A Zero Waste Update :: Sep ’22

Sep 20, 2022 | Lifestyle Feature, Sustainability, Sustainable

It's been a while since we gave you an update on how we're tracking on our journey to become a zero waste event here at TVM!

Our latest report from Climate Wave from TVM on Sunday 18 September is really positive and we want to thank you ALL for working with us towards this goal at our events and as a business.

TVM Sunday 18 September 2022:

We were able to divert 94.9% of resource (94.7 kg) from landfill, with only 5.1% (5.1 kg) of event waste going to landfill.

54.6 kg of back-of-house organic resource (eg food scraps) was fed to the industrial worm farm, and 28.9 kgs (4 x 240 L bags) of compostable material (eg compostable food packaging, utensils and cups) was introduced into the compost system at Southern Beaches Community Garden.

Recyclable material totalled 7.1.kg and included 1.2 kg of clean soft plastic which will be put into the collection bins at Coles or Woolworths for recycling.

Also, 2.3 kg of refundable containers were tallied separately and the deposit refund will be donated to Surfrider Foundation.

A big thank you to our stallholders (in particular our food vendors!) and customers for working with us to only provide compostable, recyclable, or re-useable packaging at TVM.