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Author: Gemma Lyndon

Sustainable Fashion & The Future

In this eco age there has been an emergence in sustainably conscious shoppers, who encourage slow fashion. Did you know 73 million tonnes of clothing, footwear and accessories are sent to landfill every year, often having barely been worn! Sustainable fashion considers the environmental, social and health impact of the design, manufacture, and disposal of clothing, with the aim to minimise any adverse effects of the industry.

On the back of the nation's largest climate strike, never before have consumers been more aware about the impacts of their purchases.

In this eco age there has been an emergence in sustainably conscious shoppers, who encourage slow fashion.

Did you know 73 million tonnes of clothing, footwear and accessories are sent to landfill every year, often having barely been worn!

Sustainable fashion considers the environmental, social and health impact of the design, manufacture, and disposal of clothing, with the aim to minimise any adverse effects of the industry. This approach encourages individual influence to create change by implementing sustainable practices like up-cycling and recycling your old clothes in order to minimise waste.

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We speak to eco-savvy shoppers Jane Milburn, Hannah Klose, Brittanie Dreghorn & Kim Bailey who share their tips and knowledge about implementing sustainable shopping choices into everyday life.

First up, Jane Milburn from

When did you first become interested in sustainability?

I grew up on a sheep farm where careful use of resources was second nature and then went on to do an agricultural science degree at The University of Queensland. This was when I learned about climate change, and it is also where my love of natural fibres comes from. I feel I’ve been a slow living practitioner forever. My career in rural communications always kept me aware that there are finite resources in the world and we have to look after them.

We live in an old Queenslander, with upcycled furniture and found natural objects as ornaments, and I’ve always made, upcycled and mended my own clothes.

After I observed fashion waste in 2011 and learned how synthetic (plastic) fibres derived from petroleum were increasingly being used in fast fashion, I felt compelled to step up. I set up Textile Beat in 2013 to speak out about slow clothing, natural fibres and upcycling as a way to reduce our material footprint.

Slow clothing choices and actions are: think, choose natural, quality, local and few, care for what we have, make our own, revive, adapt and salvage.

What is one thing you do on a daily basis to help make the world more sustainable?

My strategy is to minimise waste of all kinds – food, clothing, paper, travel etc. I’m always thinking about how I can reuse what I already have around me, before I buy new.

There is pressure to acquire and own lots of stuff as a measure of success, but really we’ve moved past that now the climate emergency is upon us. We need to think more before we buy anything, particularly anything new.

Ask ourselves do we really need it, how often will we use/wear it, can we borrow or swap something similar? I know this makes it hard for people making a living by selling things, but they can focus on products of high quality that will last well and are essential for regenerative living in a climate-changing world.

Next, Hannah Klose from

What is the most positive impact from implementing sustainable practices into our lives?

Obviously one of the major positives from implementing sustainable practices like second hand shopping is that it’s kind on the planet. And when you think that 6000kg of textiles goes to landfill every 10 minutes here in Australia, It’s imperative that something has to change!

But thrifting is also kind on your wallet, it helps to drive down demand for clothing made by modern day slaves, and your retail therapy actually provides charities with one of their main sources of income, so buying nothing new just makes so much ‘cents’!

What sustainability challenges do you think shoppers face?

Sometimes it’s hard to know how sustainable fashion labels are, there’s a lot of ‘green washing’ going on, so you really need to do your research!

The Good On You app or the Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion guide are both good places to start, but I think sometimes the easiest and safest way to shop is to just buy second hand!

Brittanie Dreghorn from

What do you perceive as the biggest barrier for shoppers to adopting more sustainable behaviors?

While it’s great that more and more people are considering the origins of their clothing and how they impact the planet, I think a big barrier for shoppers is understanding what makes a garment “sustainable”.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of big and small companies claiming to be ethical and sustainable without actually explaining how and why and it makes customers confused and disengaged.

I also think people assume all ethically made fashion is out of their price range, and so dismiss the idea all together. This definitely isn’t true and there’s lots of ways of shopping sustainably on a budget.

What would you recommend to someone who interested in sustainability but doesn’t know how to get their ideas off the ground?

I think everyone should start with their own wardrobe. Go through it and see what they wear most, what their clothes are made of, where they’re made etc.

An easy way to reduce your impact is to buy less or buy second hand when you can. When buying new you want to buy ethically made, quality clothing that you absolutely love and will wear for years to come.

Kim Bailey from

How have you seen the sustainable fashion industry change in recent years?

The industry has changed dramatically I believe since the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh a few years ago. Consumers are increasingly interested in ethical and sustainable products and processes so the sustainable fashion industry has really gained momentum.

They are asking more questions of fashion companies, encouraging transparency within the supply chain to ensure purchases fit within their values. It’s exciting to see the industry change and consumers support the changes.

Can you describe what sustainable fashion is?

Sustainable fashion can be interpreted in so many ways. It can be ethical processes, fair trade, slow clothing, organic fabrics, handmade, locally made, vintage clothing, secondhand, swapped or rented.

Thanks so much for sharing ladies and helping us change the way we shop one step at a time!

Much love,

Gemma x

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How to :: Focus on your Wellbeing with Nicole King

In this age of ‘busy’ the need to focus our wellbeing has never been so important. As mothers of five children under the age of 8 between us, running a…

In this age of 'busy' the need to focus our wellbeing has never been so important. As mothers of five children under the age of 8 between us, running a business, a family and the everyday demands life brings can sometimes lead to overwhelm.

In recent years, both Sarah and I have taken up the practice of meditation, as a form of taking time out and giving ourselves a 're-boot', shall we say. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are for this practice, which has affected so many areas of our lives in such a positive way - creativity, reactivity, productivity, we could go on.

So, in the hope of inspiring our TVM community to take some self-care, however that may be, our lovely Intern Gemma Lyndon has chatted to one of our close friends, inspiring mum and meditation teacher at Nicole King Wellbeing, Nicole King.

x Marissa

Welcome Nicole! 

Your business, Nicole King Wellbeing aims to optimise students physical, mental and spiritual well being through mantra meditation which I think is SO important in this fast paced day and age. Can you tell us a little more about what you do?

Sure, I teach an effortless Mantra Meditation technique over a tailored 3-session course. I’ve created the accessible and relevant course for the everyday person, for the ‘busy’ mind and modern lifestyle. Once completed, the student is a self-sufficient meditator for life.

The course is low on spirituality and time commitment but rich in neuroscience and mind-body education. We can rewire the neural pathways (highways in our brain) that regulate our emotions, thoughts, and reactions.  We can reprogram our subconscious mind and consciously create new pathways that lead us to compassion, gratitude, and joy instead of frustration, low-self worth, anxiety and fear. How cool is that?

Meditation is a meta-skill that improves ALL areas of your life. It can be practiced anywhere at any time, by anyone.

Whilst teaching students from a beautiful studio in Mermaid Beach, my email and DM’s were being flooded with messages asking if I’d be open to teaching online? I resisted these requests for a long time. Typically learning mantra meditation has been taught in a very structured way; it costs this amount, is taught in-person over 3-4 days. 

But as we evolve in this digital age, teaching this simplified ancient practice needs to be modernised and available to anyone who has a desire to learn. Regardless if they’re restricted by circumstance (hello newborn mum), time zone or geography. 

After hearing the consistent call, I realised I wasn’t living or achieving my purpose - create a relevant and accessible meditation course and be of service, share this life-transforming skill with as many people as possible. I needed to pivot and break away from the mould (yes, be brave). 

This month (September), I launched the ‘Learn to Meditate’ experience online and it’s been incredible! I teach grateful mothers wearing PJ’s in the comfort of their own home, digital nomads and ambitious entrepreneurs from their city office. 

These disciplined and eager graduates are the testimony that you can learn and implement this technique anywhere at any time - happily and successfully. 

Completing a Bachelor of Communications, to studying Naturopathy to being a mum and now fastrack to owning your own wellbeing and meditation studio. Tell us a bit about your journey before creating Nicole King Wellbeing?

In 2003 I jumped on a plane for Bolivia immediately after graduating University with a Bachelor of Communication (Business). After returning from adventures in South America & Europe, I scored my first corporate job,‘Marketing Assistant’ with CSR Limited and immediately moved south to Melbourne. I continued progressing up the ‘ladder’, within various companies in Sydney and Melbourne and in 2007 relocated back to the Gold Coast and started a boutique PR firm, Ellipsis.

Fast forward 8yrs and another 2yr stint in Melbourne, my husband and I were welcoming our first child and I started studying Naturopathy. Pregnancy proved to be the perfect catalyst to take the plunge and finally follow my passion for health, wellbeing and helping others.  Up until this point I had been on auto-pilot mode, working in a career that I felt as though I ‘should’ be pursuing.

Everything organically evolved from here. I went onto study nutrition, counselling and meditation. For years I was a Holistic Health & Nutrition Guide for Mothers. During this time, it was evident many ‘nutritionally’ healthy women were in chronic activation of the fight-or-flight response. Unable to heal or emotionally cope with the ‘motherhood shift’ or the daily stressors of this busy world. Leaving them with feelings of stress, isolation and disconnection. I could relate because I was one of these women.

I’ve personally experienced first hand the profound mind-body connection (our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning), which led me to create the 10 Essential Elements of Wellbeing. Once I started living aligned with the 10 Elements, I healed severe post-natal depletion, anxiety and reversed several autoimmune diseases (full story here).

My purpose from this point was loud and clear.  To serve others, share education and teach people how to tap into their authentic-self and true potential. After 3-sessions, students leave aware and conscious, having the ability to control their mind, rather than allowing their worry mind to control them. You’re able to perceive your mind, body and world and in a completely new and healthy way.

Nicole King Wellbing creates awareness and guides individuals to reconnect to themselves to enhance their clarity, healing, performance and health. How do you feel reconnecting with your wellness effects your creativity and productivity in a business and personal sense?

It enhances intuition and every aspect of work, rest and play.

Work - Strengthens clarity and confidence in decision making which improves creativity, productivity and results.

Rest - You’re able to recharge and rejuvenate in less time.

Play - You become very present, you find daily gratitude in the ordinary and feel grounded amidst the chaos. You’re there, feeling and experiencing the moment.

In today's world where we are surrounded by alarms, notifications and social media many people often get caught up in the online world. What advice would you give to people to centre and reconnect themselves to ensure they have a sense of positive wellbeing?

Three pieces of advice;

1) Come back to the present moment. Realise that you’re here, right now, at this moment. Time is the most precious thing we have. We often wander through each day with unmet expectations, replaying the same stories and conversations in our minds, we’re delaying our happiness. Question - “How are you investing your time and is it serving you”?

2) Figure out your values and align your life accordingly. Ensure your time and energy is invested in serving your health, wellbeing and values. If not, axe it. Whether it's a toxic environment, relationship, habit or lifestyle choice. Be very mindful of the content you invite into your world.

3) Thirdly, reconnect with nature and do more of what makes you happy! I ask this question often- “what brings you joy”?

Creativity and productivity are a centre-point of most businesses how important do you think it is to start the day with a clear positive mindset?

It’s imperative. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or complicated, but I do believe a morning ritual is key.

From the moment we open our eyes, we have around 3,000 possible thoughts per hour. The majority of these (~95%) are either spent rehashing the past or anticipating a hypothetical future. Which means our thoughts are unproductive and irrelevant to the present moment.

A 20min morning meditation practice clears space in your ‘busy’ mind, from this point of clarity you can create and focus which sets the tone for your day.

As a very busy wife, mum and business owner how do you stay mindful and centered?

Of course a daily meditation practice ;-).

I believe in a holistic approach and carve out time each day to spend mindful time with each of my daughters (individually), move and nourish my body and get into nature. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes, I have an ocean swim or barefoot walk.

I also have a beautiful nighttime routine which grounds me before falling asleep.

What part of your job would people find most surprising? 

Despite the misconception that learning to meditate can be difficult or is about ‘stopping thoughts’ it’s actually really simple and the life-changing benefits can be felt immediately.

It’s not sitting cross-legged chanting and requires no lifestyle changes (yes, you can still enjoy your vices whatever that may be for you).

Who would you like to have a 30-minute meeting with?

Dan Tehan  - Minister for Education. I’d love to discuss how we could roll out a national Mantra Meditation program across every Australian school. If the future generations had the practical skills to navigate life with 8 C’s of Self-Energy we could improve the world for posterity.

**8 C’s - Calmness, Clarity, Curiosity, Compassion, Confidence, Courage, Creativity and Connectedness. 

What do you feel when you are feeling uninspired?

I meditate and physically move to shift sluggish and uninspired energy.

This could look like dancing (often to my cringe-worthy fave music), swimming in the ocean, catching up with a friend, doing hot yoga or yin, or listening to a motivating podcast while walking along the beach.

Who do you love to follow on Instagram?

It’s an eclectic mix…that changes often, but for the moment:

Lalah Delia, Zoe Foster-Blake, Dani DiPirro (@positivelypresent), Jim Kwik, Dr Joe Dispenza, The Grace Tales, and of course, TVM!

What do you do to unwind?

Hang with my family and play with our daughters, catch-up with my incredible friends, go to the beach, head off on a road trip adventure, cook and read. I’m not a TV person but I am a confessed book nerd.

Who and what do you find most inspiring and influential in your life?

Who - Close friends and expanders who are taking a chance, carving their own path. Creating, despite challenges and fear whilst giving back and helping others along the way.

What - TRAVEL! Travel brings me so much joy. It inspires, rejuvenates and challenges me. At the moment we’re manifesting a family ‘gap’ year in Europe.

Meet Nicole here:

Follow Nicole here

Thanks so much for sharing Nicole!

x Gemma



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Artist Profile :: Lily Budiasa

Q & A with musician and TVM performer Lily Budiasa, by TVM Intern Gemma Lyndon. I must admit every time I visit The Village Markets I am constantly drawn to…

Q & A with musician and TVM performer Lily Budiasa, by TVM Intern Gemma Lyndon.

I must admit every time I visit The Village Markets I am constantly drawn to your remarkable voice accompanied by your beautifully written guitar melodies. Tell us Lily, when did you begin your singing career and what initially inspired you to perform for others?

Ever since I was a little girl, music has always been second nature. I never wanted dolls or had an interest in anything else, it was instruments, karaoke machines, what piece of furniture could be my stage. When most children were listening to The Wiggles (don’t get me wrong Dorothy the Dinosaur was my gal)… My family introduced me to the greats so they were my childhood soundtrack.

I remember living back home in Bali when I was 8 years old, we had the album “1” by The Beatles, all their number 1 hits. My neighbor Alan was British. Everyday I got out my drum sticks and he got his guitar, we pressed play and when the CD finished we started from the start over and over. That was my inspiration, I knew then that music was the only thing for me.

Besides school talent shows, it wasn’t until I was 17, studying music at University where I first started to gig properly and start making a living from it. Here I am still going.

From recording singing videos on youtube to playing at Bleach festival and Triple J to supporting Amy Shark on her Adore tour (amazing!),  what has been your biggest highlight to date?

This is hard. I’ve played so many shows, that there are highlights everywhere from as small as…

Being 18 and having a goal of headlining Elsewhere, which I’ve now done numerous times with my band.

 To playing shows in Bali, playing festivals,singing at childhood friends weddings. I think for me though, when I was 17 I saw one of my favourite bands Bon Iver at The Tivoli in Brisbane. I said to myself, one day I will be on that stage singing to a full room where SO many of my favourite artists have stood. In 2017 I was the only supporting act for Lindsay Stirling (an insanely talented violinist/ performer). I played a solo set in front of a sold-out Tivoli theatre. I cried in the Green Groom.

Many musicians similar to yourself often perform for local crowds at community spaces like the markets,  how did you see The Village Markets as a platform for reaching listeners and showcasing yourself as a brand?

I first started singing at TVM about 5 years ago. It’s been my constant. Through the markets I’ve been able to show people who I am, with my originals, covers and the Lily spin I put on them, to being able to meet new people and socialize. My favourite thing to do when I’m performing is watch the enjoyment it brings to people. Every TVM gig I play, just watching people sit and take time to listen to my music is really cool and humbling. I’ve gotten so much out of The Village Markets, gigs obviously and a platform to network but the relationships I have made with the people is the best part. 

You have studied a bachelor of popular music, how do you think studying this degree went in hand with your passion for music?

My degree was a dream! Going to University to study what you adore. Amazing. Walking into your block and hearing music left right and center. People think Arts degrees are abit you know.. “but it’s not a real degree”… They are, and they are hard, and no its by all means not Astrophysics but in the field of what you love, there are always things to learn and study and you still have to work for it.

It was the lecturers that became friends and your friends that became family. Ultimately the motivator that pushed me more and more to make this a full time job and prepare me for my Masters in Music Therapy. 

You are currently in a band ‘TH’FIKA’ how do you stay inspired and what do you do to get creative?

Being around my band or creatives in general is my inspiration. Every musician needs someone or something to vibe off and to get the juices flowing and for me it’s being around other people. When you walk into a rehearsal or a jam with one small idea that turns into another and another and by the end you’ve made something incredible. That’s inspiration. 

You are a born and bred Gold Coast gal, how do you feel living in the sunny spot of the Gold Coast reflects on your creative processes?

For a born and bred Gold Coast Girl, who is also Balinese. I would 100% take winter any day haha. In saying that, if it wasn’t for this beautiful city, the people around me and the amazing GC venues that have hosted me, I wouldn’t be the musician that people know me as. 

Where can Gold Coasters hear Lily Budiasa?

My band TH’FIKA is on Spotify and all the other music platforms. I post on my Instagram where my next gigs are. So come say Hi and boogie. 

Your voice has previously been known for its ‘hauntingly earthy vocals’, how would you describe your singing style?

My style has changed so much over the years from the artists I listen to , the music I write, the change in my playing and singing.

Right now I’m in a pocket where my voice carries so much soul with rasp and husk yet can still be fragile with hints of operatic and pop tones. When you sing as much as I do, you hear changes and inflections everyday. It’s kind of the fun of it, seeing what your voice can do.

What part of your job would people find most surprising? 

Even though I’ve been doing this now for years. I still wake up everyday and want to practice, learn something I didn’t know the day before.

The crazy hours!! Never ending rehearsing, keeping up the maintenance of all your equipment, meetings, the heavy lifting loading in gear to every gig ie.. getting to a gig with no elevator but 7 flights of stairs. PRO TIP if you ever see a musician loading in or out just give them a helping hand.. even if it’s a microphone stand. I promise you it helps. 

Who would you like to have a 30-minute meeting with?

Hans Zimmer. To pick his brain on how he orchestrated some of the best film soundtracks of all time. His creative process. Wow  

Ok yep him.

Who do you love to follow on Instagram?

My mum – she’s still trying to get 200 followers.

Best advice you have ever received?

“Be humble. Be kind “

-   simple. Straight forward. How you should be in every aspect of your life. 

My advice though -  We are all human beings and we should always embrace inclusion and diversity

Favorite TVM stall?

Lalah Bali – not being biased because they are family but who doesn’t love a Nasi Goreng


Huckleberry Flowers. 

Listen to Lily’s latest tracks here

Follow Lily here


Thanks so much for sharing Lily, much love xx

Catch Lily at TVM Sunday 4th August 2019.


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