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Designer Profile: Dinjuan

It’s unlikely you’ve missed the DINJUAN stall at TVM. That’s because amongst the racks you’ll find, Juanita – a beautiful soul who’s constantly smiling, and that’s exactly what’s she’s best…

It's unlikely you've missed the DINJUAN stall at TVM. That's because amongst the racks you'll find, Juanita - a beautiful soul who's constantly smiling, and that's exactly what's she's best known for at TVM (along with her amazing designs!). 

Today we chat to Juanita Machado, from label DINJUAN.

How long has Dinjuan been in operation?
DINJUAN established in 2010.

How did Dinjuan begin?
My fascination with fashion has been since childhood (see me below wearing my Mother’s high heels at the age of four). DINJUAN expresses my love for Fashion, Nature & Wanderlust!


What is your creative background?
After graduation in 2002 I worked for a variety of Fashion Houses in Sydney. My Fashion journal graffiti across the cover read quotes such as, “Work Hard & Stay Humble” and” Knowledge is Power.” Working for Fashion Houses, I developed my skill sets & knowledge of the Fashion Industry. While in my spare time I begun to design and make Beautiful One off, Limited Edition clothing under my own name Juanita Machado.

The Glebe Markets was my first taste of living the bohemian lifestyle. “Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, involving musical, artistic, or literary pursuits.”

A few years later, I received a job offer in Hong Kong as Fashion Designer, Buyer and Merchandiser for a High Street Fashion Company. Hong Kong opportunity created an amazing adventure to learn about the fashion industry, another culture and myself. Once back in Australia I taught in the creative Industry of Fashion at MSIT- Metropolitan South Institute of Tafe, Australia. Working with like-minded fashionistas, allowed me to guide these enthusiasts to make their own mark in the Fashion Industry. With a variety of skill sets from Fashion Design, Creative Director, Buyer, Visual Merchandise, Marketing, Sales , Fashion Stylist, Teacher/Fashion Trainer, Mentor, Fashion Blogger.

Where is Dinjuan designed and made?
Australia -Local Production, Africa & Indonesia.
DINJUAN is created for a multi-faceted woman. She is ultra feminine, multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan in “mix ‘n match”, techno-modern in “urban and bohemian-romantic!” DINJUAN Collection offers a variety of options in clothing and accessories to create personal style.


What inspires you?
DINJUAN an eclectic essence of chic weaved into every day. Cultural influences, vibrant colours, lush textiles & people inspire DINJUAN. Animal prints are evident throughout the DINJUAN collection, inspired by their motherland Africa, Nature & Wanderlust. Brother & sister duo. Dino & Juanita created DINJUAN bohemian luxe. DINJUAN Fashion Innovative, versatile and bohemian chic designs are affectionately named after favourite destinations & adventures!

The latest collection consists of...
DINJUAN Back to Basics Bohemian Chic, a fiery of colours. DINJUAN style infusing Hand-Made Fringing detail creates a playful way to express. Tran seasonal shapes, limited edition & fringing fun. Accessories outfits with Ethnic Woven Necklaces. DINJUAN Statement Necklaces for a cause. DINJUAN are versatile designs that can be worn from dusk to dawn. DINJUAN mantra is Love Fashion, Form & Function. DINJUAN Capsule Collection is an exclusive Limited Edition.


Favourite piece and why?
DINJUAN Back to Basics Collections inspired by their love of wanderlust. Our Favourite is working with DINJUAN motherland Africa. We would like to share the Tribes creative, traditional craftsmanship of Africa. DINJUAN works with factories, villages & people in disadvantaged countries. DINJUAN Fashion is produced Ethically, No Sweat, Fair Trade. DINJUAN Produced in Australia and Offshore countries such as Indonesia & South Africa. DINJUAN Made with Love.
DINJUAN imports beautiful Ethnic African Beaded Necklaces. These hand beaded necklaces are crafted by Zulu Tribal Women in the Kwazulu-Natal Province of South Africa. The purchase of this jewellery enables these women and their families to lead better lives by educating their children and in turn, assisting them in improving their living conditions. These Traditional Tribal Collars are a unique fashion statement and styled back with DINJUAN Back to Basics Bohemian Chic Collection.
* African Statement Necklaces By Pre-Order Only

What's on your mood board?
DINJUAN inspiration begins to weave their assortment of forest flowers. Scarlets are entwined with hues of sublime, aubergine, cherry blossom and electric blue, infusing an essence of sandalwood. As dusk settles to an evening sky a bohemian goddess rides bare back through a misty forest on her pearl white stallion. With the cool evening breeze upon her skin, her hair cascading, she wears DINJUAN & flowers in her hair as she gallops down the forest pathway.

DINJUAN Moodboard

What's your creative space like?
DINJUAN bohemian Studio is my converted garage. With creativity, music, friends, collective minds & positive energy always welcome. DINJUAN Studio converts into social gathering for chit chat & something beautifully special. Alternatively used as Photo Studio, with my muse Jade. 

Juanita Machado

What do you listening to whilst designing?
I love music! Soulful, Vocals, Beats, Happy Tunes, Indie, Rock, recently saw Van Hoorn live. A major fan! (can’t wait to see what’s next for them). At the moment listening to the following links..
Deep House Mix Vol. 3 2013 HD

Favourite blogs:
PS I Made This -  A DIY inspiration & ideas site

A day in the life of Juanita usually consists of...
Start the day with yoga session or a run. My day consists of me wearing a variety of hats, so to speak. From Fashion Design, Creative Director, Production, Marketing-Social Media, Fashion Blogger, Sales, Website, Photography, Illustrator. My family are my life, dinner in the evening brings us all together to enjoy & be grateful for all that we have. “Love what you do, & do what you love!”

Favourite TVM stalls:
Salté Resort / Kivari / Wild Heart Jewellery / Nat Kent / Love St / Dust / Jewellery by Kim / Qui Qui / 337design / Tenspeed & Brownshoes Vintage / Fly Peacock / The Hudson Tree / Crystal Creek Flowers / The Wandering Bean

Juanita Machado



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Designer Profile: Children of the Light

As most Mumma’s would know, cool kids threads are hard to come by, especially those made with organic materials. Today we meet the lady behind the label, Clarisse Odum from…

As most Mumma's would know, cool kids threads are hard to come by, especially those made with organic materials.

Today we meet the lady behind the label, Clarisse Odum from Children of the Light

Years in operation?
Two years

How did COTL begin?
Growing up in Byron Bay with a Yoga teacher/artist mum was pretty much the perfect platform for me to have an understanding of the benefits growing, eating, wearing organic. 

COTL is a result in the environment I was raised as a child.

I saw an opportunity in the market for on-trend organic cotton Baby clothing with designer prints. To give the little ones a chance to shine as they should be by breaking away from the spots/stripes and pink/blue mould. 

Children of the Light

What's your creative background?
Graphic Design. I've worked for many publications, gracing the floors of Oyster, Harper Collins, Yen and Monster Children. I soon yearned for the more hands-on design of fashion after getting some experience making yardage prints and fabric designs for a number of fashion labels. 

Where is COTL designed?
In an effort to make our carbon footprint as light as possible, Children of the Light is designed in our studios that run on 100% clean energy, powered by the sun in the hinterland of Byron Bay.

What inspires you?
The world around me. Doing my groceries at local Organic Farmers Markets, friends, family and travel nature.

The Lastest Children of the Light collection consists of?...
A bit of Mexican retro glamour contrasted with earthy nuetrals. I am going to introduce some bamboo fleece hoodies & Jodpurrs with embellishments.


Children of the Light

Favourite piece and why?
Only Hearts Harem pant. The pants grow with the child as they have a contrast cuff which folds down. This really works as the waist hardly grows in the first few years of life.

What's on your mood board? 
As I am renovating Children of the Light studios I am limited to tabs/pintrest/screenshots on my iphone for my current makeshift moodboarding for the next collection.


Children of the Light

What's your creative space like?
Mezzanine level to a warehouse. I am currently renovating and redesigning Children of the Light HQ. I have just painted all the wooden floors white and I am thinking antique map/carte draws, drafting desk, cutting tables and a seascape by David Newman. 100% Solar Powered overlooking the rolling hills of the byron bay hinterland.

What do you listen to whilst designing/making?
I am loving flume at the moment! 

Favourite blogs?
The Satorialist
Roost Blog
365 Awesome Designers

A day in the life of Clarisse usually consists of?
Well... I have a 1.5 year old girl so it all really happens in fragments. morning walks, looking after the horses, looking after the veggie patch, tea with the girls, emails, blogging and instagram.

Children of the Light

Favourite TVM stall (besides COTL of course!).
I really like all the second hand racks. I am a sucker for going through other peoples wardrobes!

Clarisee Odum

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Designer Profile: Nat Kent Jewellery

Today we chat to Nat, the brains and beauty behind jewellery label Nat Kent Jewellery. Years in operation? I started Nat Kent Jewellery in 2011. The idea was conceived in…

Today we chat to Nat, the brains and beauty behind jewellery label Nat Kent Jewellery.

Nat Kent

Nat Kent

Years in operation? I started Nat Kent Jewellery in 2011. The idea was conceived in 2010, but it was initially to start an online store that sold emerging designer jewellery. At that point the scope of the project was too big and needed to be narrowed. I had started to use some of the beads I'd collected over the years to make my own jewellery. As interest in my jewellery developed, I decided to refine the website so it addressed a more specific niche market, and Nat Kent Jewellery slowly emerged.

How did Nat Kent Jewellery begin? I love making things, and I have a passion for learning. I often wonder how things are made. So I set out to learn as many jewellery fabrication techniques as possible. When I went on Maternity leave from my regular job as a school teacher, I decided it was time to indulge in some personal pursuits.

What's your creative background? I have a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Bachelor of Primary Education. In hindsight I should have studied graphic design or multimedia. I think my creative background comes from being technological, I love making things. I also had a very talented Grandmother who was quite the crafter. She had her own pottery wheel and kiln, she used to do copper etching, and she taught me how to sew and knit. 

Where is Nat Kent designed and made? All Nat Kent Jewellery is designed on the Gold Coast from my home. Almost all the pieces are made here too. I have most of my components custom made for me. Such as the gold tubes you see in my designs. I have also recently cast a variety of high-quality foldover clasps with my KENT logo engraved on them. I develop the designs for each component I need on computer, this is then sent to an overseas jeweller that I work closely with. A mould is made using my design, this is either 3D printed or carved from wax. This process is call Lost Wax or Investment Casting, this is my preferred method as I'm still learning how to render my designs digitally.

Nat Kent

Nat Kent

What inspires you? Other designers who demonstrate mastery in their chosen field, and designers who apply innovative techniques to produce their jewellery. I like structural jewellery. Jewellery that requires engineering and development. I like looking at jewellery and seeing the time and effort people put into it. I admire process orientated design, that is intentional and deliberate, and therefore thoughtful.

  • Mawi London - for their innovative use of materials and progressive design.
  • Estelle Deve – who creates jewellery from amazing castings of unusual objects
  • Ek Thongprasert – for their application of 3D silicone printing to create high-end jewellery

I'm currently developing a design for a bangle, using a scarab beetle graphic that I commissioned from Melbourne based graphic designer Eirian Chapman, (her work is amazing and internationally recognised). The idea is to collaborate with a local company (based in Burleigh) who use lazer technology to produce custom machine parts. I had a meeting with them a while ago to see if I could adapt their industrial process of photo-chemical etching to jewellery making. We all agreed it would be the perfect application. I'm hoping to have this design ready in time for my summer campaign. The summer campaign will continue to explore new production techniques and will feature bezel set semi-precious stones rather than claw-set stones like my debut collection.

Latest collection consists of… My debut collection will be available online and at The Village Markets from late June/early July. The collection theme is “Regal” meaning royal, magnificent and dignified. The goal was to produce a fun but luxurious selection of jewellery, that blurred the line between fine jewellery and costume jewellery. To achieve this I've used fine jewellery techniques such as claw-setting stones and genuine plating, with costume jewellery components and materials. (I have just sent 60 pieces to the photographer, the images should be back within the fortnight.)   The collection features large, bold, claw-set stones, garment grade leather bolo, decadent gold plated and gunmetal chains, semi-precious stones, gold tubes, soldered chain collars. The main shape I used in this collection was the Trillion. I feel the triangle shape of the Trillion looks Regal (as well as sounds really fancy).   We'll be having a collection and brand launch in Southport in early July to mark the debut. The look book is currently being edited in anticipation of the July launch. The look book was photographed by local photographer Joe Wills and I used local model and acquaintance Tegan Dermek, who has shot campaigns for Lisa Brown, Billabong and is the face of Griffith University.

Nat Kent

Favourite piece and why? Triple Trillion Necklace, because it sits really well when worn. It's a very bold piece but the colours are muted and unobtrusive so you can wear it but without feeling ridiculous. Below the same piece (and a glimpse of my desk in it's natural state)

What's on your mood board? A collection of luxurious baroque and neo-gothic images from last season.

What's your creative space like? I have a whole room dedicated to my jewellery. The following picture is a neat version of my work space. It usually has stuff all over it. I have my computer, sewing equipment (cause I often sew elements of my jewellery), storage for components on my desk, as well as 'hanks' of chain that I'm currently using, leather bolo, jewellery tools – pliers and wire cutters, soldering iron, flux and solder, glue and a slab of granite to work on so I don't damage my table.

Nat Kent

Opposite my table is a 1960's danish buffet table that I use to showcase my jewellery on.

Nat Kent

What do you listen to whilst designing/making? I'm a bonafide night owl. I don't go to bed most mornings till 1-2am. When my daughter was a baby, I became accustomed to waking up with her throughout the night. She then learnt to sleep through the night and I didn't. Some people don't cope without sleep, I've adapted quite well. Since I'm up late at night working I usually play music that suits that time of the day. When I do play music, I often listen to - Everything but the Girl or sing along to The Panics. I work on my computer a lot, cause the initial prototyping is done using Corel Draw or Rhine Gold, so I often watch YouTube clips instead of listening to an album. Also, due to the time difference between northern and southern hemispheres, I'm usually chatting online to vendors and craftsmen in the early hours of the morning, who are across the globe in the middle of their work day. When I have a component manufactured for me it's quite a collaborative process, and we work together to ensure that the piece is exactly what I had in mind.

Favourite blogs? I have a pretty long BlogLovin blog roll. My favourite's are Man Repeller, Honestly WTF and In Detail Jewellery Blog. 

A day in the life of Nat usually consists of… Spending time with my daughter, Helena, sending emails. When Helena goes to sleep that's when I get to work.

Favourite TVM stall (besides Nat Kent of course!) I really love Juanita from DINJUAN. Each time our market stalls are next to each other we have a really great day. She has a wonderful energy. Minc Collections – Courtney has done an excellent job developing her brand and it's image. I'm quite respectful of the hardwork she's put in to achieve her success. Faith Designs – Shannon has been very welcoming, and made me feel part of The Village Markets creative community, she often leaves supportive comments on my instagram and facebook posts. Which I find really motivating. Madison and Montana – for their awesome market stall set-up. Seeing their wonderful market stall has left me wondering how I can improve my display.

Nat Kent

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Designer Profile: Wild Heart Jewellery

Wild Heart Jewellery is the brain child of mother daughter duo, Samara and Julie Baunach – a talented pair with wandering gypsy souls and a mutual love of making beautiful…

Wild Heart Jewellery is the brain child of mother daughter duo, Samara and Julie Baunach - a talented pair with wandering gypsy souls and a mutual love of making beautiful jewellery.

Drawing their inspiration from Julie’s Bohemian wild child up bringing and Samara’s love for the native American culture, their designs are strongly influenced by their love of tribal and ethnic culture, freedom, peace, love, music, totem, talismans and mother nature.

You can find Wild Heart Jewellery at each TVM, on the first and third Sunday of each month.

Be sure to check out their gorgeous new website for the latest Lookbook, blog and of course to shop their amazing pieces online.

wild heart 2

wild heart 7

TVM: Tell us about how and when your label was created?
WHJ: We established Wild Heart in 2011. It all came about by us playing around and remaking old jewellery we had lying around. From there we started to source beads and we eventually started creating our first range, which was a bit of a mixture.

What pieces are included within your range?
Rings, bracelets, necklaces, cuffs, head pieces, anklets, earrings, ear cuffs and we have a home-wares range which includes dream catchers, wall hangings, lamps and agate coasters.

Where is the label designed and made?
We design and create all pieces in our home studio located here on the Gold Coast.

What inspires you?
Life! Native indian culture, tribes, travel, adventure.

Latest collection consists of?
Lots of crystals, leather, natural stones, sterling silver, feathers.

wild heart 8

wild heart 1

What's on your mood board?
Its quite a colorful mixture of images we have found along the way, it changes all the time but at the moment there is a little tipi love, Indian chiefs strewn in jewels, amazing shots from various fashion shoots/designers and some inspirational words thrown in there too!

What’s your creative space like?
We have just constructed a new studio which is full of beautiful jewels, trinkets and treasures we collect on our little adventures or at the markets. The walls are plastered with inspiration pictures and our favorite pieces of art. There’s a little bit of both of us. Its organized chaos and we love it!

wild heart 4

What do you listen to while getting crafty?
It’s very chilled with a few sing-alongs. At the moment we have a little bit of the xx, The Cure, Alt-J, Bob Dylan, just to name a few.

A day in the life of you consists of?
Samara is still working full-time and Julie part-time at this stage so its all after hours designing for us!

Favorite TVM stall (besides yours of course)?
Kivari, Amilita, Dust , tenspeed and brownshoes, Children of the Tribe!

What can we expect from the next collection and what are your plans for 2013?
The recent launch of our website! We are hoping to continue working with some of the amazing designers who we have met of the last two years and there will be plenty of feathered, turquoise goodness to come!

This is a sponsored post. All images courtesy of Wild Heart Jewellery.

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Literally, leaving them in her Dust is what she does best. Meet Jess Crawford. ‘Dust’ designer, super-mum and loyal TVM stall-holder for over four years now. There is literally nothing…

Literally, leaving them in her Dust is what she does best.

Meet Jess Crawford. 'Dust' designer, super-mum and loyal TVM stall-holder for over four years now.


There is literally nothing this woman cannot do. Take juggling FIVE busy children, designing and producing her own fashion line, running a studio space to showcase her collection, playing 'market maven' at least twice per weekend, cooking spag bol at 6am so the troops have dinner when she gets home that afternoon, all while finding the time to boast (very proud mumma) about her son Dylan's latest surfing triumphs, show us Grace's swimming presentation photos - hell, she even baked cupcakes for TVM's 3rd bday party (yes, true story, she's amazing).

Dust has long been a favourite for TVM shoppers, with everyone rocking at least one of the labels signature tie-dye dresses. Whether it be over your cozzie, nipped in with a cute waistbelt or paired up with wedges for a launch party event, these dresses are a must-have item in every girls wardrobe. And then of course there's the capes, which we personally live in.

Make sure you swing by Dust next time you're at TVM! We promise you wont be disappointed.





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Designer Profile: Alfie by Kobi

This week we chat to the clever designer of handmade kids clothing and accessories label Alfie by Kobi. ‘Alfie’ has long been a favourite at TVM, and we’re pretty sure…

This week we chat to the clever designer of handmade kids clothing and accessories label Alfie by Kobi.

'Alfie' has long been a favourite at TVM, and we're pretty sure just about every child on the Coast has at least one of the labels cute bandana bibs in their wardrobe! Kobi is super creative, always has a smile on her face and her latest Summer collection is to die for.

Meet Kobi Brown...

What do you listen to while getting crafty?
A lot of the time to be honest its the Wiggles! After the 1000x I still don't mind it and it's actually kinda fun to sew along to! It never gets old with Harvi either so for now that's a good thing!

A day in the life of you consists of: 
Cuddles and avo toast with Harvi on the couch, a walk to Barefoot Barrista (cafe) for a coffee and baby chino if I'm lucky, house duties, Harvi has a nap and this is my big opportunity to sew as much as possible, when she's awake I like to get us out of the house so maybe go visit my Gran or a friend, come home and sort dinner and bath time etc, Jesse (husband) gets home and we try sit down at the dinner table together and hang out the three of us, Harvi goes to bed and I go to the sewing room!!!

Favourite TVM stall (besides yours of course):
Shikoba Delicates! I may be biased as Teena is a very close friend of mine (well sister-in-law really), however she makes such beautiful, quality and original pieces with recycled feathers, driftwood and skulls. Check her out!!

Favourite reads/blogs:
To be honest I'm not really up to date with blogs as I have up until recently had the slowest internet/computer in the world, but one blog I always read without a doubt is my friend Lori's 'EightTenTen'. She writes so beautifully and she truly inspires me every time I do.

What new pieces are you working on at the moment and what can we expect from Alfie in the future:

At the moment I am working on some girls mob caps, head scarves, new jumpsuits, boys sun hats and possibly something else for the boys just still playing around with the design!

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Designer Profile: Hattie

From tiny hats and floral fascinators, to cute and quirky decor and homewares, this week we get inside the mind of Hattie designer Rachael Mandregin. Years in operation: Two years…

From tiny hats and floral fascinators, to cute and quirky decor and homewares, this week we get inside the mind of Hattie designer Rachael Mandregin.

Years in operation:

Two years as Hattie Petite Handmade Hats and just a few month as the re-branded label Hattie.

How did Hattie begin:

The re-launch of Hattie began when I wanted to be more than just hats. My millinery skill where still developing but and I had so many different ideas flying around my head I just had to set them free and get crafty!
So I diversified my label to all things vintage, bespoke, and reclaimed..then re-branded.

What is your creative background:

I've always been the crafty kind.
My father is super creative and super talented, he was always using his hands on all different mediums when I was growing up. Mum was a brilliant sewer making little frocks with lots of hand embroidery goodness for me rock out in.

So I suppose I was destined to become a keen maker of things. I actually didn't learn to sew until much later in my life when I studied fashion for two years it was there that I found my love….Sewing! And shortly after Hattie was born.

Where is Hattie designed and made:

In my humble Miami studio.

What inspires you:

The environment, up-cycling, music, sunshine, fashion, people, nature.

Latest collection consists of:

Lots of reclaimed products that are very planet conscious. Fashion impacts on the environment in so many negative ways. We have become so disposal, there is a lot of wasted items out there screaming to be reclaimed and reinvented which is why I strongly adapt these ideals and use reclaimed fabrics/products as much as I can. All my cushions are filled with a high grade fibre that is derived from plastic water bottles. My supplier which is an Australian company has so far has saved one million PET bottles from landfill.

Favourite piece from your latest collection and why:

Mister Moustache cushion…He is a little fun and a lot quirky.

What's on your mood board:

Lots of vintage hats, navy, red, white and grey hues, sailing ships, anchors, pin up girls, everything 50's, full skirts and suitcases. It makes me want to sail away to somewhere charming.

What’s your creative space like:

Cluttered with a lot of projects on the go at one time but I recently had a major clean out and things are a little more organised now.I have absolutely no will power when it comes to and op-shop bargain, I'm a bit of a hoarder with most treasures ending up in the studio.

What do you listen to while getting crafty:

I am a big fan of the Ipod on shuffle with Nick Cave tracks being a frequent friend. Lately I dug up some old favourites that took me on a very nostalgic trip whilst crafting like….Lamb - Best of Lamb, Sublime - 40 oz to Freedom, Brad - Interiors and Goldfrapp -Black Cherry.

Favourite reads/blogs:

Bleubirdvintage , Oh happy day , Hello Sandwich and 4th and Bleeker

A day in the life of Rachel consists of:

My life lately has such a great balance with every day full of variety I'm really feeling fulfilled and grateful. The start of my week is filled with my part time job at a little sewing alterations shop. I usually go to yoga in the evening after work so Hattie kind of takes a back seat on those day. One day a week I head to Brisbane for my Millinery studies which I'm am just loving its so creative. The end of me week is then dedicated to Hattie and Market peddling - creating, designing, and gathering inspiration. There is not much time for relaxing these days but I am just rolling with it while I am feeling so inspired and motivated.

Favourite TVM stall (besides Hattie of course):

Lovebird!!! Ange is such an inspiration her creations are so amazing, creative and labour intensive!….And she seems to do it all so effortlessly. She is a really talented designer and recently inspired me to learn how to crochet.

Best TVM finds so far:

Too many amazing vintage finds to mention!

What new pieces are you working on at the moment and what can we expect from Hattie in the future:

I've just started gathering inspiration for my next headwear collection for Spring carnival, so I will be working on that over the next few months. It's really fun because I am going to use all the techniques and skills I have been learning from 18 mnths of Millinery studies, its such a beautiful creative process.

Find Hattie at TVM or on Facebook.

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Designer Profile: LoveBird

Stroll through TVM and you’ll be stopped in your tracks by LoveBird. Step inside and you’ll find walls lined with colourful crochet wall hangings, chunky handcrafted knit’s and neon crochet…

Stroll through TVM and you'll be stopped in your tracks by LoveBird.

Step inside and you'll find walls lined with colourful crochet wall hangings, chunky handcrafted knit's and neon crochet neckpieces hang from the racks, and amazing decorative cushions are piled on old vintage suitcases. This stall could easily be mistaken for a page from Real Living Magazine.

Meet Angela Steedon, the creative force behind LoveBird....

Tell us about LoveBird and what we can expect to discover:

The idea for LoveBird has always been simple; to create statement hand made crochet pieces that are beautiful, well made, feel soft against your skin and evoke the feeling of taking you back to another time. LoveBird is a constant reflection of the relaxed lifestyle that I have living on the Gold Coast in Queensland. With the beautiful weather and the beach on our doorstep, it’s hard to not be influenced by the surroundings. LoveBird is a collection of hand crochet bikinis, tops, singlets dresses and accessories. We also have a collection of printed cotton tops, dresses and capes using limited edition prints that are bought on a small run so once sold they can never be bought again. The collection is designed to be worn over your favourite bikini for day or worn as a stand alone piece for a night out.

How and when did LoveBird begin:

I have always loved creating with my hands and using fabric and sewing has been a big part of my life however I could see a niche that needed to be filled and so crochet became ‘my thing’. Thanks must go out to my Nanna Peggy for teaching me the lost art of crochet. After having children and wanting to find original soft toys that had that ‘ just like Nanna used to make’ look and feel, I decided to create ‘Cutecritters’ in 2009 in memory of my Nanna Peggy. Cutecritters was full of hand crochet soft toys, baby blankets, mobiles, booties as well as a range of embellished singlets and printed cotton bloomers. After finding the Babies and Kids market saturated I decided to re-define my focus and in early 2011 LoveBird was created and debuted it's first collection at the May TVM.

What is your creative background:

I have an on-again-off-again love affair with photography and after finishing school I embarked on my journey of becoming a sports photographer. After a year of TAFE and the first year of a Bachelor of Photography done, I decided Photography wasn't going to be my profession and turned my attention onto learning how to sew......and never looked back. Photography is still a huge part of my life. I love taking photos and creating permanent memories.

I have also spent 12 years in the Fashion Industry working as a Designer.

Where is LoveBird designed and made:

I can say that 100% of LoveBird is designed and made in my home in Palm Beach Queensland.

I am truly proud to be able to produce a product that is so hands-on and is created in small runs and can be tailored to suit individual customers.

What inspires you:

My biggest inspiration comes from where I live. The lifestyle, the people, the environment. I ultimately want to make beautiful, inspired but practical garments. I am also influenced and inspired by other creative people. It's wonderful to catchup with likeminded people and talk ideas.

Latest collection consists of:

LoveBirds' latest collection is called Neon Nights. It's a small capsule collection of 6 garments with neon a running colour inspiration. The collection is a little more dressed-up. Each piece is designed to be dressed-up a little with neckpieces, statement tops, full length fringed skirts, oversized jumper/dress, and a statement made to order 'it' dress.

What's on your mood board:

Neon!! Currently in love with Neon. Lots of Crochet inspiration. 70's vintage crochet patterns. Homewares. Macrame

What’s your creative space like:

As LoveBird is made in my home, my workspace shifts from place to place within the house. I do have a designated workspace with a desk and cupboards for materials and filing but my main work area is on the comfy couch.

Luckily crocheting is a craft that doesn't need much room or large equipment.

What do you listen to while getting crafty:

I'm quite boring....I do pop the ipod on shuffle sometimes but usually I have the TV going for some background noise.

A day in the life of you consists of:

At the moment my life is quite full-on. I have a 3yr old daughter, Kit, and a 20month old son, Sunny, so my day consists of getting these 2 ready for daycare before heading to my full-time job. I then do the pickup run before heading home to get dinner, baths and bed done (for the kids) finally sitting down and crocheting for LoveBird, searching the internet and blogs for inspiration, replying to emails or adding items to my website or Etsy store. Thankfully I have a wonderful supportive husband and a great family network that can step in and help out when needed.

Favourite TVM stall (besides yours of course):

Hattie!!!! I met Rach and have become great friends through doing The Village Markets. We both have a passion for crochet and you can often find us talking shop or doing impromptu crochet lessons at TVM.

Favourite reads/blogs:

TVM Blog of course!!!!! Also Unknown Pleasures Blog, Spell and The Gypsycollective, Macushla Burke Photography, Honestly WTF

What new pieces are you working on at the moment and what can we expect from LoveBird in the future:

I've started a line of crochet pieces for your home. LoveBird Home is full of Crochet and Linen cushions in ethnic prints and colours.  They are an easy way to update your decor with out breaking the bank.

I am also loving creating 1off Crochet Wall Hangings. They are more like art pieces and are made without a pattern, making them truly original.


You can find LoveBird at TVM on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month! Or visit and 'like' them on Facebook here. 

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TVM Designer Profile: Drowning In Decadence

Introducing the gorgeous Megan Saurbier, from Drowning In Decadence. Megan is a TVM favourite and has been at every market day since our inception in October 2008 (in fact she…

Introducing the gorgeous Megan Saurbier, from Drowning In Decadence.

Megan is a TVM favourite and has been at every market day since our inception in October 2008 (in fact she has probably only missed a handful of events including the birth of both of her beautiful babies!). She is lovely both inside and out and boasts a collection of vintage and vintage inspired pieces to make you swoon.

Tell us about Drowning In Decadence and what we can expect to discover:?

Drowning In Decadence is a special place for me where I can share my love of vintage clothing, so I want DID to be a fun, enjoyable shopping experience for customers. I also want DID to be a place where I can meet like minded people so we can celebrate the same passion, and that of course is vintage fashion.

DID is filled to the brim with retro, vintage and vintage inspired dresses, and of course other gems I may find along the way!

How and when did DID begin:

I lived overseas for a few years, including London, there were so many amazing vintage shops and markets I wish I could have fitted everything in my backpack! When I returned home I started collecting some really gorgeous retro and vintage pieces and started selling them at The Village Markets when they very first began (YAY). I had such wonderful feedback and it was so much fun, so I just kept on at it and before I knew it, it has become what it after many hours of hunting and sourcing from locally to all over the globe!

What is your creative background:

Im not sure I'd call myself a creative person. I think I'm more of an appreciator of others creations!

Where is DID designed and made:

DID vintage inspired dresses are currently being made in Thailand. Retro and vintage dresses and clothing are from all over, America, Europe, Asia.

What inspires you:

My kids inspire me daily. If I wasn't at home with my babies everyday then I wouldn't have had the chance to make DID into what it has become. I'm inspired by styles that have character! A little bit of quirkiness even! Even though I'm a bit of a hippy style lover at heart, there is just something that draws me to vintage dresses!

Latest collection consists of:

My latest collection consists of 60's inspired dresses, funky retro prints, floral patterns with lace collars. Also long sleeve dresses- perfect for tights and boots for winter!

What's on your mood board:

My little family, they make me smile! Also pictures and photos of some projects Greg and I have been working on and hopefully will soon be working on...can't give away any hints just yet ; )

What’s your creative space like:

I try to have my own creative corner but it's very quickly buried underneath a tonne of toys.

What do you listen to while getting crafty:

I love a little bit of Van Morrison, Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell whilst getting crafty!

A day in the life of you consists of:

A day in the life of me...At 4am I wake to a little person climbing into our bed, so when I do wake up properly I enjoy some pretty nice snuggles! Im still feeding Mabel, so I have a lot of time feeding her and trying to read Jarvis books at the same time. In the mornings I try and spend time with the kiddies. We do a lot of morning trips during the week to Brunswick Heads or Byron for a play and a coffee. The babes sleep for a good chunk in the middle of the day so this is when I try to power on with my dresses! Photos, measurements, postage, sourcing new stock, replying to emails etc. The kids sleep flies on by way too quickly and I realise I haven't done any house work! Oops!

Afternoon consists of more playing, then getting dinner ready for when Greg returns home from work. We always sit at the table for dinner, it's a lovely tradition to pass down to your kids I think, plus its a nice way to all communicate and share each others days. Followed quickly by bathtime for the kids. This is when I put up new stock on DID's Facebook page, so between getting the kids to bed and replying to customers questions etc its a very busy time of the day!

You can follow Megan's daily life through her beautiful images over on her blog, here. 

Favourite TVM stall (besides yours of course):

I must say I can not choose one! I don't even let myself walk around at TVM as I will spend all my money! Honestly there are some really amazing stalls, it's really hard to pick a fav!

Favourite reads/blogs:

I love, love, love bleubird vintage blog. I feel like I can relate to it in many ways, I think it's nice to feel a connection when following one's blog. This blog inspires me alot and gives me lots of ideas for projects etc.

What new pieces are you sourcing at the moment and what can we expect from DID in the future:

At the moment I am trying to source some winter goodness. Even though vintage dresses worn with tights and boots is one of my fav winter looks!

Shop Drowning In Decadence at TVM and also, here.

Images courtesy of Drowning In Decadence, TVM, bleubird vintage.

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