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Smoothjuice & Their Tiny House

 Meet Jan and Kev, owners of much-loved TVM food and beverage caravan, Smoothjuice. Well-known for their epic juices, smoothies, healthy bowls, wicked sense of humour and upbeat vibes, the English…

 Meet Jan and Kev, owners of much-loved TVM food and beverage caravan, Smoothjuice.

Well-known for their epic juices, smoothies, healthy bowls, wicked sense of humour and upbeat vibes, the English couple have called the Gold Coast home for over a decade, recently celebrated 30 years of marriage and have built a 100% self sufficient tiny home in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

We had a quick chat to Jan and Kev, two very much adored members of our TVM community about life in a tiny home, how COVID-19 has affected their business and more. Enjoy the read!

Hi guys. Local food trucks have taken a big hit throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, with most events being cancelled. Without permanent premises to retail, we know it’s been a really challenging for your industry. How are you going?

Strange times that’s for sure but we’re keeping a positive spin on things and hoping that good things will come of this situation when we are out the other side, locally and world-wide.

Have you been able to keep the business going during this time and if so, where and how can we support you?

We’ve managed to keep our heads above water with a little help from our friends and our local community in Mudgeeraba. We have a regular spot outside our friends cafe Millers Espresso (Swan Lane, Mudgeeraba) on Saturday mornings and we’re also still trading at Currumbin Community Farmers Markets on Thursday mornings.

You both recently built your own 100% off-grid 3m x 10m tiny home, in the Gold Coast Hinterland. This slow way of living must have made a big difference for you both, during what has been such a difficult time financially and emotionally for so many?

We are so grateful that our lifestyle affords us to be relaxed about finances as we’re aware of so many struggling.

This is basically what the tiny house movement was created for, an affordable and sustainable way of living that is also cohesive with the land.

I can’t tell you how many conversations we’ve had in the last couple of weeks about this. People coming to the realisation that so much of their money has been wasted or spent on credit on material goods that are pretty insignificant now and how they have realised time with their family is so much more important.

Images by Living Big In A Tiny House


Can you share with us your favourite go-to recipe for keeping your immune system up during this season?

I’m vegetarian (Jan) and Kev is a vegan. We do definitely feel that this contributes massively to our wellbeing, not to say we don’t enjoy a beer too, we both believe in a healthy balance! If we had one recommendation it would be to eat or blend lots of leafy greens into your diet along with fresh herbs.

Our Extreme Green Smoothie recipe would be a go-to for immunity:

kale/ spinach/ celery/ pineapple/ banana/ ginger/ ice/ coconut water

Where is the first place you’d love to travel to, once the travel ban is lifted?

As for travel we’ve actually decided that for the foreseeable future we are going to travel in Australia as soon as restrictions are lifted. It’s such a beautiful country and being Poms we haven’t seen too much of it yet.

Why do you love being a part of the TVM community?

We really can’t wait to get back to The Village Markets, we’re so missing the community of stall holders and the banter with our regulars & of course the boys breakfast club with Kev, Paddy (The Weiner Haus) & Joel (Olas Supply Co) Sunday’s have seriously not been the same!

Thanks so much guys! We can’t wait to see you soon on when TVM returns, Sunday 7 June at Burleigh Heads State School, Gold Coast.

Check out Jan and Kev’s tiny home at: @whytinyhouse
And you can follow and connect with them via Instagram: @smoothjuice_

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At Home With :: Kirra Smith

Today we chat with local Gold Coast based photographer, wordsmith, globetrotter and kind hearted woman, Kirra Smith about how she’s going during these challenging times, trekking through the Himalayas with…

Today we chat with local Gold Coast based photographer, wordsmith, globetrotter and kind hearted woman, Kirra Smith about how she's going during these challenging times, trekking through the Himalayas with a group of travel photographers and her top tips for local takeaway!

Hi Kirra! We go way back, having known each other through your work, TVM and similar social circles. I know how much the current global pandemic is affecting local creatives right now, we hope you’re doing ok! Tell us what work looked like for you, prior to COVID-19?

Before COVID-19 I was quite busy as a freelance writer and photographer, things were starting to pick up for the year ahead and I had lots of big plans for where I wanted to take my business.

How has COVID-19 affected your work so far?

Of course, as soon as the restrictions were put in place, I lost the majority of my work – I shoot food/venues, portraits and weddings mostly so all that had to stop . Luckily I’m also a writer so that continued in bits and pieces and I did have a few (socially distant) photography jobs pop up. It wasn’t all bad but (as it was for everyone) it was quite stressful for awhile. I am excited to see how all this changes things for me going forward, I have learned MANY lessons about how I work, what I love most and how being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being successful. Which I’ve loved honestly.

Where do you live and who are you self isolating with?

I live with my brother Dan and my Staffy Jagger. We’ve obviously been spending A LOT of time together but I’m quite lucky that we get on well and our house is big enough to escape each other when we need to.

What does your creative space look like at home? 

Like a mixture of all the things I love most. There’s lots of art, notebooks, candles and of course, a few cameras and film canisters on my desk plus old issues of travel and fashion magazines I love flicking through for inspiration (and to make collages – my fave iso activity). There are also a few novels on the floor beside me, always a good distraction when my brain has reached its’ creative capacity for the day.

How are you staying creatively inspired right now (it’s a struggle some days, right!?)?

SUCH a struggle some days. I find that I work best in the morning but if I don’t have any creative inspiration on a particular day, I just don’t work. I can’t make myself do something if I’m not feeling it and of course, the work isn’t good if you push it just for the sake of getting it done. Having said that, reading and magazines are probably the best ways for me to stay inspired. I have read so many incredible books lately and I’m obsessed with fashion and travel so looking at beautiful images is one of my favourite ways too.

Great, you're an avid reader - what are the top 3 books you've read in iso?

The best three books I’ve ready in iso are The Great Alone, The Switch and The Ruin. All so beautifully written, I could read them again and again. Oh and My Dark Vanessa, I’ve done A LOT of reading lately!

What sort of work projects do you love the most?

I love working with people to showcase their lives and work. Whether it’s restaurants/cafes, business owners or families, sharing stories is my absolute favourite thing to do.

I absolutely adore your photos and am obsessed with travel, so your travel images are my favourite. Tell me about your best travel experience to date?

Thank you! Travelling is the absolute love of my life, I didn’t do a lot when I was young so I’ve been making up for it the past few years. In November of 2019 I went to Nepal and trekked through the Himalayas with a group of travel photographers. I’ve never been a big hiker so there was a lot of preparation involved and the actual trek was the most beautiful and difficult experience I’ve ever had. We walked for up to eight hours a day at altitude so it was very physically challenging but more than that, it was mentally so hard. When I reached the highest point (5,500 metres) I cried, not for the first time that day, because getting there was the hardest thing I’d ever done but I’d made it and having done that I knew there was nothing I couldn’t do. Plus obviously, the Himalayas are so, so beautiful and some of the photos I took there are the best I’ve taken. So that was the best travel and general experience of my life for sure.

Can you choose one of your absolute fave images and share some insight into the image with us?

That’s a hard one! I think this one means the most to me. I was asked to submit an image for LIVIN x Robina Town Centre’s photography exhibition Collective Minds last year depicting my interpretation of mental health. There were about 15 incredible local (including internationally renowned) photographers asked to participate and I was SO honoured to be one of them. Seeing this image – called Emergence – hanging in the gallery was one of the most overwhelming and amazing experiences of my life (I cried). I was so proud to have been included in something so important among so many talented photographers, it was my first photo in an exhibition and one of the best days of my life.

You’re a local Gold Coast gal, tell us, what local eateries are you supporting right now whilst social distancing at home?

I go to either Custard Canteen or Espresso Moto every day for a coffee and for dinner, Restaurant Labart, The Collective and Etsu Izakaya. Plus Mr Consistent for a Margi mix - can’t be in iso without an epic margarita. Oh and Granddad Jack’s for gin and Black Hops for beers. Wow that sounds like I drink a lot. 

Lastly, a few quick ones for Iso Inspo!.....

Playlists to listen to? I’m one of those people who listen to the same things over and over again – my fave playlists are Hey, is that Ziggy Alberts, Hottest 100 of the Decade and The Office Stereo.

What to watch on Netlfix? I also absolutely loved lifestyle/surfing documentaries Given, Fishpeople and Under an Arctic Sky – they’re so beautiful and Normal People just came out on Stan (based on a book by Sally Rooney) and it’s SO GOOD,

Fave podcasts? I love On Being with Krista Tippett, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations and My Dad Wrote a Porno is very funny.

What are your top 3 TVM businesses? Olas Supply Co, Lakiki Jewellery and The Wiener Haus.

Get in touch with the delightful Kirra Smith for brand collaborations and shoots, here:






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15-17 May Insta Market on now!

Hey friends… head our to our IG stories to shop your fave TVM stalls from the comfort of home. The Insta Market will run 15 – 17 May with the…

Hey friends... head our to our IG stories to shop your fave TVM stalls from the comfort of home.

The Insta Market will run 15 - 17 May with the first round live now 3PM AEST 15 May and the second round live 3PM AEST 16 May. Enjoy!

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Foolproof indoor gardening with Lauren Lance, from The Borrowed Nursery

So we’ve been stuck at home for close to seven weeks now and never has there been a better time to become a become a crazy plant person. Not many…

So we’ve been stuck at home for close to seven weeks now and never has there been a better time to become a become a crazy plant person.

Not many may know, that Lauren Lance started her first venture Signs of Wear many years ago at TVM, which evolved to The Borrowed Nursery - the Gold Coast's much-loved plant haven and rad venue (which is available for hire).

Lauren is also the brains behind The Bontanica Box and The Hangar AirBnB at Bilinga Beach and unintentionally created an influencer hangout when she painted the doors of her beloved nursery peach many years ago.

The doors have recently had a violet makeover and we chat to Lauren as she dishes the dirt on how to create a foolproof indoor iso victory garden at home.

What are your recommendations for the easiest houseplants?

Zanzibar gem is the most hardy of them all! They genuinely thrive on neglect, only needing watering once a month- yep that's once a month and tolerant to low levels of light too!

There's talk lately about houseplants acting as air purifiers. Any truth to this? And if so what should we get?

They have definitely been proven to this - true story, NASA have done experiments to prove it. Ones to look out for in particular are the snake plant - fancy name is the there's heaps of varieties of these but the ones we have in the shop include the dwarf variety perfect for the bedside or as an office plant. We also love the bigger varieties for floor plants in the living areas, these include Laurentii, Trifasciata and the pastel varieties of moonshine and silversword are my personal favourites.

The Fiddle leaf has had its day, tell us, what’s big in plant trends at the moment?

I do love the umbrella tree and the happy plant varieties. We often get them in established sizes which given a great impact to a space and they are very low maintenance which is a bonus.

And tell us, how do you revive a sad fiddle leaf? 😉

Main tips are to ensure the leaves are kept clean free of dust- just a wipe with a damp cloth with do. Keep them in a position with a bright but diffuse light and water just when the leaves get droopy, that's when they're thirsty.

What the most underrated indoor plant?

I love the Monstera Deliciosa! It has a lush tropical foliage and is easy to take care of and fast growing too.

The Borrowed Nursery is open 7 days a week 10-3. Follow @theborrowednursery on IG.
They're also working hard on an online sore with click and collect and delivery options. In the mean time they'll continue to offer delivery for those larger items or for those purchases that might be a little bigger that you intended to be .

Thanks Lauren!

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May Insta Market this Weekend

We’re beyond excited to be delivering the May Insta Market this weekend! Grab a vino, hit the couch and shop away from Friday evening 15 May to Sunday 17 May…

We're beyond excited to be delivering the May Insta Market this weekend! Grab a vino, hit the couch and shop away from Friday evening 15 May to Sunday 17 May as we showcase this month's Insta Market goodness.

Shop via our IG stories @thevillagemarkets

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Mother’s Day Feature :: Sarah’s Mum Di

To celebrate Mothers Day, TVM co-founders Marissa and Sarah have interviewed their own beautiful mums. Words by Sarah about her Mum, Di. Growing up on the farm, either surrounded by…

To celebrate Mothers Day, TVM co-founders Marissa and Sarah have interviewed their own beautiful mums.

Words by Sarah about her Mum, Di.

Growing up on the farm, either surrounded by animals, in the garden, or cooking with the on the weekends with music blaring in the background, or being at the beach or river over the road from Nan and Pops are some of my earliest and fondest memories. 

Our childhood was a balance between beach and bush and its something that, as I grow older, am so grateful for. Growing up on the farm, we’d always be climbing trees, camping out, riding our bikes down the dirt road or generally just being wild. You taught all of us to cook, sew, garden, raise animals and importantly to dream big, constantly reminding us that we could do anything. 

With a deep love for your family and friends, a wicked sense of humour, a complete love of entertaining and cooking (and bubbles!), my Mum is happiest when surrounded by her family (three children and ten grandchildren). Actually I think the grandkids my have taken #1 position in recent years, but watching you with my children and the love they have for you, is by far one of the best things in life. 

Sarah and her children, Arki, Posie and Lola and her mama, Di

You’ve always been my biggest inspiration but your childhood was pretty different to mine, so let’s chat about why after growing up in Sydney, you decided to head North to raise your family. 

What appealed to you about raising your family in Northern NSW on 18 acres when you came from the big smoke?  

I wanted to have spirited children that had a zest for life that were also very competent. From an early age I loved animals and one of my best presents ever was a dog when I was eight years old.  I had been asking for years. I think raising animals teaches you about responsibility and kindness and how to care for something.  I had also developed an interest in self-sufficiency and was concerned about the chemicals we were being exposed to so growing our own food including meat and dairy goats was very important.

How did having three children under three change you?  

I don’t think it changed me but it did help me to understand myself much better.  I reflected on the things that I wanted either to continue or discontinue from my own upbringing and made me much more aware of the influences on my life.

Di and Sarah, 1984

Did you adopt a particular parenting style or go with the flow?  

I had some very particular ideas about no physical punishment, breastfeeding and also allowing each child’s personality and individual characteristics to shine.  I was also aware of birth order and the impact on each child and worked hard to moderate that influence. 

Having worked in a male dominated industry in my first job and experiencing discrimination in the workplace, as well as having limits placed on me through my parents expectations because I was female, I was certain I did not want this for my daughters and I wanted my son to respect and value women.

I’d say you and Dad had a very free thinking, liberal parenting style. As we grew older, you always said that the most important thing was if we told you the truth and this trust formed a large part of our relationship growing up. Why was this so important to you as a parent?   

I always wanted to be available to you and for you to know that no matter what I was there for you.  There were so many taboo subjects as I grew up and I ended up keeping secrets from my parents which made me vulnerable and also harmed our relationship.  If there was truth between us I felt we could deal with things together and you wouldn’t be forced into making poor decisions.

Early on, you worked at home in your accounting business and Dad stayed home with Sam (my brother). This would have been rather unconventional in the 80s, but is testament to you and Dad’s ability to adapt to situations and open minded thinking. Why this decision?

I am not sure we planned anything just responded to life which as I age I find quite difficult as I feel the need for certainty.  Hans and I grew up in a very fortunate period where jobs were plentiful and I think we always felt that we were good at what we did and could always get a job.  I don’t think that is quite so applicable these days.   The world is rapidly changing and we need people to be quite flexible and innovative and often create their own opportunities.  I think your upbringing actually helped all of you in this regard as all three of you are very competent at what you do and have a good bag of skills.

An accountant by trade, you decided to return to uni after having three children to study a Bachelor of Teaching (early childhood) and later on your Masters. What inspired this later in life?   

When I saw you at preschool and learnt so much about how important the early years are I really wanted to be part of that.  I wanted to make sure that children everywhere grow up strong. It was a much more fulfilling profession than accountancy.

Di and Arki

You’re the most passionate early learning educator I know. You started our local preschool, a founding member of the North Coast regional group and previous President of the Early Childhood Australia NSW Branch. What fuels this devotion for raising children?  

The early years are where education and care can have the most impact and young children need great advocates. It has been a constant battle to have people and governments realise the importance of the early years and that Australia’s and the worlds future depends very much on ensuring that every child is provided with their basic needs which includes opportunities to play and learn within loving and nurturing relationships.

Most of my earliest memories include Nan. She was always with us and as I grew older, although close growing up, she become like a best friend to me. She was a determined and strong woman who was fiercely independent and left school at 12 years old to raise her five younger sisters. What traits do you think you inherited from her?  

My relationship with my Mother changed dramatically when I had children myself.  It was then that I saw just how well she had provided for us and the sacrifices she had made not only to raise her own family but her sisters as well.  She ran a very effective household often on her own as my father was sometimes away for months on big jobs.  I never heard her complain. 

I still cost out most meals in head as I serve them up and get a buzz out of feeding a crowd on a small budget.   I reuse, recycle and not much goes to waste all lessons from my Mum.  I cooked, sewed, grew our food to ensure my family were healthy and happy and this all came from the foundation my Mother provided.

Way was the wisest piece of advice she gave you?   And how did this shape you as a mother? 

Mum often made some very astute observations of people and in her own way was quite broad minded. My best friend in high school struggled with her sexuality and at a time when homosexuality was never acknowledged or discussed and Mum told me to just be a good friend to her and let her sort things out. She also wanted me to be a teacher, so I could work but still look after my own children.  I initially rejected that but I now recognise that choosing to have children means raising them has to be paramount in your life.   

You’ve always told us that we could do anything and have been our biggest cheerleaders in life. What are your proudest moments as a mother?

There are so many but every day I am proud and grateful that I have three absolutely wonderful caring responsible adults in my life that just happen to be my children.  I watch you with your children and often have a quiet cry as you are all wonderful loving parents and great friends, all with many longstanding friendships that were formed at primary and high school, which is testament to the type of people you are.  I also know that you would all stand up for people if you felt that they were being bullied or disadvantaged.  That makes me so proud. 

I know there have been many a challenging moment (still are!). What would you say would be the hardest thing about being a mum?

Watching you face challenges and knowing that I had to be there but let you deal with it yourselves.  Trusting you to make wise decisions and learning from your mistakes. Sometimes just the sheer physical exhaustion and catching yourself before you repeated something from your own upbringing that is embedded and difficult to shake off.  And working as a team with your father making sure we didn’t contradict one another. And you never stop worrying, now I have grandchildren to worry about as well!

And lastly, impart some of your wisdom on us. What, if anything, would you tell mamas today? 

Enjoy your children because the time flies so quickly.  Slow down, don’t get caught up in the ‘having it all’ mentality, get to know them and cherish every moment.  Children won’t remember the furniture, clothes, expensive holidays etc. they will remember the time you spent together. Whilst your career and assets are important your relationship with your child will be the most rewarding and wonderful thing in your life.

Thanks Mama x

All images by Kirra Smith.

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Mothers Day Feature :: Marissa’s Mum Pamela

To celebrate Mothers Day, TVM co-founders Marissa and Sarah have interviewed their own beautiful mums. Words by Marissa about her mum, Pamela: My earliest memories of my mum were of…

To celebrate Mothers Day, TVM co-founders Marissa and Sarah have interviewed their own beautiful mums.

Words by Marissa about her mum, Pamela:

My earliest memories of my mum were of her flowing hair, like Pocahontas, her earthy smell like warmth and love. Hosting little birthday parties for us in the backyard of our home, so down-to-earth and welcoming to all.

One kind-hearted, travel obsessed, life loving soul with a fiercely passionate heart, particularly when it comes to her family. Tunes always blaring, food always cooking, travel always on the horizon. Her loyalty and love for my dad, her family and her gorgeous female friendships are something I admire, always. Her ability to be so damn happy for other people, to have no issues giving compliments when they’re due and her friendly disposition – Pammy will strike up a conversation with a stranger, anytime, anywhere!

Nowadays, she’s a nan to four busy and talkative kids, we camp together and chat about our past and future travel plans, she’s always there whenever we need her and even when we don’t realise how much we do, our early morning walks before sunrise are something I will never take for granted and my sister and I have inherited her love of a nice French bubbles, vino, great tunes and a good boogie – plenty of memories include all of those elements combined!  

I couldn’t be more blessed to have my mum in my life and here I chat to her about motherhood. I hope you enjoy the read.

Pamela, Byron Bay 1970.

Pamela in Queenstown NZ, 1977.



Marissa: Tell me about Nanny Joan, what are your earliest memories of her as a mum?

Pamela: She was the best mum and so loving but also strict in that we had rules, good manners were important to mum. She was always there for me with a cuddle and a kiss. I was so lucky to always feel safe, loved and secure. I loved my childhood and both my parents, I was blessed to have them both.

Do you feel as though you intuitively felt into motherhood? I don’t imagine you as being heavy on the routine?

Yes, I do, it just felt natural to me and I loved every minute. I went with what I thought you needed and it seemed to work. Your father always said I was a natural and calm and therefore you and Amy were also really calm, happy babies.

Pamela, Amy and Marissa - the 80s.

One of the biggest things I find so valuable now as a woman, that I didn’t see so much when I was little, is your ability to celebrate other people’s success and especially other women. You’re a really authentic cheerleader and it is one of my favourite qualities of yours! Amy and I both display this trait too and I’m so proud you’ve instilled this in us. What was a characteristic of Nan’s that you feel was passed on to you, that you really value?

I suppose mum instilled in me a good sense of self, in that I was happy within myself and my life so was equally happy to see my friends thriving also. I know how nice it is to hear something positive and I love to pass that forward when I can. Also I am fiercely loyal, as was mum, loyalty is very important to me both with my family and my friends.

As well as your love of travel and your passion for family, something else I admire about you is the beautiful female friendships you have in your life. I love that your closest friends are from primary school and you still have your annual girls’ getaways. How important is having an amazing network of women in your life, particularly as a mother?

Oh my, I am so blessed to have my girlfriends, what wonderful women they are. My friends were instrumental in accompanying me and I them on our journey through motherhood. I think it is so important for young mothers to have women they can talk to who will listen without judgement and then in turn be listened to. Lots of laughter and tears over the years, oh and wine of course!

Now as a grandmother I still have the same girlfriends and we are on a different journey together, but together we definitely are.

Pamela with Jennelle, Shauna, Joanne and Donna.

How did motherhood change you as a person?

One thing I said to both you and your sister was to not even think about having babies until you are ready to never be number one again. In saying that, for me when you and Amy were born I felt I became a better more selfless person. I love being a mother.

What were some of the biggest lessons you learned early on?

To trust my intuition, as mothers usually get a gut feeling for what is right and also to seek help, if not sure. One of the most important things I adhered to and also advised you both to do was to be consistent and if you make a disciplinary decision to stick to it - even if you feel you were too quick to make that decision.

What has been the best thing about being a mum?

The whole process has been wonderful, even the testing times. I honestly think for me being a mum was the most rewarding experience I could have ever had. The nurturing, loving and guiding of your children to grow into wonderful humans cannot be underestimated - and look how wonderful you and Amy are!

Naw, thanks Pammy! And your proudest moment as a mum?

Ooh this is too hard a question to put down to one moment, as you and your sister have given your father and I endless proud moments but I must say watching you both with your own children I could burst with pride, you are both amazing mothers.

...And the most challenging moment?

Ha ha! You both laugh at me when I say that you were both pretty easy and we didn’t have too many challenging times, which is true. I would say girls around 15 years of age can test you in that they feel that they know a lot more than they do and feel that they should be allowed to do a lot more than they are allowed to. We were pretty strict and kept you both busy with sports, that is a good way to tire out any teenager.

How do you feel motherhood has changed since having me in the 80’s, to now watching me parent my two girls in 2020?

I don’t think motherhood itself has changed that much, as you both have the same values as I had in that our kids always come first. In saying that, you are both very creative and love your career paths, so I feel maybe there is a little more pressure now for young mothers to try and fit it all in.

Pamela and Marissa, Christmas 2019.

Life has changed so much since we were little. I’ll bet you’re glad we didn’t have social media back in those days! How would you navigate the world of social media as a parent nowadays? Personally, I am not looking forward to it!

I don’t blame you for worrying about social media! I think from what I see too many parents let their kids have mobile phones way too early and it seems to be the same with screen time too. When I read about some of the awful things that occur on social media, my first thought is just get them off it! I would try to discourage the kids from using it at all, or at least for as long as possible.

As we all know, no marriage is perfect by any means but it was such a blessing to see both Nan and Pop and obviously you and dad, so in love and connected my whole life. What’s been your secret over the past 44 years?

No marriage or relationship is perfect but I have always told you girls that I feel communication is the most important aspect to any good relationship, of course along with love, attraction and values. Dad and I talk about everything and try to solve any problem before it becomes a big issue. We have been together 48 years in total, so we have grown together, we are blessed!

Pamela and Michael, Christmas 2019 at Seal Rocks.

What’s once piece of advice Nan shared with you when you became a mother, that you’ve always remembered? 

To trust my instincts and go with what I felt was right and that if I felt I needed help with anything just to ask. She was an amazing mother I was very lucky to have great parents.

Love you Pammy x

Pamela, Marissa's daughters Pepper and Stevie, Marissa, Amy and Joan, 2013.


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At Home with :: K With Heart

Here we chat to creative, mother of two, wife, PR and Comms expert and spreader of good vibes, Karrie-Anne Vieceli about how she’s going during this time of social distancing/homeschooling/working…

Here we chat to creative, mother of two, wife, PR and Comms expert and spreader of good vibes, Karrie-Anne Vieceli about how she's going during this time of social distancing/homeschooling/working from home, the importance of connection within families, her incredible Our Chatter Matters cards and her creative small business, K With Heart.
Karrie-Anne, my family have been using your cards for some time now and it’s become a dinner time ritual for us, something we all look forward to at the end of our (usually!) busy days. It allows us to sit, connect and reflect on our days, what we’re grateful for, listen to our girls and understand how they are thinking and feeling. So special, particularly now during this time when we’re not feeling particularly grounded and there’s so much uncertainty around us.
Tell us about your little family, who lives in your home?
Our family consists of my high school sweetheart husband Brent and our babies, Seb, our loud, excitable, creative who is 6 years young, Myra - aka Queenie - our sass queen who is 4 years young, and our pint sized Jack Russell x Minie Foxie puppy named Angus Scratch.
We love nothing more than to head off on camping adventures, preferably in the bush, close to water with a camp fire and when we aren't doing that, we spend our time doing simple things like hanging at the beach or creek and having dinners under the stars with tunes on and dare I say it, with a few cold drinks for us adults!

When and why did you create the K With Heart, Our Chatter Matter cards?

I launched Our Chatter Matters cards back in February 2019, after having them in my mind and using my 'concepts' for almost a year before that! I am a big believer in the power of words, positivity, affirmations, dreaming big and thinking deeply and inquisitively about things. Before I created Our Chatter Matters, I used generic 'printable' conversation starters I found online, but none of them seemed to evoke conversations that mattered or ones that evoked feelings, memories and deeper connection. The printable ones would get lost and looked ugly, so I wanted to create something that could be displayed on a table and was always out and ready to be used at each dinner time.

You’re one of the most positive, uplifting people I have met, so blessed to know you and your sweet fam! How are you feeling during this crazy time of uncertainty?
Awww thank you. Likewise. It's funny how far we have all come through the wave of the changes, however after a few weeks into 'ISO" life, I must admit, I actually love many aspects of life as we know it at the moment. I just feel incredibly grateful to have our health, employment, a safe home, to live in paradise (Southern Gold Coast, Australia) and to have witnessed the most beautiful way the community has really come together.
I try and live by a few motto's but at the moment, being grateful for what we HAVE as opposed to what we HAVE NOT, keeps me in a good state of mind. I know that I will miss all of this extra time I now have with my kids as I am working from home, so I don't want to take any of it for granted.

You usually work full-time for the Government and you’ve now found yourself at home, working full-time in what I would say is quite a high pressure role, homeschooling two small humans AND you just bought a puppy! Aside from drinking all the wine and coffee, how are you managing everything so far? 

Ha! I do those, that is for sure! Hmmm... I guess when you put it like that, I have a little bit going on - ha! I don't think I could offer much advice in this department, however I am juggling as best as I can. Some days I feel like I could high five myself, others not so much! I have however, started going for early morning beach walks and swims and I feel 10,000% better if I start the day doing this.
I feel that as Mums particularly being able to have some alone time to stop that mental load is super important. I also enjoy little rituals like having my coffee outside in the morning with my incense on before the demands of the day kick in. If I could offer anything to any mums or dads doing the juggle - just be kind to yourself.
Do you have any family favourites, when it comes to the Our Chatter Matters cards? 

As expected, we have a few!

I love, 'Who were you kind to today?' I ask this question nightly because - Kindness is King! I also love 'What are you grateful for?', because gratitude changes everything!

My son loves, 'What is the best smell in the world and what is the worst', because this gets us all laughing! You can guess what a 6 year old thinks is the worse, first letter P, last O.

My daughter who loves animals always wants, 'If you could have a pet animal what would it be and what would you name it?', on the top of her list - a horse!

And hubby, hmm, I haven't asked him but he loves playing along!

You designed the cards yourself and I hear your handy husband made the wooden card holders too, small business indeed! Did the kids help with ideas also?


Yes, the bases are hand crafted by my husband Brent and yes, I sure did design them!

As we go camping a lot (we spent half a year in 2018 travelling around Australia) we have had many nights as a family sitting around a camp fire chatting away, so a lot of the questions were things we'd sit around chatting about.
When I was fine tuning the cards, my son had just started Prep (first year of school), so I designed them around the idea that the featured ('sight') word was in the centre of the card - that way if he couldn't read the entire sentence, he would know what it meant just by looking at the featured word. I can happily report this method worked!
I have some ideas for the next set of 'Our Chatter Matters', which will hopefully launch when we are on the other side of ISO and allowed to be out exploring and travelling with our families again!

So, where can people find the cards, do you have any stockists or is online the best way to get in touch?

Online is the best way, visit:
Thanks so much for chatting with us KA! xx
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At Home with Sarah Schoeller and her three children

Kirra Smith popped in and captured a snippet of life at home in Tallebudgera for TVM Co-founder Sarah and her three children, Lola (5), Posie (3) and Arki (1). “If…

Kirra Smith popped in and captured a snippet of life at home in Tallebudgera for TVM Co-founder Sarah and her three children, Lola (5), Posie (3) and Arki (1).

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past six weeks, it’s that home is truly where my heart is” said Sarah.


All images are by local legend, Kirra Smith. 

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At Home With Marissa Bowden & Her Girls

TVM Co-founder Marissa has spent the past six weeks at home with her two girls Stevie (8) and Pepper (6) at their beach shack. As their second week of homeschooling…

TVM Co-founder Marissa has spent the past six weeks at home with her two girls Stevie (8) and Pepper (6) at their beach shack. As their second week of homeschooling and working from home (and a little bit of surfing together as their daily exercise!) comes to a close, we thought we would share a little photo journal with you of the girls at home.

All images are by local lady legend, Kirra Smith. 


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At Home With :: Edith Rewa Barrett

As we start to settle into our new normal of social distancing, Sundays spent at home instead of at TVM and adapting our business accordingly, we wanted to explore how…

As we start to settle into our new normal of social distancing, Sundays spent at home instead of at TVM and adapting our business accordingly, we wanted to explore how our creative community are coping - what they're up to, how they are adapting (if at all) and staying inspired, what they are listening to and more. This week we chat to incredibly talented, accomplished and humble Illustrator and Textile Designer, Edith Rewa Barrett. We hope you enjoy the read.

Hi Edith, we recently met you whilst on our High End Hustlers summit with Owners Collective and were drawn to your kind, earthy vibe not to mention you’re an incredibly talent Artist and all-round legend. We hope you’re doing ok! How are you feeling right now?

Thank you for checking in, it is such a big old time..lots of shifting mental thoughts and re-imagining going on over here!

Image by Natalie McComas

Tell us a bit more about your background, how did you come to work for yourself, living your creative dreams?

I had a love for the natural world, pattern, colour and making things visually ‘fit’ from early on. I studied Textile design at RMIT in Melbourne, majoring in screen printed textiles interspersed with a study exchange to Estonia to study ethnographic textiles and complete a more hands on training at the EKA Art Academy. I had more time and greater freedom to explore my own illustrative style here which was probably my first taste of preferring less structure and self motivated work rather than a formal design environment.

Post-Uni, I moved to Sydney to work at Print studio Longina Phillips for a few years, working mostly on hand drawn and painted designs for the commercial fashion industry. This was wonderful training amongst a wonderful team but morally the industry didn’t sit right with me. It drove me out of work hours to create work that felt true to me in a way that aligned with my values. I explored the sandstone flora landscapes of NSW, to learn, draw, and develop my style further, creating my own patterns and illustrations.

Gradually, I started taking on freelance work and became part-time at the studio before receiving a book offer from the US, to illustrate a book of native American herbal plants. This was my jumping off point to start a freelance life and coincided with a move to Blackheath in The Blue Mountains which was a pretty dreamy first studio!

Since then I have established my brand Edith Rewa whilst also working on illustration and Textile Design commissions across a range of industries, moving back to Melbourne in between and now to Brisbane where I was lucky enough to meet you both at our HEH summit!

Image by Georgia Blackie

Image by Natalie McComas

Image by Kristy Staatz

Image by Natalie McComas

What did a work-day consist of for you, prior to COVID-19?

It was quite similar! If I am at my home studio, I usually start the day with breakfast on the deck with the butcher birds and some stretches. Depending on what I have on for the day, I usually focus on the most important work in the morning, some drawing/design work or emails. In the arvo, I might pack online orders and pop to the post office, go for a sunny walk and try and take that energy back into the studio for the last chunk of work for the day!

How has your business been affected so far?

There has definitely been a shift but right now I am definitely feeling grateful for having an online store presence and community. I have noticed that the majority of orders to my online store have shifted to gifts, people sending scarves or prints to loved ones they can’t be with right now, internationally or in Australia.

I have the option for my customers to leave a note for me to transcribe into a gift card to send with their order and some of the notes have been so beautiful!! Heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time. It has been sad to see most of my stockist and gallery community struggle or have to close, and with that the stream of passive income they produce.

I have personally been really trying to shop local and support these independent stores when possible! Aside from that, it has been a lot of re-imagining and thinking outside the box in terms of markets and exhibitions and how to still connect and support the creative community right now ~ I really loved being apart of The Village Markets Insta market and am having an exhibition next month that will be online also which will be a first!

Image by Georgia Blackie

Who are you self isolating with, at your Brisbane abode?

In Brisbane! I live here with my partner, we are 1 year fresh to QLD, so it still feels new and exciting but also far away from family right now.

What does your creative space look like at home?

We just moved into a sunny Queenslander (best accidental pre-Covid timing!) so I have had a bit of a creative space upgrade. I have one room in the house set up as a stock room, for packing orders and keeping prints/scarves/packaging materials etc. It is my practical room, full of Vintage drawers and designed for optimum efficiency! I then have the Sunroom as my creative studio space. It is long and thin, lined with beautiful Queenslander windows, is nice and breezy and has the best natural light for drawing. I have lots of desk space here, plant specimens to keep my spirit up in the city and my favourite plant books. I really love having this mental and physical separation between the two spaces, it keeps the sunroom and my drawing time feeling more precious and uncluttered by logistical mess.

Image by Nicholas McKinlay

Image by Kristy Staatz

How are you staying creatively inspired (because some days, its a struggle over here!)?

Yes! I have found not being able to get to nature easily during this time difficult - Pre-Covid I was spending a lot of time getting to know QLD’s coastal heath landscapes and plant communities. Observing and learning and being in these places is an automatic creative top up for me, so I have definitely felt a bit disconnected.

I have filled my space with reminders of those places and plants to keep me feeling inspired. I actually really love times of space and quiet for creativity, and I think the physical distance from these landscapes has made me be more imaginative around the work I am doing on those plants which is nice! But asides from that, lots of music and neighbourhood walks and a daily dose of loungeroom dancing.

We loved that you contributed some works for the Together Gallery project, allowing people to get creative at home by colouring in and discovering incredible artists. Are there any other platforms or inspiring accounts youre loving right now, that we need to know about?

Together Gallery is such a good community resource for calm and creativity! The Planthunter for great nature based visuals and articles and Hattie Molloy for a next level iso puzzle!

You have mentioned you love a good playlist, whats your current fave?

-Instrumental - This is a playlist I like to listen to when need to do focused but energetic work. No lyrics, so it isn't thought distracting.

- Piano - Playlist for focused writing or thinking work.

- For strolling in the sun - Quite literally created for when I need an uplifting walk in the sun as a work break!

- And one more, not a playlist, but an album my partner made (Overlap) of field recordings from different landscapes in Australia, it is so evocative and really calming, perfect to float asleep too.

Any shows on Netflix youre watching?

I loved Unorthodox and have just finished Next in Fashion too!

What are you reading right now and what is your absolute favourite read?

Currently - The Yield by Tara June Winch and my absolute favourite….That is so hard! I’ll cheat 😀 My favourite book from last year was Boy Swallows Universe - Trent Dalton.

Favourite podcasts?

One Wild Ride - Pru Chapman

Full Story - The Guardian

Off Track - ABC Radio

Wowee Podcast - Esther Sandler + Min Pin

Tiddas 4 Tiddas - Marlee + Keely Silva

Design Matters - Debbie Millman

On Process - Adam Busby

What is one piece of advice you have been given that has always stuck with you?

‘Stay with your dream and learn to play’ (John Olsen)

Any advice for aspiring creatives hoping to take the freelance plunge?

Don’t rush yourself! Take the time to set boundaries and create positive and sustainable work habits for your long term future freelance self. Oh and be kind to you, be a good boss for yourself!

Where can people connect with you and checkout your work?

IG : @edithrewa (Work and life!)

@edithrewabushdiary (An indulgent planty account)


Thanks Edith!

Image by Kristy Staatz

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Insta Market For Mama this weekend

Mamas Day is just around the corner (10 May) and with online being our main source of shopping at the moment, we’re bringing out Insta Market back this weekend 17-19…

Mamas Day is just around the corner (10 May) and with online being our main source of shopping at the moment, we're bringing out Insta Market back this weekend 17-19 April so you can be inspired by the best creatives and curators from the comfort of your couch. See you Friday!


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Local Love: Pepe Italia Deli

We’re celebrating small business and kicking off a new series of features starring businesses who are shaking things up and evolving whilst we’re in isolation. First up is Pepe Italia…

We're celebrating small business and kicking off a new series of features starring businesses who are shaking things up and evolving whilst we're in isolation.

First up is Pepe Italia Deli, one of our favourite family restaurants located in Palm Beach (our kids love their bunny pizzas) and they also have a restaurant in Burleigh Heads. During this time Alexa and Andrea have had to change their business quickly, adapting to new government guidelines, which included offering takeaway only.

We chat to Alexa about the evolution of Pepe Italia Deli. Enjoy!

Tell us the back story of Pepe Italia Deli? How did it come about?

We are a young couple who have both always loved working in the hospitality industry. With our first restaurant we had a lot of demand to buy our fresh pasta and sauces so that’s when we decided to open Pepe Italia Deli. We want people to feel like they are in Italy when they walk into our shop. We want to provide fresh and authentic food.

What’s changed for you in the last 3 weeks?

A lot. We have had to change to just takeaway food only. We have also had to become creative with ideas to keep people entertained at home as many people are getting bored. We have also had to make more products available in our deli as now the demand is even higher for a wide range of products.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed your at home pizza packs and can’t wait for our Easter pack. What else is in the pipeline for Pepe’s?

Grazie! We are creating more hands on activities to do at home during this time. I can’t give away to much but everyone will have to stay tuned on our social media platforms for updates!

What’s your favourite Italian dish? And drink?

Our favourite drink is the classic Aperol Spritz! Yummmmm! Our favourite dish is the traditional Carbonara made with eggs and no cream!

Lastly, how can people order your take home packs?

They can jump onto our shop online at and order through there.

Follow Pepe Italia Deli here @pepeitaliadeli

Order your takeaway packs here

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We’ve just gone live on our Instagram stories with our first-ever INSTA MARKET. Shop over 70 small businesses this Friday to Sunday from your couch. Now more than ever, keeping…

We've just gone live on our Instagram stories with our first-ever INSTA MARKET.

Shop over 70 small businesses this Friday to Sunday from your couch. Now more than ever, keeping it small and local is super important. We're so grateful for your support!

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We’ve been supporting local creative small businesses for the past 12 years but there’s never been a more important time than now to get behind these guys! That’s why we’re…

We’ve been supporting local creative small businesses for the past 12 years but there’s never been a more important time than now to get behind these guys!

That’s why we’re so excited to announce we’ll be taking The Village Markets online to our global community, celebrating with a TVM Insta Market next weekend running Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March!

Join us via our Instagram stories at @thevillagemarkets where will be celebrating our community of designers, artists and curators with an exclusive first ever TVM Market!

Isolated, quarantined, want to show some love to local creatives - you will be able to shop exclusive special offers, discounts and unique products by the most talented bunch of creative small businesses in all of the lands, at the tap of your finger and from the comfort of your own home.

From fashion brands in women’s, men’s and childrenswear, to jewellery, accessories, lifestyle products, art and homewares, locate your favourite food trucks to find out more about their services and we’ll also throw in tunes from some of our favourite local musicians.

Let’s come together and support each other during this time. See you there!

Friday 27th March
Saturday 28th March
Sunday 29th March

Creative brands from all over the globe that meet our TVM criteria, can now apply via our stall application form: here.





How To :: Boost Your Immune System

With the current global health pandemic sending everyone into frenzy, we wanted to stop and take five to ask our good friend and world renowned Natural Health Specialist Katrina Ellis…

With the current global health pandemic sending everyone into frenzy, we wanted to stop and take five to ask our good friend and world renowned Natural Health Specialist Katrina Ellis for her top tips to boost our immune systems. Here she shares her tips and also an incredible immune boosting shake recipe!

"The greatest protection against any unknown virus lies in boosting and adapting your body’s own immune system. Some of the best natural immune boosting supplements that can reduce the severity of a viral infection include high dose Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iodine, Zinc, Lactoferrin, AHCC and beta glucans, Berberine, Artemisinin, Medicinal Mushrooms, Andrographis and anti-viral herbs like Baikal Skullcap, Rhodiola, Cat’s Claw, Andrographis, Licorice, Kudzu, Goldenseal and others." says Ellis.

Some of Katrina's favourite anti-viral agents that have the potential to stop many viruses in their tracks and have the potential to boost immunity to reduce severity of symptoms include:

  1. Vitamin D – best combined with Vitamin K
  2. Vitamin C – always in a liposomal form
  3. Zinc
  4. Iodine
  5. Beta Glucans like 1.3/1.6 glucan
  6. Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) – fermented mushroom extract
  7. Lactoferrin and Colostrum



1 tablespoon of a organic, vegan protein powder
1 teaspoon of colostrum
1 teaspoon of medicinal mushroom mix (reishi, shitake, maitake etc)
1 scoop of collagen – there are vegan options too
1 teaspoon of immune probiotic powder
A handful of blueberries
A small knob of ginger
1 cup of nut, coconut or hemp milk

Katrina Ellis N.D, by Natalie McComas


Stay safe, eat well, look after yourselves and each other!

Much love,

Marissa and Sarah



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A note to our community

Hello wonderful friends of TVM, There is so much uncertainty in the air at the moment, so we wanted to take this time to let you know about some decisions…

Hello wonderful friends of TVM,

There is so much uncertainty in the air at the moment, so we wanted to take this time to let you know about some decisions we have made around the current global health crisis and what it means for The Village Markets and our wonderful creative community in the immediate future.

For the safety of our stallholders and community, we have made the decision to close our next event on Sunday 29 March at Stones Corner in Brisbane.

All stallholders have received further communication via email regarding their booking.

We will be in touch with further information regarding our events in April onwards, by 27th March.

In the meantime, stay safe, look after yourself, perhaps look at your business and your processes in a different light, maybe even use this time to reinvent how you do what you do - and remember we are all in this together.

If you’re looking to switch off from the {bad} news and invest in expanding your mind, we have some really great positive reads over on our website, including How To’s for small businesses and inspiring interviews with our stallholders and musicians.

We are currently working on some exciting new opportunities for our stallholders and our wider community and we’ll be sharing this with you all as soon as we can.

If you have a question for us personally, or would like us to do some live chats so we can answer any other questions you may have, let us know in the comments below.

Also, if you have a GOOD news stories you’d like to share with us – please let us know via the comments. We all need some good news in our life at the moment.

Much love,

Marissa and Sarah
TVM co-founders

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