Bleach* Comes to TVM

Oct 9, 2020 | Bleach* Festival

We're excited to be partnering with Bleach* Festival in 2020 to bring Done and Dappered to our event on Sunday 18 October, at TVM Burleigh Heads.

Done and Dappered

The modern barbershop has been a place for men to gather, talk, groom and even sing. Once a place for bloodletting or to have a tooth removed, barbershops have evolved into special places; much like a men’s shed with different tools.

During 2020, Bleach* will run intensive barbering skills development workshops led by community barber extraordinaire Charles Lomu and Joe Tongi of The God Barber Burleigh with some special local guests. A group of young men from Arcadia College with Pacific Island and diverse cultures will be invited on a journey of self-discovery, social inclusion and leadership exploring what it means to be a young person in today’s society whilst preparing themselves for careers as the next generation of barbers and creatives.

The barbershop will move to the tunes of an all-teenage DJ crew from the Audio-G project. Local models will be invited to the pop-up barbershop at The Village Markets to experience this special preview of what’s to come at Bleach* Festival in Burleigh Heads. 

Sunday 18 October at The Village Markets, Burleigh Heads State School 8:30am until 1pm.

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