 | 8:30am – 1pm | Burleigh Heads State School

Image by Natalie McComas

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Live tunes this Sunday :: 6 October ’19

Shop to the sound of two salty and talented musical acts this Sunday at TVM! You can come for breakfast and stay for lunch thanks to our street food stalls,…

Shop to the sound of two salty and talented musical acts this Sunday at TVM! You can come for breakfast and stay for lunch thanks to our street food stalls, then set yourself up on one of our blankets under the trees and enjoy our live music lineup:

8:30am - 10:30am: Phil and Tilley
11am - 1pm: Jackson James Smith

Don't forget to BYO keep cups and re-useable bags, or you can purchase one of our good vibes market totes and new market picnic packs from the TVM info tent.

Tag your picks, for your chance to win a TVM market picnic pack and good vibes tote: #thevillagemarkets @thevillagemarkets

See you this Sunday 6 October, 8:30am - 1pm at Burleigh Heads State School.

Phil and Tilley

Jackson James Smith, by Capucine Merlant-Pilonchery

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Celebrating 11 Years of TVM :: Meet the Founders, Sarah & Marissa

TVM celebrates 11 years in business this coming Sunday 6th October and to mark the occasion, our lovely Intern Gemma has interviewed founders, Sarah Schoeller and Marissa Bowden. For those…

TVM celebrates 11 years in business this coming Sunday 6th October and to mark the occasion, our lovely Intern Gemma has interviewed founders, Sarah Schoeller and Marissa Bowden.

For those of you who often visit the vibrant lanes of Burleigh or Stones Corner on a sunny Sunday morning, we would love for you to get to know the brains behind your favourite market and creative community, The Village Markets, founders & creators, Sarah Schoeller & Marissa Bowden.

Tell us about the inspiration behind The Village Markets? What made you pursue your creative dreams?

Marissa: Sarah and I were both working full-time as marketing professionals (this is how we met) and were always travelling and loved events such as the Portobello Road markets and flea markets in Sydney that showcased local creative businesses while also bringing the community together and adding cultural flair to the region.

Eleven years ago there was no regular creative event on the Gold Coast and many locals were moving interstate to pursue their creative passions in larger cities, so we wanted to create a platform to ensure they could remain on the Gold Coast, whilst creating a much needed entrepreneurial culture for the Coast and an event that would change the perception of the Gold Coast - it was about so much more than Surfers Paradise and theme parks.

We worked our corporate jobs full-time and TVM of an evening and on weekends, for a few years before deciding to quit our jobs and focus on TVM.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Marissa: Mum-life means weekdays include busy early mornings and mundane things such as uniforms and lunchboxes, the school run (we try to ride our bikes to school along the beach for a sweet start to the day!) and then either working from a co-working space on all things TVM, or working from home. I’ll add some yoga or meditation to this, when I can. Then, it's school pick-up, some kind of after school activity or we hit the beach for a surf (summer can’t come soon enough!) or a play down at our local beach with the neighbours. Work tasks for me include but are not limited to event prep such as blog posts, processing applications, emails, the live music schedule, PR, the event plan and newsletters. Market day is a different beast of course, we're both generally there all hands on deck.

Sarah: Awake around 6ish before my three children, a quick meditation before they wake then the morning is usually making toast or oats for breakfast, a coffee, getting dressed, walking the dogs and out the door for kindy. I drop off my two girls and then head home to work in between the naps of my youngest. I would normally then check emails, schedule socials and newsletters and get up to speed on anything else we’ve got on. Squeeze in another meditation session and before you know it, it’s time to pick the girls up. The afternoons are spent in our yard on the tramp before dinner.  On non-kindy days we hang at home and play or head to the creek.

Marissa filming at TVM, by Soda Photography.

Sarah with Posie, by Tracey Moakes.

Explain the rundown of the markets from bump-in to bump out?

Sarah:: Each event is different, but our day starts early around 6am with set up prior to the stall holders arriving. This includes marking out the site, setting up tents and equipment, signage and theming.

Then the stall holders begin arriving and its go time! We greet each vendor on arrival and then it’s pretty fast paced during set up. Once everyone's ready to go, managing the event includes troubleshooting, socials, photographing, greeting musos, enquiries and everything in between (including cleaning and bins!).

Pack down starts at 1PM then it's time to do a site clean and the toilets (the glamorous side of running an event). The day flies and we rarely sit down but its our chance to connect with our community IRL so we make the most of it.

TVM, by Natalie McComas

When people are starting a business what aspect is most important and what advice can you give them?

Marissa: We have learnt so much about this since starting our business 11 years ago! This is what prompted us to create our eBook a few years ago, How To Launch Your Startup - so that we could share some of our key learnings with other small business owners in the creative industry.

Definitely make sure you have a clear idea of your objectives and why you are wanting to start a business in the first place. Secondly, if it’s a partnership, make sure you have clearly defined roles.

Sarah: Starting a business isn’t easy and its more work than you can ever imagine. But the rewards are great and make it all worth it.

eBook How To Launch Your Startup


Favourite thing to do on the Gold Coast?

Marissa: Beach time! We are so incredibly lucky to call this place home, we have the most incredible coastline and sometimes at our local, we can still have the beach (almost) all to ourselves. Big beach days in summer followed by a couple of drinks with friends, the kids running wild - those are the best days!

Sarah: Definitely spending time with my family outdoors. We love breakfast at the beach, followed by a swim. We frequent Rainbow Bay, Kirra, Tally and Currumbin a lot.

What do you expect for the Gold Coast in the next 60 years?

Sarah: I do see the Gold Coast coming into its own. With so many things in the pipeline like the new cultural centre and HOTA being finalised I feel like we’ll no longer be the poor cousin of Brisbane and our cultural scene will thrive. It’s exciting times!

Marissa: Let's hope they ease up on the number of high-rise developments in seaside suburbs! But on a positive note, with so many amazing creative businesses, eateries and the arts going on, the future is looking pretty bright for our city.

In this day and age we all have the opportunity to reach out from the normal 9 - 5 and delve into our passion project. What advice can you give to people to dig deep and find what they love to do and turn it into a career?

Sarah: Nothing beats a good old business plan. Nut out your offering, define your target customer and how you’ll market to them and get started! Seriously nothing beats working for yourself doing something you love.

Marissa: If you're passionate about something, just keep chipping away at it...Where your mind goes, energy flows! A few solid years of hard work and juggling multiple hats is well worth the investment, for sure!

You have won many awards including ‘Gold Coast's Best Market in 2015’ & the ‘Gold Coast's top 3 site by Lonely Planet in 2019’. What are your biggest achievements from the Markets so far?

Marissa: For us, it is the community we have created, it’s something so special. The thousands of small businesses that have been able to launch and trade at TVM over the past 11 years and watching them grow and evolve is truly rewarding. Some of the stallholders we have known since our first ever market all of those years ago and some have gone on to achieve international success - it’s truly rewarding to share this journey with them all.

Also on a professional level, when Sarah and I were finalists in Cosmopolitan magazine’s Women of the Year Awards a couple of years ago and travelled to Sydney for the event alongside women like Lizzy and Isabella from SPELL, that was incredibly humbling - and damn fun!

SS: I think last year was a big one for us. We were awarded the International Womens Day Patron Awards in March, then in November, were awarded Griffith University’s Outstanding Entrepreneurial Alumnus Award. It was such an honour to receive these awards for our contribution to the Gold Coast community.

We’ve also had 5 children between us in the last 8 years, which is pretty bloody amazing!

TVMs 10th Birthday, by Natalie McComas

Tell us about the first ever market you held and the major differences to now? 

Marissa: Our first market consisted of nine stallholders lined-up on the grassy oval and Sarah and I stood there with clipboards asking people (mostly our friends and family, ha!) to join our mailing list. We used MySpace to reach out to emerging designers. Now, 11 years later, we have up to 110 stalls, twice per month in Burleigh and once per quarter in Brisbane, as well as having established a strong brand and community.

Sarah: Well our very first market had just nine stalls and we simply just showed up and walked around with clipboards collecting email addresses! Now, we average 75-110 stalls per event, have two event staff and rarely sit down. How times have changed!

How did you see the markets as a platform for establishing face to face relationships with customers and stallholders.

SS: Market day is the perfect opportunity for vendors to connect with customers and our community IRL. In a digital world, this connection is crucial for everyone.

MB: This concept has actually evolved so much since we started, when I think about it. When we started, it was all about connecting small businesses with consumers because it was a tough gig opening a shop front and spending large amounts on advertising, particularly via traditional media.

These days, the essence is still similar but there's also the added component of sales and brand presence being so focused on social media and online for most businesses. Which can be quite impersonal. So for our shoppers, it's still that wonderful face-to-face connection they get, touching and feeling products, meeting the maker, the thrill of stumbling across a new brand or seller, those are the things people love about coming to TVM.

TVM, by Mel Carrero

TVM, by Mel Carrero


TVM, by SODA Photography


The Gold Coast is such a creative hub, the home of many awesome brands like yourself. How do you feel about the Gold Coast as a platform for creatives?

Marissa: It’s such an exciting time on the Gold Coast, there is a real energy and entrepreneurial culture and so much opportunity for small businesses. It seems as though the word is out and instead of locals moving away for opportunity, interstate folk are flocking to our beautiful city to start and grow their businesses - where else would you want to live and work, really?

Sarah: We’ve come a long way since we started in ’08. Where creatives used to leave the Coast to start their businesses, we’re now seeing designers travel to TVM from Sydney and Melbourne to have a stall. The Gold Coast is now known for its entrepreneurial spirit and startups.

Australian consumers are starting to favour brands who adapt an ethical green ethos. What sustainable practices does The Village Markets have in place?  

Sarah: We aim to be a plastic-free event and have been for several years and encourage vendors to use reusable bags. We also have market bags and picnic packs available for sale at TVM. We’ve been holding the pre-loved Rack Sale since we started and its really encouraged the reuse and recycle component of TVM.

What are your favorite local Gold Coast brands? 

Marissa: Oooh it’s a bit hard to play favourites! However many of my personal favorite pieces, homewares and those of my childrens wardrobes are from local brands found at TVM. In my opinion, it’s the #1 place to discover incredible brands and know that you're supporting a local and not wearing mass-produced items. Some current go-to’s include Opia, Forgotten Modern, Nicotte, Bandikoot, Sweet Child of Mine, Halcyon Daze, Snoep, Harvest Clay and Drift plus many more.

Sarah:  Some of my favourites are Peony, Alfie, Kivari, Akazi, Annette Daley Designs, Drift Trading Co, Scent of a Rebel, Harvest Clay, Esther Shelley Designs, F+H Jewellery, Rustic Peppermint, Two in the Sun, Stevie Jean, Nicotte, I could go on all day.

What part of your job would people find most surprising? 

Marissa: When I tell people I own a market, to this day their response will still be ‘oh, what do you sell?’- it’s still a tricky one to explain! So I guess, the concept of actually starting a unique business such as ours is often surprising in itself!  And also, that we do attend every event ourselves and setup/packdown (along with two staff members).

Sarah: Between Marissa and I, we do almost everything, only outsourcing our accounting. Or cleaning the toilets after an event!

Who would you like to have a 30-minute meeting with?

Marissa: Kelly Muller (KMC Consulting) or Tess Robinson (Smack Bang Designs).
And perhaps the entire cast of Younger (Netflix series) - my guilty pleasure!

Sarah:  I’d love to sit down and chat with Lizzy and Spelly from Spell Designs. Their business model and sustainability practices are enviable.

What do you feel when you are feeling uninspired?

Marissa:Meditate, yoga or catch up with my girlfriends, that is always so good for the soul!

Sarah: A good chat to the friendly folk at TVM always help, or attend an event with inspiring business owners.

Who do you love to follow on Instagram?

Marissa: Travel accounts (I'm a sucker for travel! My sister and I share our personal travel features and interviews with like-minded families at @the_travelling_tribe_).

I also love to follow creative brands/people from around the globe and inspiring women doing like-minded things!

Sarah: My favourites are:





Best advice you have ever received?

Sarah; Don’t ask for permission, beg for forgiveness. One of my bosses used to say this all the time and it’s always stuck with me.

Marissa: Be kind.

Come and celebrate 11 years with us at TVM this Sunday 6th October and make sure you say hey to Marissa & Sarah!

Sarah and Marissa, by Nat McComas

Sarah and Marissa, by Nat McComas


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Stall Profile :: Crawford & Co Handmade

After having her second son and becoming extremely sensitive to synthetic fragrance. Shae Turnor decided to ditch the chemicals and reduce her families plastic waste, by making her own natural…

After having her second son and becoming extremely sensitive to synthetic fragrance. Shae Turnor decided to ditch the chemicals and reduce her families plastic waste, by making her own natural products for the home.

This quickly expanded into creating products for family and friends and incidentally, the contract she was filling in for at work was coming to end.

Shae decided to take a leap of faith and hope that others out there would share her vision and love her products too.

Meet Shae Turnor, founder of Crawford & Co Handmade.

Did you have any previous experience in the industry, or business itself?

Creatively, my background is photography and professionally, it was a Travel Agent.

Is this business your sole income or is it a side project?

This is my sole income.

Tell us about your brand name, how did this come about?

Crawford and Co Handmade came from wanting to incorporate my family into my business name. They are my main driver for doing this. To give us the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere. My partner and our sons surname is Crawford. I am the " and Co" as we are not married yet. It’s a little tongue in cheek.

What products or services are included within your range?

We make a range of Aromatherapy Candles. Pure essential oils set in a natural soy wax. However, our main product range consists of Natural Soap bars, these are all plant based, with no nasties. We have Soap Bars and the extra large Kitchen Block; the eco alternative to commercial dish washing liquid.

We are also about to release a new range of both soaps and candles called Little Travellers. Designed for keeping in your campervan or taking on weekends away.

What inspires you creatively?

Nature, the elements, the smells, sounds and colours of being by the beach or in the bush and music also helps to amplify that.

Do you work from home, an office or creative workspace?

I work from home.

Do you implement any sustainable practices within your company, if so tell us about this?

Yes absolutely. We pride ourselves on our sustainability and commitment to the environment. Our soap bars are completely zero waste. Our candles all come in reusable jars and tins. We strongly encourage our clients to re use their jars.

As they come with an air tight seal, we use ours for food storage ( once cleaned out properly). All of our packaging is recycled or home compostable. Our labels are the only things that are not, and we are aiming to have home compostable labels by the end of the year.

Do you collaborate with any other local GC/Brisbane businesses?

Not at this stage, but I would love to.

Why did you choose TVM as a platform for your business?

TVM has a great reputation, everyone knows and loves it. I felt like it was a great fit for my products.

Where’s your favourite local coffee haunt?

Stable Coffee & Kitchen (at Cornerstone Stores).

Favourite book?


Favourite podcasts?

I’m yet to jump on this bandwagon!

Favourite way to unwind? 

Walking on the beach.

Websites or profiles you’re loving for business inspiration right now?

Lisa Messenger & The Collective Hub 

What’s your favourite TVM stall, if you have one?

Really needing to get myself a piece of Laikiki Jewellery.

Connect with Crawford & Co. Handmade online, here and find Shae at TVM this Sunday!

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International Podcast Day!

To celebrate International Podcast Day, we asked our team to share their top six picks with you! Marissa, Co-founder Offline the Podcast – I practice Vedic meditation, so I particularly…

To celebrate International Podcast Day, we asked our team to share their top six picks with you!

Marissa, Co-founder

Offline the Podcast
- I practice Vedic meditation, so I particularly loved the episode with Matt Ringrose from Bondi Meditation Centre.
- Kelly Muller, #ladycrush.

- Gwyneth is great. Her interview with Julia Roberts is pretty fun and real.
- I also loved the interview with Brene Brown.
- Because, Brene Brown.
Tess Robinsons from Smack Bang Designs.
The interview with Lizzy Abegg from Spell & The Gypsy Collective.
The Tim Ferris Show
LOVED Arianna Huffington.

Sarah, Co-founder

Your Creative Start
Emma Henderson & Victoria Beattie from The Beach People, Tess Robinson and Jasmine Dowling.

Offline the Podcast
Loved the Rachelle Rowlings episode, talk about keeping it real and Pip Edwards

Lady Startup
Samantha Wills

Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris

Fierce Girls
Turia Pitt and Margaret Olley (most likely to be listening to this as opposed to anything else at the moment! #mumlife)

Gemma, Intern

Seize the Yay
Gary Vee

Lady Start Up
Showpo Jane Lu

Healthy Hustlers
Loni Jane

Start Up Creative
Marketing 101

Stevie Says Social
Why no one cares about your business.

Sarah and Marissa, by Carly Brown for Surfstitch



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Soak it all up at Stones Corner Today!

It’s a good day when we’re back in Brisbane with our incredible lineup of boutique stalls, gourmet street eats, live tunes and rack sales. Come and enjoy a day out…

It's a good day when we're back in Brisbane with our incredible lineup of boutique stalls, gourmet street eats, live tunes and rack sales.

Come and enjoy a day out supporting your local creative community at leafy Logan Road.

The Village Markets 29.09.19 at Logan Road, Stones Corner 9AM-2pm

Image by Kelly Holden

Image by Kelly Holden

Image by Kelly Holden

Image by Kelly Holden

Image by Kelly Holden

Image by Kelly Holden

Image by Kelly Holden

Image by Kelly Holden

Image by Kelly Holden

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TVM Preview :: Stones Corner 29.09.19

Hola Brisbane! This Sunday we are back lining the leafy street of Logan Road, Stones Corner with an incredible line-up of creative small businesses and the best Sunday vibes –…

Hola Brisbane!

This Sunday we are back lining the leafy street of Logan Road, Stones Corner with an incredible line-up of creative small businesses and the best Sunday vibes – come and hang with us.

This weekend you can bring the whole family, as we’ll have kids craft activities thanks to Stones Corner Early Learning Centre.

Meet locals The Bower, Metro and FitStop Greenslopes.

Food stalls include Abbiocco Food Truck, Little Wahaca, Oh Waffles, Rustic Pastel, Smoothjuice, The Weiner Haus, Vivente Pizza, Wildflower Patisserie and you can enjoy the adjoining cafes and eateries too.

Boutique market stalls by small creative businesses include Alton Goods, ALULU, Amanda Davidson Art, Aneara, Art of Zig, Au Fait, Blu Sundaze Swim, Bokashi Ninja, Brother Nature, Brush Huis, Classic Carlson Creations, Clive Street, Cocoa & Thread, DESERT WANDERER, Drift Trading Co, Earthdrawn Studio, eLKa creative, Elke the Label, Fit Stop, Forgotten Modern, Frocktail Party, Gabsies, Good Boy Bones, Haize the label / Bam Loves Book, Hello Lola, Honu Livin,inBLACK. the Label, Jbk, Kaiz Studio, Lava Living, Lewd/Funky Sock Co, Little Leas, Little Loving Things, Lubajo Apparel, Minarga, Moni The Label, Muki, Nicobella, Nicotte, NIKKE HORRIGAN, nOS, Nudes, Nuna Jewelry, Oh Hey Lovely, OHH DE NATURALE, Olas Supply Co, Punjabi Newfarm Soccer Girls Team, Queenie's Beeswax Wraps, Racasa Designs, Raffia The Label, Rustic Peppermint, Sahara Blue Co., Sally Penny Succulents, Sand and Stone, Scent of a Rebel, Sista & Co, Snoep, So Sew Sweet, Spencer Ceramics, Sunday Rae, Tahlee and Bench, Taneal Teresa Art, Ted & Patrick,  The Essential Cleaner, The Handmade Collective & Co, The No Bake Company, The Sunlounge, TRES CHIC SHAVE KIT, Tusk Linen Co, VASH, VSolochildren, Wolf and Clay, zeffa and fosse and Zoozap Eyewear.

Plus pre-loved vintage and designer Rack Sales by some of the cities most stylish folks and live music by Ash Riske and Katie Milae.

You can pickup your GOOD VIBES merchandise including t-shirts, market totes and our brand new re-useable market picnic packs at the TVM Info tent on market day (or online!).

Make sure you tag your images for your chance to WIN a TVM tote and market picnic pack! We’ll be drawing a winner at 5pm Monday, via our Instagram account. To win, just post an image and tag us #thevillagemarkets @thevillagemarkets

TVM | Sunday 29 September 2019 | 9am -2pm | Logan Road, Stones Corner


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Live Music :: TVM Stones Corner this Sunday!

Come and join our street party this Sunday as we line Stones Corner in Brisbane with boutique market stalls, street food, kids craft activities, henna, Rack Sales and plenty of…

Come and join our street party this Sunday as we line Stones Corner in Brisbane with boutique market stalls, street food, kids craft activities, henna, Rack Sales and plenty of good vibes!

Plus catch live tunes by Katie Milae and Ash Riske:

Ash Riske 9am - 10:30am
Katie Milae 11am - 12:30pm

Tag your pics so we can share them: #thevillagemarkets @thevillagemarkets

TVM | Sunday 29 September 2019 | 9am - 2pm | Logan Road, Stones Corner

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Hey Stones Corner! 29.09.2019

We’re back at Logan Road Stones Corner this Sunday with one helluva incredible lineup of stalls.

Come along and connect with your local creative community, shop small and make the most of a sunny spring day in Brisbane.

We're back at Logan Road Stones Corner this Sunday with one helluva incredible lineup of stalls.

Come along and connect with your local creative community, shop small and make the most of a sunny spring day in Brisbane.

Logan Road, Stones Corner
Sunday 29th September 2019 9AM-2PM

Images: Kelly Holden

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Sustainable Fashion & The Future

In this eco age there has been an emergence in sustainably conscious shoppers, who encourage slow fashion. Did you know 73 million tonnes of clothing, footwear and accessories are sent to landfill every year, often having barely been worn! Sustainable fashion considers the environmental, social and health impact of the design, manufacture, and disposal of clothing, with the aim to minimise any adverse effects of the industry.

On the back of the nation's largest climate strike, never before have consumers been more aware about the impacts of their purchases.

In this eco age there has been an emergence in sustainably conscious shoppers, who encourage slow fashion.

Did you know 73 million tonnes of clothing, footwear and accessories are sent to landfill every year, often having barely been worn!

Sustainable fashion considers the environmental, social and health impact of the design, manufacture, and disposal of clothing, with the aim to minimise any adverse effects of the industry. This approach encourages individual influence to create change by implementing sustainable practices like up-cycling and recycling your old clothes in order to minimise waste.

TVM Rack Sale

We speak to eco-savvy shoppers Jane Milburn, Hannah Klose, Brittanie Dreghorn & Kim Bailey who share their tips and knowledge about implementing sustainable shopping choices into everyday life.

First up, Jane Milburn from

When did you first become interested in sustainability?

I grew up on a sheep farm where careful use of resources was second nature and then went on to do an agricultural science degree at The University of Queensland. This was when I learned about climate change, and it is also where my love of natural fibres comes from. I feel I’ve been a slow living practitioner forever. My career in rural communications always kept me aware that there are finite resources in the world and we have to look after them.

We live in an old Queenslander, with upcycled furniture and found natural objects as ornaments, and I’ve always made, upcycled and mended my own clothes.

After I observed fashion waste in 2011 and learned how synthetic (plastic) fibres derived from petroleum were increasingly being used in fast fashion, I felt compelled to step up. I set up Textile Beat in 2013 to speak out about slow clothing, natural fibres and upcycling as a way to reduce our material footprint.

Slow clothing choices and actions are: think, choose natural, quality, local and few, care for what we have, make our own, revive, adapt and salvage.

What is one thing you do on a daily basis to help make the world more sustainable?

My strategy is to minimise waste of all kinds – food, clothing, paper, travel etc. I’m always thinking about how I can reuse what I already have around me, before I buy new.

There is pressure to acquire and own lots of stuff as a measure of success, but really we’ve moved past that now the climate emergency is upon us. We need to think more before we buy anything, particularly anything new.

Ask ourselves do we really need it, how often will we use/wear it, can we borrow or swap something similar? I know this makes it hard for people making a living by selling things, but they can focus on products of high quality that will last well and are essential for regenerative living in a climate-changing world.

Next, Hannah Klose from

What is the most positive impact from implementing sustainable practices into our lives?

Obviously one of the major positives from implementing sustainable practices like second hand shopping is that it’s kind on the planet. And when you think that 6000kg of textiles goes to landfill every 10 minutes here in Australia, It’s imperative that something has to change!

But thrifting is also kind on your wallet, it helps to drive down demand for clothing made by modern day slaves, and your retail therapy actually provides charities with one of their main sources of income, so buying nothing new just makes so much ‘cents’!

What sustainability challenges do you think shoppers face?

Sometimes it’s hard to know how sustainable fashion labels are, there’s a lot of ‘green washing’ going on, so you really need to do your research!

The Good On You app or the Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion guide are both good places to start, but I think sometimes the easiest and safest way to shop is to just buy second hand!

Brittanie Dreghorn from

What do you perceive as the biggest barrier for shoppers to adopting more sustainable behaviors?

While it’s great that more and more people are considering the origins of their clothing and how they impact the planet, I think a big barrier for shoppers is understanding what makes a garment “sustainable”.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of big and small companies claiming to be ethical and sustainable without actually explaining how and why and it makes customers confused and disengaged.

I also think people assume all ethically made fashion is out of their price range, and so dismiss the idea all together. This definitely isn’t true and there’s lots of ways of shopping sustainably on a budget.

What would you recommend to someone who interested in sustainability but doesn’t know how to get their ideas off the ground?

I think everyone should start with their own wardrobe. Go through it and see what they wear most, what their clothes are made of, where they’re made etc.

An easy way to reduce your impact is to buy less or buy second hand when you can. When buying new you want to buy ethically made, quality clothing that you absolutely love and will wear for years to come.

Kim Bailey from

How have you seen the sustainable fashion industry change in recent years?

The industry has changed dramatically I believe since the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh a few years ago. Consumers are increasingly interested in ethical and sustainable products and processes so the sustainable fashion industry has really gained momentum.

They are asking more questions of fashion companies, encouraging transparency within the supply chain to ensure purchases fit within their values. It’s exciting to see the industry change and consumers support the changes.

Can you describe what sustainable fashion is?

Sustainable fashion can be interpreted in so many ways. It can be ethical processes, fair trade, slow clothing, organic fabrics, handmade, locally made, vintage clothing, secondhand, swapped or rented.

Thanks so much for sharing ladies and helping us change the way we shop one step at a time!

Much love,

Gemma x

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How to :: Focus on your Wellbeing with Nicole King

In this age of ‘busy’ the need to focus our wellbeing has never been so important. As mothers of five children under the age of 8 between us, running a…

In this age of 'busy' the need to focus our wellbeing has never been so important. As mothers of five children under the age of 8 between us, running a business, a family and the everyday demands life brings can sometimes lead to overwhelm.

In recent years, both Sarah and I have taken up the practice of meditation, as a form of taking time out and giving ourselves a 're-boot', shall we say. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are for this practice, which has affected so many areas of our lives in such a positive way - creativity, reactivity, productivity, we could go on.

So, in the hope of inspiring our TVM community to take some self-care, however that may be, our lovely Intern Gemma Lyndon has chatted to one of our close friends, inspiring mum and meditation teacher at Nicole King Wellbeing, Nicole King.

x Marissa

Welcome Nicole! 

Your business, Nicole King Wellbeing aims to optimise students physical, mental and spiritual well being through mantra meditation which I think is SO important in this fast paced day and age. Can you tell us a little more about what you do?

Sure, I teach an effortless Mantra Meditation technique over a tailored 3-session course. I’ve created the accessible and relevant course for the everyday person, for the ‘busy’ mind and modern lifestyle. Once completed, the student is a self-sufficient meditator for life.

The course is low on spirituality and time commitment but rich in neuroscience and mind-body education. We can rewire the neural pathways (highways in our brain) that regulate our emotions, thoughts, and reactions.  We can reprogram our subconscious mind and consciously create new pathways that lead us to compassion, gratitude, and joy instead of frustration, low-self worth, anxiety and fear. How cool is that?

Meditation is a meta-skill that improves ALL areas of your life. It can be practiced anywhere at any time, by anyone.

Whilst teaching students from a beautiful studio in Mermaid Beach, my email and DM’s were being flooded with messages asking if I’d be open to teaching online? I resisted these requests for a long time. Typically learning mantra meditation has been taught in a very structured way; it costs this amount, is taught in-person over 3-4 days. 

But as we evolve in this digital age, teaching this simplified ancient practice needs to be modernised and available to anyone who has a desire to learn. Regardless if they’re restricted by circumstance (hello newborn mum), time zone or geography. 

After hearing the consistent call, I realised I wasn’t living or achieving my purpose - create a relevant and accessible meditation course and be of service, share this life-transforming skill with as many people as possible. I needed to pivot and break away from the mould (yes, be brave). 

This month (September), I launched the ‘Learn to Meditate’ experience online and it’s been incredible! I teach grateful mothers wearing PJ’s in the comfort of their own home, digital nomads and ambitious entrepreneurs from their city office. 

These disciplined and eager graduates are the testimony that you can learn and implement this technique anywhere at any time - happily and successfully. 

Completing a Bachelor of Communications, to studying Naturopathy to being a mum and now fastrack to owning your own wellbeing and meditation studio. Tell us a bit about your journey before creating Nicole King Wellbeing?

In 2003 I jumped on a plane for Bolivia immediately after graduating University with a Bachelor of Communication (Business). After returning from adventures in South America & Europe, I scored my first corporate job,‘Marketing Assistant’ with CSR Limited and immediately moved south to Melbourne. I continued progressing up the ‘ladder’, within various companies in Sydney and Melbourne and in 2007 relocated back to the Gold Coast and started a boutique PR firm, Ellipsis.

Fast forward 8yrs and another 2yr stint in Melbourne, my husband and I were welcoming our first child and I started studying Naturopathy. Pregnancy proved to be the perfect catalyst to take the plunge and finally follow my passion for health, wellbeing and helping others.  Up until this point I had been on auto-pilot mode, working in a career that I felt as though I ‘should’ be pursuing.

Everything organically evolved from here. I went onto study nutrition, counselling and meditation. For years I was a Holistic Health & Nutrition Guide for Mothers. During this time, it was evident many ‘nutritionally’ healthy women were in chronic activation of the fight-or-flight response. Unable to heal or emotionally cope with the ‘motherhood shift’ or the daily stressors of this busy world. Leaving them with feelings of stress, isolation and disconnection. I could relate because I was one of these women.

I’ve personally experienced first hand the profound mind-body connection (our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning), which led me to create the 10 Essential Elements of Wellbeing. Once I started living aligned with the 10 Elements, I healed severe post-natal depletion, anxiety and reversed several autoimmune diseases (full story here).

My purpose from this point was loud and clear.  To serve others, share education and teach people how to tap into their authentic-self and true potential. After 3-sessions, students leave aware and conscious, having the ability to control their mind, rather than allowing their worry mind to control them. You’re able to perceive your mind, body and world and in a completely new and healthy way.

Nicole King Wellbing creates awareness and guides individuals to reconnect to themselves to enhance their clarity, healing, performance and health. How do you feel reconnecting with your wellness effects your creativity and productivity in a business and personal sense?

It enhances intuition and every aspect of work, rest and play.

Work - Strengthens clarity and confidence in decision making which improves creativity, productivity and results.

Rest - You’re able to recharge and rejuvenate in less time.

Play - You become very present, you find daily gratitude in the ordinary and feel grounded amidst the chaos. You’re there, feeling and experiencing the moment.

In today's world where we are surrounded by alarms, notifications and social media many people often get caught up in the online world. What advice would you give to people to centre and reconnect themselves to ensure they have a sense of positive wellbeing?

Three pieces of advice;

1) Come back to the present moment. Realise that you’re here, right now, at this moment. Time is the most precious thing we have. We often wander through each day with unmet expectations, replaying the same stories and conversations in our minds, we’re delaying our happiness. Question - “How are you investing your time and is it serving you”?

2) Figure out your values and align your life accordingly. Ensure your time and energy is invested in serving your health, wellbeing and values. If not, axe it. Whether it's a toxic environment, relationship, habit or lifestyle choice. Be very mindful of the content you invite into your world.

3) Thirdly, reconnect with nature and do more of what makes you happy! I ask this question often- “what brings you joy”?

Creativity and productivity are a centre-point of most businesses how important do you think it is to start the day with a clear positive mindset?

It’s imperative. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or complicated, but I do believe a morning ritual is key.

From the moment we open our eyes, we have around 3,000 possible thoughts per hour. The majority of these (~95%) are either spent rehashing the past or anticipating a hypothetical future. Which means our thoughts are unproductive and irrelevant to the present moment.

A 20min morning meditation practice clears space in your ‘busy’ mind, from this point of clarity you can create and focus which sets the tone for your day.

As a very busy wife, mum and business owner how do you stay mindful and centered?

Of course a daily meditation practice ;-).

I believe in a holistic approach and carve out time each day to spend mindful time with each of my daughters (individually), move and nourish my body and get into nature. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes, I have an ocean swim or barefoot walk.

I also have a beautiful nighttime routine which grounds me before falling asleep.

What part of your job would people find most surprising? 

Despite the misconception that learning to meditate can be difficult or is about ‘stopping thoughts’ it’s actually really simple and the life-changing benefits can be felt immediately.

It’s not sitting cross-legged chanting and requires no lifestyle changes (yes, you can still enjoy your vices whatever that may be for you).

Who would you like to have a 30-minute meeting with?

Dan Tehan  - Minister for Education. I’d love to discuss how we could roll out a national Mantra Meditation program across every Australian school. If the future generations had the practical skills to navigate life with 8 C’s of Self-Energy we could improve the world for posterity.

**8 C’s - Calmness, Clarity, Curiosity, Compassion, Confidence, Courage, Creativity and Connectedness. 

What do you feel when you are feeling uninspired?

I meditate and physically move to shift sluggish and uninspired energy.

This could look like dancing (often to my cringe-worthy fave music), swimming in the ocean, catching up with a friend, doing hot yoga or yin, or listening to a motivating podcast while walking along the beach.

Who do you love to follow on Instagram?

It’s an eclectic mix…that changes often, but for the moment:

Lalah Delia, Zoe Foster-Blake, Dani DiPirro (@positivelypresent), Jim Kwik, Dr Joe Dispenza, The Grace Tales, and of course, TVM!

What do you do to unwind?

Hang with my family and play with our daughters, catch-up with my incredible friends, go to the beach, head off on a road trip adventure, cook and read. I’m not a TV person but I am a confessed book nerd.

Who and what do you find most inspiring and influential in your life?

Who - Close friends and expanders who are taking a chance, carving their own path. Creating, despite challenges and fear whilst giving back and helping others along the way.

What - TRAVEL! Travel brings me so much joy. It inspires, rejuvenates and challenges me. At the moment we’re manifesting a family ‘gap’ year in Europe.

Meet Nicole here:

Follow Nicole here

Thanks so much for sharing Nicole!

x Gemma



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Sunday’s Shopping Small and Local

Head down to Burleigh Heads State School to shop locally this weekend from our creative community of talented vendors, plus enjoy live local music and street eats made on site….

Head down to Burleigh Heads State School to shop locally this weekend from our creative community of talented vendors, plus enjoy live local music and street eats made on site.

Sunday 15th September '19 at Burleigh Heads State School 8.30AM-1PM

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StartUp Stall :: K-Sut Studio

We love seeing the talent that lands in our inboxes each week and it was our lucky day when an application from Kayla Sutton and K-Sut Studio dropped in. Kayla,…

We love seeing the talent that lands in our inboxes each week and it was our lucky day when an application from Kayla Sutton and K-Sut Studio dropped in.

Kayla, a multidisciplinary artist with a history in the graphic design and fine art field, based in Mullumbimby produces art-based tees featuring her own designs. Here we chat to Kayla about the inspiration behind her business and background.

Kayla Sutton

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am an emerging artist who grew up in Melbourne but spent the last three years in the Inner West of Sydney before moving to the Northern Rivers area where I am living now. My practice is distinctly illustrative but transfers across print making, painting and mixed-media methods.

What is your creative background/qualifications?

I am a multidisciplinary artist with a history in the graphic design and fine art field. Academically speaking, I had a long run of trialling three different degrees from fashion design and graphic design at RMIT to a double degree in Arts/Social Science and Fine Art at UNSW before settling into a Bachelor of Fine Art at UNSW in Sydney. I have done some freelance design work over the years but have focused mostly on the development of my visual art practice overall.

Is this business your sole income or you do have a full-time gig?

It is a small business that has been officially running for about a month so it's very early days so the business has consumed a lot of my time and energy but it is far from being my my sole income yet. As with a lot of artists, I have a casual job which pays the bills. I am also a recipient of the New Business Incentive Scheme otherwise know as NEIS which is a government funded incentive for new businesses.

Tell us about your brand name, how did this come about:

K~SUT is a shortening of my name (Kayla Sutton) and is an important identifier since the brand is linked to my artwork and I have used “KSUT” as a signature shortening to sign my work for some time. I decided to add “Studio” onto the end to communicate that the products come as a result of working creatively within a studio environment and to identify that the business comes as an extension of my art practice predominantly.

What products or services are included within your range:

At the moment I am solely offering art-based products.

The idea is that I am bringing art into the everyday by offering functional items that doubles as a piece of art.

With my t-shirt range, I am doing limited edition screen prints which means there's only so many of a particular product. I'd rather do this than mass produce an item because the product reduces in value otherwise.

What inspires you creatively?

Much of my artwork is fluid and illustrative in style and generally incorporates the human body. I am both fuelled and inspired by reflections on nature and the Anthropocene, suburban life, technology and social media, feminist issues, psychology and mental health struggles.

Do you work from home, an office or creative workspace?

I have a small art studio but occasionally work from home depending on the day and what I need to get done.

Do you implement any sustainable practices within your company?

Yes, I use Earth Positive t-shirts which are 100% organic cotton and made entirely from renewable energy from wind and solar power. My tote bags are made from 100% recycled material, 60% of which is pre-consumer organic cotton and the remaining 40% is made from locally recycled plastic bottles. All my products are also printed with eco-friendly water based inks.

Why did you choose TVM as a platform for your business?

I chose TVM since it is art, design and fashion oriented and my business fits entirely within this category. I also can see that there is a high standard of quality present at TVM which is great.

Where’s your favourite local coffee haunt?

I live in Mullumbimby and there's a lot of good coffee but lately I've been going to Branches cafe in the industrial estate. Great coffee and the industrial setting reminds me of the Inner West of Sydney, ha!

Favourite book?

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Süskind

Favourite podcasts?

The Walls - This American Life

Favourite way to unwind?

Go to the beach or chill at home with a glass of wine and some good tunes

Websites or profiles you’re loving for business inspiration right now?

Play on Play Studio (POP) design studio in Melbourne and Good Publishings, vintage book seller in Byron Bay.


IG @ksut_studio

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TVM Stall Preview :: Sunday 15 Sep ’19

There has never been a better time than now to shop ethically and locally, supporting the little guys in your community! TVM is all about showcasing the regions most creative…

There has never been a better time than now to shop ethically and locally, supporting the little guys in your community!

TVM is all about showcasing the regions most creative small businesses, designers, collectors, curators, foodies and musicians, and this Sunday you can shop boutique market stalls, Pre-Loved Rack Sales, food stalls and listen to live music by local artists under the trees.

Food stalls include Alegna Woodfired Pizza, Cuzzie Pies, Hungarian, Jabbawocky Grind, Little Sprinkles Bakery, Little Wahaca, Matsu Shaved Ice, Monkey Magic, MySEN, Raw Earth Organic Smoothjuice, The Salty Turtle, Weiner Haus, Wildflower Patisserie and new stall filled with healthy cold pressed juices and Pressery Co.

New stalls include Billy Vintage, Deadglow Vintage, Dream of Shangri-La, Nuna Jewellery, The No Bake Company and more.

And all of your usual faves including S W E E T Child of Mine, Annette Daley Designs, Attic Vintage. Au Fait, Bandikoot Kids, Blu Sundaze Swimwear, Brother Nature, CRUMPLE Eco, DESERT WANDERER, Divine Creatures Jewellry, Drift Trading Co, Dust, Forgotten Modern, Frocktail Party, Halcyon Daze, HONU LIVING, Huckleberry Flowers, Kaiz Studio, La Carolina, Lakiki, Lewd/Funky Sock Co., Little Fisher Co., Little Leas, Little Loving Things, Lokoa the Label, Mahiya, manning made, Minarga, My little glass jar, Nicotte, Nostos, Olas Supply Co, One Fable, RBY STUDIOS, Rustic Peppermint, Scent of a Rebel, SockieLala, Tahlee and Bench, Tahn the Label (formerly Night Tiger), The Lobster Shanty, The Milkmaids Closet, The No Bake Company, The Super Eco, Two In The Sun, Wolf and Clay, zeffa and fosse and Zoozap Eyewear.

Plus live music by Ondre Solien and Vicky O’Keefe, check here for times.

We’re excited to have added special TVM Market Picnic Packs to our merchandise ready for sale this Sunday and also available online, including re-usable straws and cutlery in a cute canvas bag – perfect for your morning at TVM!

See you this Sunday for all of the good vibes. Be sure to tell your friends (here)  and tag your photos @thevillagemarkets #thevillagemarkets

Image by Mel Carrero for TVM.


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Six must-visit destinations to add to your bucket list

The best part? You can fly to them from the Gold Coast. It’s easy to get caught up living the good life here on the Gold Coast, and hey, we…

The best part? You can fly to them from the Gold Coast.

It’s easy to get caught up living the good life here on the Gold Coast, and hey, we understand if you occasionally find yourself wondering why you’d ever want to leave. But sometimes that sense of wanderlust comes creeping up on you, and you find yourself craving a jaunt abroad.

Well my friends, we’re happy to break the news to you — the Gold Coast now has the world at its fingertips.

You may not have noticed, but our little coastal paradise is growing up! In fact, you might be surprised to find out just how many epic international destinations you can fly to from our golden shores. To give you a taste of what’s on offer, we’ve put together a list of our top destination picks for your next overseas adventure.

Time to start packing your suitcases.

New Zealand

If you’re looking for a dose of mother nature like no other, look no further than our next-door neighbours. The natural beauty of New Zealand is unparalleled, and only outweighed by the incredible, welcoming people who call it home. It’s a truly diverse landscape, featuring some of the world’s best ski slopes, ancient volcanoes and lush rainforests; not to mention the unique communities scattered across its two islands. Make the trek to Roy’s Peak for some of the most spectacular views New Zealand has to offer, or head to Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula for an experience in the sand like no other. For the movie buffs among us, take a Hobbiton Movie Set Tour and explore some of the filming locations from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. New Zealand has something new waiting around every corner, and at a flight time of only four-hours from the GC, it’s the perfect destination for your next international road trip!


You may have noticed Japan’s growing reputation as a must-visit destination for Aussies everywhere, and there’s a good reason for it. This timeless destination is an explosion of art, culture, architecture and technology. It’s a land where past, present and future converge — from its bustling cities to its ancient natural landscapes. Experience the majesty of Mount Fuji, and immerse yourself in the electric lifestyle of Tokyo. Brighten up your stay with a visit to the Kawaii Monster Cafe, or take a day trip out to the Hakone Open Air Art Museum for an unbelievably tranquil (and extremely Instagrammable) excursion. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or exhilaration, Japan can satisfy — making it a bucket-list destination like no other, and one you’re unlikely to soon forget.


Singapore has a lot more to offer than its world-famous airport. This island city-state is a hub of art and culture, not to mention the dream destination for foodies and fashionistas everywhere. Head to the lively Little India district and experience some of Singapore’s most colourful creations; edible and otherwise; or drink in the city views (alongside a cocktail or two) from the infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands. Singapore is renowned for its sustainable development, and is hailed as one of the greenest cities on Earth. Transport is a piece of cake too; the city is home to one of the world’s most efficient public transport systems. Eat, shop, explore, sleep, repeat — what more could you want?


When you think of Phuket, your mind probably jumps to its picturesque natural landscape; sweeping white sand meeting crystal clear turquoise water as far as the eye can see. And you know what? You’re absolutely correct. But there’s so much more to this diverse destination than that. Phuket is home to incredible cuisine, a shopping experience like no other, and is in close proximity to some of Thailand’s most significant cultural havens. For the adrenaline junkies among us, you’ll find white water rafting, kayaking, and quad biking too. Adventure by day and cocktails by night? Count us in.

Kuala Lumpur

If Kuala Lumpur isn’t already on your bucket list, it’s time to write it down. This charismatic city fuses its diverse cultural heritage into a melting pot of awesome, and it’s just begging to be explored. Enjoy exceptional street-eats, some of the world’s best nightlife, and the most absurdly oversized shopping malls you’ve ever laid eyes upon. Kuala Lumpur is a visually stunning city — for the best vantage point, we suggest heading to the Mandarin Oriental Infinity Pool, where you can enjoy the view with a beverage in hand. Be sure to check out the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers, and get an authentic taste of Malaysia with a cooking class from the Lazat Cooking School. Kuala Lumpur is a place that has to be seen to be believed, making it the perfect bucket-list destination.


Often overlooked by tourists for other marquee Asian destinations, we’re here to tell you that Seoul is no second-tier city. This hidden gem takes some of the best components of its neighbouring states; the colour and charisma of Buenos Aires, and culture and cuisine of Japan; and merges then into a travel experience like no other. Enjoy a delectable sweetened Soju, and devour a Korean Cheeseburger (barbequed meat wrapped in lettuce and oh, so yummy). Give your skin the vacation it deserves with a muddy excursion to Daecheon Beach and, if you hold a foreign passport, take a detour to the infamous DMZ (demilitarised zone), where you can dip your toe into North Korea — a truly unforgettable experience!

We know what you’re thinking — when did these destinations become accessible from Gold Coast Airport? Well my friends, this is just the tip of the iceberg; you can now head to over 40 bucket-list destinations across Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia and the USA from our sunny shores.

And you know what? When you’ve finished stamping all the pages of your passport, you’ve got an incredible bucket-list destination to explore right here on the coast.


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How to :: Cultivate the career of your dreams, with Sacha Strebe

We’ve been so fortunate to be able to connect with many inspiring people over the past 10 years, since TVM’s inception. There’s nothing more important to us than supporting and…

We’ve been so fortunate to be able to connect with many inspiring people over the past 10 years, since TVM’s inception. There’s nothing more important to us than supporting and encouraging those creating and cultivating their dream paths.

One such soul is Sacha Strebe. Wind the clock back to the very beginning and Sacha was the editor of our local, go-to for fashion and lifestyle on the Gold Coast, ‘Tuesday’ magazine.  

A breath of fresh air for Gold Coast media, Sacha injected her style-savvy, forward thinking, innovative flair into the publication, always supporting new and exciting cultural projects along the way (TVM included).

Sacha’s equally talented husband and denim aficionado Troy, designed his own denim range Debris Blanc in those days and we were so excited they wanted to showcase at our humble event, alongside a whopping eight other stalls (yes, that’s right, nine stalls total at our first ever TVM event!), with toddler son Neon in tow.

We have proudly followed her career journey since, as Sacha moved to Melbourne to pursue a role as the digital director for a trade show company where she ran multiple blogs, social media, and newsletters for a show called Décor + Design.

She eventually relocated to Los Angeles (her husband is from the U.S.) and landed her dream gig as editorial director of MyDomaine—a home décor and lifestyle website founded by the creators of Who What Wear.

After four years with MyDomaine, Sacha announced her departure and took a new direction in her career as the editorial director of Create & Cultivate—a platform that helps women to create and cultivate the career of their dreams.

We thought it was a great opportunity to chat with Sacha and delve deeper into this concept. How do you in fact, manifest and achieve your dream career? After all, it appears she herself has done just that.

Sacha Strebe by Jenna Peffley

Sacha, you are one hard-working lady who has always been one-step ahead of the digital game since we’ve known you and we have so much respect for you as a woman, mother and in your career. In our opinion, you are the true definition of an influencer—where does this come from, it seems as though it’s ingrained in you, what was your childhood like?

Firstly, thank you. That is such a nice compliment. I guess it comes from my parents. They are both really hard-working people and always pushed us to be the best versions of ourselves. My dad was incredibly self-disciplined from his work to his physical and mental health, so it definitely rubbed off on me. He runs about 15 kilometres around three or four times a week and has a six-pack in his 60s. My mom often runs with him or does her own sun salutations and yoga at home. Growing up in a family of five we always had to do chores around the house and dad never let us off the hook. He taught us that through hard work and persistence you could master your craft and achieve your dreams. But there isn’t a success story in history worth hearing about that didn’t happen as a result of putting in the work. I have carried this work ethic into my adult life, and I am only just now seeing it start to pay off—I turn 40 next year. It proves good things really do take time.

Can you tell us how you managed to secure your first dream gig in LA?

My husband is from Arizona. After living with me in Australia for eight years (we got married and had our son during that time) we moved back to the U.S. to pursue our career ambitions. We also wanted to be closer to Troy’s parents as his father (who is a Vietnam vet) had been having health problems.

We sold everything and moved to the States with no job prospects and a few boxes of books and records (the essentials, of course). We landed in Arizona first to stay with family, but the plan was always to live in L.A. I knew I wanted to work at Clique, the founders of Who What Wear. It had been a dream of mine and a permanent on my vision board for years (I even applied for WWW jobs from Australia). I saw a listing for MyDomaine lifestyle editor and applied immediately.

Within a few days they emailed me requesting an interview. I had two interviews and completed an edit test before securing the role. I worked remotely in AZ for two weeks while my husband was in L.A. looking for apartments. We found the dream 2 bedroom 2 bathroom home in Silver Lake and we’re still here. We love it.

Tell us about your time at MyDomaine. Your days must have been so varied and never the same, talk us through the type of projects you were responsible for?

Working at MyDomaine was an incredibly exciting time for me. The site had just re-launched from being a purely home décor site to a lifestyle platform and I was responsible for helping them expand into the new content categories. The company was in its prime and both influencers, celebrities, and brands were super excited to work with us. Within a year I was promoted to managing editor where I was responsible for the calendar and ensuring a varied content mix across all categories, kept the editors on deadline, and worked closely with the editorial director on strategy.

I was in that role for a year before being promoted to editorial director. In that role, I managed a bi-coastal team of seven extremely talented editors and was responsible for the editorial vision, direction, and tone of the site while also looking for new and creative opportunities for the brand to expand both editorially and experientially. I expanded the site well beyond its home décor roots to create an all-encompassing digital lifestyle publication and community that inspired and empowered women, and in turn, helped MyDomaine reach a lifetime traffic high.

Being on set shooting the homes of people I admire was definitely a highlight for me. Getting to know Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent and being invited into their family home to tell their love story was incredibly special. Another pinch-me-moment was seeing my editorial concept, Womaneer come to life as a Power Lunch and being able to host it with 200 incredible women in L.A. MyDomaine was a very rewarding four years.

Who What Wear was such a digital pioneer and one of the first platforms we ever read religiously. You were employed by and worked very closely with media powerhouses and founders Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr (Clique Media). Were the pair mentors for you during your time at MyDomaine?

I vividly and fondly remember the first WWW newsletters. They were truly doing something different and disruptive and I couldn’t get enough. It was around the time I had my son, Neon and I was feeling frustrated at home in need of something to fuel my creativity again while on maternity leave. WWW inspired me to start a blog and keep writing. That really helped me connect with other inspiring people online (it was a very tightknit and small community at that time) and really keep my hand in it. I dreamed of working with them for years and would often apply online for jobs that were listed even though I knew they wouldn’t hire me.

My logic was clear though—the more I applied, the more they’d see my name so that one day when I was in the States, they would remember me and call me in for an interview. I’m not sure it worked but I think the universe was listening because when I did get the job, Hillary Kerr recognized me (we used to tweet each other) and called me into her office with a big smile, a warm embrace and incredible welcome. I will never forget it. She has been my biggest champion ever since and even now, despite not working at MyDomaine anymore, she is a huge advocate and supporter of mine. I’m truly grateful and honoured to have her on my side as a mentor.

You were very much instrumental in turning MyDomaine into what it is today, was it hard to leave something you considered your second baby?

It was really hard and truthfully, I cried a lot. It took a few weeks to really digest everything, to recognize and commend myself for what we created at MyDomaine, and to be proud of that. It’s important to take a moment and celebrate personal milestones. We don’t do that enough as a society. I learned so much during my time at MD but it truly was time to move on. I was ready for a new challenge, something that pushed me mentally and energetically.

Your new role is editorial director of Create & Cultivate, how did you transition from MyDomaine into this new position?

I wasn’t really actively looking for anything. I was taking my time and even considered consulting or starting my own advisory when I received an email from C&C’s publicist (who is a good friend) to let me know that they were looking for an editorial director and if I’d be interested. I had worked with the C&C team a few times during my time at MyDomaine when they asked me to moderate a panel at SXSW and then again in Chicago at their conference. The team had always impressed me with their efficiency and kindness, plus the CEO Jaclyn Johnson truly is a powerhouse and I have huge respect for what she has built and the movement she started. It’s inspiring.

You recently mentioned your mission statement in your former role was to ‘empower women to be the CEO of their own lives’ and your new role will entail giving young people the keys to unlock their full potential and cultivate the career of their dreams. What do you think is the key to cultivating your dream career?

Hard work. I don’t think you always know what your passion is, and to be quite honest, the idea that we have to find it can be confusing and frustrating. Especially, if, like me, you have more than one and can’t decide which one to run with. I’ve always been hungry, unafraid of hard work and the person who is the first to arrive and the last to leave. I guess you could say I’m an intrapreneur—I think with an entrepreneurial mindset when I’m working for someone else.

Nowadays, you can really broaden your prospects and try new things to test out a new business idea or career while you’re working full time (and getting a reliable paycheck with benefits). You just have to be prepared to burn the midnight oil but that’s good preparation for when if you do launch your own business, if that’s the end goal, of course.

I started a bi-weekly newsletter before starting at C&C which is now my passion project. Every two weeks I rotate between Stylexicon (design newsletter) and Skinlexicon (beauty/skin newsletter). I get the biggest kick out of seeing new subscribers each week. It’s so rewarding and exciting when people sign up and trust you with the prime real estate of their inbox.

We don’t believe there is any luck involved when it comes to achieving success and I am sure you will agree! We like the quote ‘luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity’ (Seneca) – what are your thoughts on this?

I 100% agree with that. Oprah says it all the time on her Super Soul Sunday podcast and it always rings true.

People talk about finding a work-life balance. To us it seems as though your career is very intertwined with your life in general. Tell us about how you manage to make it all work?

Some days its more work and less family, and others it’s more family and less work. You just have to be flexible and go with it while ditching the guilt. I let that go a long time ago and to be honest I have always felt like mom guilt was invented as a way to keep women down and stop them from pursuing careers. We shouldn’t feel guilty because we want to contribute to society or embark on creative pursuits that nurture our soul and make us feel connected to the world. I’m a much happier person, mother, friend, wife, sister, and woman when I can do what I love and feel fulfilled by my contribution. I’m also incredibly lucky to have a very supportive husband who values gender equality and truly wants to see me succeed. We share everything, including house hold responsibilities and he actually cooks during the week. I love him so much.

We love keeping up with your busy life via Instagram (@sacha.strebe) and you have connected with so many incredible and high profile people in the lifestyle space, some of whom have become great friends. Tell us, who has been the most interesting person you have interviewed, to date and why?

Ahh there are so many but I definitely loved interviewing my friends Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. Telling the story of their young family was so moving and so special to me. They truly are paving the way for other LGBTQ+ families and showing us all that love trumps everything. This is one of my favorite quotes from that story; “We’d walk through fire for our kids, but we’d walk through it holding hands.”

You and your family have made quite a life for yourselves in LA (with one killer apartment to boot!) how have you adjusted and what is Troy working on these days?

We absolutely love it here. It’s home. We have created a little sanctuary in this house and the energy is filled with love and warmth. I just wish my family lived closer because I’d love for them to visit and come over for a cup of tea. Troy is the senior wash designer at Paige denim now and really doing amazing things over there. We’re also quietly working on a few small projects together so stay tuned.

If you could offer up one piece of advice to anyone wanting to create his or her dream career, what would it be?

Be authentic. I know it’s an overused word but it’s honestly the first thing that comes to my mind when reading this question. Everything feels so saturated and homogenized now, especially in media and on Instagram, but it’s the ones who are true to themselves and authentic to their vision and creative path that stand tall above the rest. If you want to disrupt the space and do something different or compelling that grabs people’s (limited) attention spans then you have to get comfortable with yourself and resist the urge to do what everyone else is. Find out who you are and do that because no one else can be you better than you. It’s slightly cheesey but it’s true.

If you could interview anyone at all, who would it be and why?

Oooh that’s tough but probably Kristin Stewart or Tracee Ellis Ross because they’re both unapologetically themselves, they never compromise.


Favourite podcasts – SO many!/

Armchair Expert, Goop Podcast, Boss Files, WorkParty, No Limits, Offline the Podcast, Oprah’s Master Class, Super Soul Sunday. Second Life, Super Women, Recode Decode, The Barney’s Podcast (episode 3 with Noor), Him & Her With Skinny Confidential, Unstyled, Secrets of Wealthy Women, Vanessa Wants to Know and more…

Favourite book/read - Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie or Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Favourite thing to do in LA – Walk the Silver Lake junction visiting the shops and cafes with Neon and my husband.

Biggest inspiration/s - my mom and dad!

Follow Sacha via her instagram @sacha.strebe and you can also subscribe to her new personal newsletter.

Thank you so much for your time, Sacha! x

The Strebes, by Jenna Peffley


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