Blues and roots this Fathers Day at TVM with Matthew Armitage

Aug 28, 2019 | Live Music, Tunes at TVM

Matthew Armitage will join us for the first time this Sunday at The Village Markets, from 8:30am - 10:30am, followed by Lily Budiasa from 11am - 1pm.

Blues and roots guitarist and folksy singer-songwriter Matthew Armitage uses his nylon acoustic guitar to contour up the sound of a South Pacific blues band. The guitar is mellow but busy with multiple parts, his foot stomp pulses warmly and a 60’s tambourine clacks along with his voice, all steeped in a deep musical traditions.  While Armitage these days gigs constantly around Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, he has also performed in the past with rock'n'roll legend Wanda Jackson, toured Australia as a solo supporting Pete Murray, warped out Angus Stones 30th birthday party with his heavy instrumental duo Chesta Hedron, and rocked Margot Robbies wedding with his raw rock and blues duo The Swamps.

We chatted to Matthew in the lead up to his gig this Fathers Day at TVM to find out more about this talented musician and rad dad:

Tell us about your family?
My wife Candi and I met in Wellington New Zealand when she traveled there on holiday at the end of 2012.  I moved over to live with her 6 months later and pursue my music career here in the GC and Northern Rivers NSW.  We now have a 3 year old girl called Iluka, live in Tweed Heads very close to the river and life is pretty amazing!
Why are you looking forward to playing some tunes at TVM this Fathers Day?
I love using my guitar playing and musical mind to bring people into a common experience together.  The joy of seeing a small kid recognise a nursery rhyme melody, kids bouncing to an old time boogie beat or adults hearing a distant call from a forgotten song I've found is why I love playing at markets and yeah Fathers Day means I get to think about some songs that Dad's might like too....I might play one or two songs for my Dad, he loves blues guitarists like Clapton, JJ Cale, George Thourghgood, Mark Knopfler.
Do you have a favourite TVM stall or is there something you’ll be checking out while you visit TVM?
My family eats Vegan so we will be hitting up the vegan food trucks and also looking forward to relaxing on a rug and soaking up the atmosphere.
What sort of vibes can we expect from your set at TVM?
I'll be playing a bunch of my own songs from my latest album New Tide. The album is pretty live sounding and is all about my fusion of blues and coastal folk styles through my voice, acoustic guitar and a wooden foot stomp and tambourine. Songs of the soul, travel and heart.

Matthew Armitage, by Trent Mitchell @trent_mitchell_