A Day in the Life :: Jewellery by Kim

Dec 4, 2019 | Designer Profile, Stall Profile

To celebrate kicking off the festive season by shopping small and supporting our local creative community this Christmas, we're chatting to the creatives behind some of your favourite TVM brands.

Next up, Jewellery by Kim.

If you're not familiar with Jewellery by Kim then let us introduce you. Kim Hurst - otherwise known as Kimmy, Karaoke Queen and life of the party - has been part of the TVM community for close to ten years now. She designs and makes beautiful bohemian jewellery and her friendly, lovable nature and passion for community and all things TVM is infectious.

Get to know Kim below and find her at TVM this Sunday 8 December.

Kim, take us back to the beginning - were you always creatively inclined?

I've always been creative, I dabbled in jewellery design before I got married, as well as art, pottery and photography.

When did you decide that perhaps your passion for making jewellery could turn into a business?

I started jewellery design again about 12 years ago. I started making my own pieces, creating large statement pieces and one thing led to another.

Tell us about your pieces?

My brand consists of an eclectic mix of sterling silver pieces designed by me.  I use semi precious stones and shells. I select each stone and shell for each piece, which is an important part of my design process.  I also design and make myself statement pieces using semi precious stones.  If I have a spare minute, I also still love to do a little pottery.

Where is your label designed and made?

My label is designed here on the Gold Coast by me.  It is made by artisans in both Bali and India. All beaded jewellery is made by me.

What inspires you creatively?

I love this question! Everything inspires me. From the ocean to the desert.

I love designing differently, I love designing something that means something to the person who wears it.

What are your plans for JBK in the future?

My plans are small, just to carry on doing what I'm doing for as long as I can. I seriously just love creating beautiful pieces for beautiful people.  I love doing TVM, I have been there from the beginning and have no plans to give it up.

What is the biggest challenge of having your own small business?

Mmmm, I think with my age at the time of launching my brand, I was just happy to be able to do it, I have never really experienced any challenges.