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How To :: Boost Your Immune System

With the current global health pandemic sending everyone into frenzy, we wanted to stop and take five to ask our good friend and world renowned Natural Health Specialist Katrina Ellis…

With the current global health pandemic sending everyone into frenzy, we wanted to stop and take five to ask our good friend and world renowned Natural Health Specialist Katrina Ellis for her top tips to boost our immune systems. Here she shares her tips and also an incredible immune boosting shake recipe!

"The greatest protection against any unknown virus lies in boosting and adapting your body’s own immune system. Some of the best natural immune boosting supplements that can reduce the severity of a viral infection include high dose Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iodine, Zinc, Lactoferrin, AHCC and beta glucans, Berberine, Artemisinin, Medicinal Mushrooms, Andrographis and anti-viral herbs like Baikal Skullcap, Rhodiola, Cat’s Claw, Andrographis, Licorice, Kudzu, Goldenseal and others." says Ellis.

Some of Katrina's favourite anti-viral agents that have the potential to stop many viruses in their tracks and have the potential to boost immunity to reduce severity of symptoms include:

  1. Vitamin D – best combined with Vitamin K
  2. Vitamin C – always in a liposomal form
  3. Zinc
  4. Iodine
  5. Beta Glucans like 1.3/1.6 glucan
  6. Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) – fermented mushroom extract
  7. Lactoferrin and Colostrum



1 tablespoon of a organic, vegan protein powder
1 teaspoon of colostrum
1 teaspoon of medicinal mushroom mix (reishi, shitake, maitake etc)
1 scoop of collagen – there are vegan options too
1 teaspoon of immune probiotic powder
A handful of blueberries
A small knob of ginger
1 cup of nut, coconut or hemp milk

Katrina Ellis N.D, by Natalie McComas


Stay safe, eat well, look after yourselves and each other!

Much love,

Marissa and Sarah



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How to :: Lift your social game, with Stevie Dillon

From leading and launching digital site Stevie Says Social, to recently creating her own podcast series, Stevie Dillon’s career path has definitely been extraordinary. Here, our Intern Gemma Lyndon chats…

From leading and launching digital site Stevie Says Social, to recently creating her own podcast series, Stevie Dillon's career path has definitely been extraordinary. Here, our Intern Gemma Lyndon chats to the #ladyboss herself, to get the low-down on how to lift your social media game, for business.

Your website talks about relevant tips and tricks that empower many startups and entrepreneurs. What was the concept and idea behind Stevie Says Social?

There wasn’t a lot of thought put into it at the very start! I had decided to up-skill in all things social and digital in the job I was in, and I wanted a place to share what I was learning. I started writing epic, 3000 word blog posts documenting my social media and digital growth from the tactics I was applying and people started following along. Less than a year later, I had so many enquiries from businesses wanting me to get the same results for them that I was able to start my own business. The rest is history!

You interview many women of influence for your podcast, what are some key pieces of advice you have taken from women in this industry?

I love how passionate they ALL are about what they do. Honestly, I think that’s the secret sauce when it comes to small business success. Small business isn’t easy – but when you genuinely LOVE what you do, it makes things so much easier. I’m so passionate about people spending their lives doing what lights them up and having the opportunity to interview so many smart, capable ladies doing just that via the podcast is such a pleasure.

As a very influential and sought-after social advice expert how do you stay focused and centered?

I focus on producing GREAT work. There are so many people in my space, the only way to stand out is to focus on being the best. It means working harder than everyone else, coming up with offers and content that are different to what others are doing and always staying a step ahead.

What tips do you have for women getting into this industry?

Just start! So many people spend years following a traditional corporate path and ‘thinking’ about starting a business, doing something more creative or diving into something they are more passionate about. My biggest piece of advice is just to START. Write a single blog post. Build a website. Open an Instagram account and start posting. Just do something - even if you’re not sure whether the ‘thing’ you start with is what you want to continue with forever. Taking action creates momentum, and you never know where it could lead.

What do you do when you are feeling uninspired?

I think it’s important to get inspiration from outside your industry. Social media and online business can be a bit of a fishbowl, with everyone writing about, doing and producing the same ideas and thoughts. Looking to other industries for inspiration is the BEST way to set yourself apart. It gives you unique ideas and perspectives. My Instagram account is full of creatives, businesses and people that aren’t in either social media or digital marketing, and I love it.

Top 3 tips for branding and design for your business:

1: Being professional doesn’t mean lacking personality. Too many businesses end up with a dry, ‘blah’ brand in an effort to be professional. Dry, bland, ‘me too’ brands don’t stand out – on social, or in business! Brainstorm three – five words that sum up the personality you want people to associate with your brand, and then think about ways you can reflect that in your colours, fonts, customer experience and more.

2 Think about what makes you different every other business in your industry, and then TELL people about it consistently. Being a little different or better to your competitors isn’t good enough – you need to know why people should choose YOU over every other [insert what you do here]. If you don’t focus on this, you end up competing on price and it’s a race to the bottom.

3 Design matters. Investing in brand early on allows you to really set yourself apart.

Top 3 tips for social media marketing

1 Tell stories. Small businesses in particular have the luxury of infusing personal stories into the things they post on social. The connection this create with your audience is second to none, and allows you to hold your own against the bigger players.

2 Quality over quantity. It’s no longer necessary to post multiple times a day. The Facebook and Instagram algorithms in particular prioritise relevant, engaging content when deciding what to display in the newsfeed of your followers. Spend your time on producing killer content, even if it’s less often.

3 Pillar content will set you apart. Build an audience by producing killer content, and then taking snippets of it to use on social. Whether it’s podcasts, Youtube videos, killer blog posts or something else, producing ‘pillar’ content is a great way to build your brand and feed your socials at the same time.

Meet Stevie here:

Follow Stevie Dillon here

Thanks so much for sharing Stevie, much love xx


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International Podcast Day!

To celebrate International Podcast Day, we asked our team to share their top six picks with you! Marissa, Co-founder Offline the Podcast – I practice Vedic meditation, so I particularly…

To celebrate International Podcast Day, we asked our team to share their top six picks with you!

Marissa, Co-founder

Offline the Podcast
- I practice Vedic meditation, so I particularly loved the episode with Matt Ringrose from Bondi Meditation Centre.
- Kelly Muller, #ladycrush.

- Gwyneth is great. Her interview with Julia Roberts is pretty fun and real.
- I also loved the interview with Brene Brown.
- Because, Brene Brown.
Tess Robinsons from Smack Bang Designs.
The interview with Lizzy Abegg from Spell & The Gypsy Collective.
The Tim Ferris Show
LOVED Arianna Huffington.

Sarah, Co-founder

Your Creative Start
Emma Henderson & Victoria Beattie from The Beach People, Tess Robinson and Jasmine Dowling.

Offline the Podcast
Loved the Rachelle Rowlings episode, talk about keeping it real and Pip Edwards

Lady Startup
Samantha Wills

Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris

Fierce Girls
Turia Pitt and Margaret Olley (most likely to be listening to this as opposed to anything else at the moment! #mumlife)

Gemma, Intern

Seize the Yay
Gary Vee

Lady Start Up
Showpo Jane Lu

Healthy Hustlers
Loni Jane

Start Up Creative
Marketing 101

Stevie Says Social
Why no one cares about your business.

Sarah and Marissa, by Carly Brown for Surfstitch



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How to :: Focus on your Wellbeing with Nicole King

In this age of ‘busy’ the need to focus our wellbeing has never been so important. As mothers of five children under the age of 8 between us, running a…

In this age of 'busy' the need to focus our wellbeing has never been so important. As mothers of five children under the age of 8 between us, running a business, a family and the everyday demands life brings can sometimes lead to overwhelm.

In recent years, both Sarah and I have taken up the practice of meditation, as a form of taking time out and giving ourselves a 're-boot', shall we say. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are for this practice, which has affected so many areas of our lives in such a positive way - creativity, reactivity, productivity, we could go on.

So, in the hope of inspiring our TVM community to take some self-care, however that may be, our lovely Intern Gemma Lyndon has chatted to one of our close friends, inspiring mum and meditation teacher at Nicole King Wellbeing, Nicole King.

x Marissa

Welcome Nicole! 

Your business, Nicole King Wellbeing aims to optimise students physical, mental and spiritual well being through mantra meditation which I think is SO important in this fast paced day and age. Can you tell us a little more about what you do?

Sure, I teach an effortless Mantra Meditation technique over a tailored 3-session course. I’ve created the accessible and relevant course for the everyday person, for the ‘busy’ mind and modern lifestyle. Once completed, the student is a self-sufficient meditator for life.

The course is low on spirituality and time commitment but rich in neuroscience and mind-body education. We can rewire the neural pathways (highways in our brain) that regulate our emotions, thoughts, and reactions.  We can reprogram our subconscious mind and consciously create new pathways that lead us to compassion, gratitude, and joy instead of frustration, low-self worth, anxiety and fear. How cool is that?

Meditation is a meta-skill that improves ALL areas of your life. It can be practiced anywhere at any time, by anyone.

Whilst teaching students from a beautiful studio in Mermaid Beach, my email and DM’s were being flooded with messages asking if I’d be open to teaching online? I resisted these requests for a long time. Typically learning mantra meditation has been taught in a very structured way; it costs this amount, is taught in-person over 3-4 days. 

But as we evolve in this digital age, teaching this simplified ancient practice needs to be modernised and available to anyone who has a desire to learn. Regardless if they’re restricted by circumstance (hello newborn mum), time zone or geography. 

After hearing the consistent call, I realised I wasn’t living or achieving my purpose - create a relevant and accessible meditation course and be of service, share this life-transforming skill with as many people as possible. I needed to pivot and break away from the mould (yes, be brave). 

This month (September), I launched the ‘Learn to Meditate’ experience online and it’s been incredible! I teach grateful mothers wearing PJ’s in the comfort of their own home, digital nomads and ambitious entrepreneurs from their city office. 

These disciplined and eager graduates are the testimony that you can learn and implement this technique anywhere at any time - happily and successfully. 

Completing a Bachelor of Communications, to studying Naturopathy to being a mum and now fastrack to owning your own wellbeing and meditation studio. Tell us a bit about your journey before creating Nicole King Wellbeing?

In 2003 I jumped on a plane for Bolivia immediately after graduating University with a Bachelor of Communication (Business). After returning from adventures in South America & Europe, I scored my first corporate job,‘Marketing Assistant’ with CSR Limited and immediately moved south to Melbourne. I continued progressing up the ‘ladder’, within various companies in Sydney and Melbourne and in 2007 relocated back to the Gold Coast and started a boutique PR firm, Ellipsis.

Fast forward 8yrs and another 2yr stint in Melbourne, my husband and I were welcoming our first child and I started studying Naturopathy. Pregnancy proved to be the perfect catalyst to take the plunge and finally follow my passion for health, wellbeing and helping others.  Up until this point I had been on auto-pilot mode, working in a career that I felt as though I ‘should’ be pursuing.

Everything organically evolved from here. I went onto study nutrition, counselling and meditation. For years I was a Holistic Health & Nutrition Guide for Mothers. During this time, it was evident many ‘nutritionally’ healthy women were in chronic activation of the fight-or-flight response. Unable to heal or emotionally cope with the ‘motherhood shift’ or the daily stressors of this busy world. Leaving them with feelings of stress, isolation and disconnection. I could relate because I was one of these women.

I’ve personally experienced first hand the profound mind-body connection (our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning), which led me to create the 10 Essential Elements of Wellbeing. Once I started living aligned with the 10 Elements, I healed severe post-natal depletion, anxiety and reversed several autoimmune diseases (full story here).

My purpose from this point was loud and clear.  To serve others, share education and teach people how to tap into their authentic-self and true potential. After 3-sessions, students leave aware and conscious, having the ability to control their mind, rather than allowing their worry mind to control them. You’re able to perceive your mind, body and world and in a completely new and healthy way.

Nicole King Wellbing creates awareness and guides individuals to reconnect to themselves to enhance their clarity, healing, performance and health. How do you feel reconnecting with your wellness effects your creativity and productivity in a business and personal sense?

It enhances intuition and every aspect of work, rest and play.

Work - Strengthens clarity and confidence in decision making which improves creativity, productivity and results.

Rest - You’re able to recharge and rejuvenate in less time.

Play - You become very present, you find daily gratitude in the ordinary and feel grounded amidst the chaos. You’re there, feeling and experiencing the moment.

In today's world where we are surrounded by alarms, notifications and social media many people often get caught up in the online world. What advice would you give to people to centre and reconnect themselves to ensure they have a sense of positive wellbeing?

Three pieces of advice;

1) Come back to the present moment. Realise that you’re here, right now, at this moment. Time is the most precious thing we have. We often wander through each day with unmet expectations, replaying the same stories and conversations in our minds, we’re delaying our happiness. Question - “How are you investing your time and is it serving you”?

2) Figure out your values and align your life accordingly. Ensure your time and energy is invested in serving your health, wellbeing and values. If not, axe it. Whether it's a toxic environment, relationship, habit or lifestyle choice. Be very mindful of the content you invite into your world.

3) Thirdly, reconnect with nature and do more of what makes you happy! I ask this question often- “what brings you joy”?

Creativity and productivity are a centre-point of most businesses how important do you think it is to start the day with a clear positive mindset?

It’s imperative. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or complicated, but I do believe a morning ritual is key.

From the moment we open our eyes, we have around 3,000 possible thoughts per hour. The majority of these (~95%) are either spent rehashing the past or anticipating a hypothetical future. Which means our thoughts are unproductive and irrelevant to the present moment.

A 20min morning meditation practice clears space in your ‘busy’ mind, from this point of clarity you can create and focus which sets the tone for your day.

As a very busy wife, mum and business owner how do you stay mindful and centered?

Of course a daily meditation practice ;-).

I believe in a holistic approach and carve out time each day to spend mindful time with each of my daughters (individually), move and nourish my body and get into nature. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes, I have an ocean swim or barefoot walk.

I also have a beautiful nighttime routine which grounds me before falling asleep.

What part of your job would people find most surprising? 

Despite the misconception that learning to meditate can be difficult or is about ‘stopping thoughts’ it’s actually really simple and the life-changing benefits can be felt immediately.

It’s not sitting cross-legged chanting and requires no lifestyle changes (yes, you can still enjoy your vices whatever that may be for you).

Who would you like to have a 30-minute meeting with?

Dan Tehan  - Minister for Education. I’d love to discuss how we could roll out a national Mantra Meditation program across every Australian school. If the future generations had the practical skills to navigate life with 8 C’s of Self-Energy we could improve the world for posterity.

**8 C’s - Calmness, Clarity, Curiosity, Compassion, Confidence, Courage, Creativity and Connectedness. 

What do you feel when you are feeling uninspired?

I meditate and physically move to shift sluggish and uninspired energy.

This could look like dancing (often to my cringe-worthy fave music), swimming in the ocean, catching up with a friend, doing hot yoga or yin, or listening to a motivating podcast while walking along the beach.

Who do you love to follow on Instagram?

It’s an eclectic mix…that changes often, but for the moment:

Lalah Delia, Zoe Foster-Blake, Dani DiPirro (@positivelypresent), Jim Kwik, Dr Joe Dispenza, The Grace Tales, and of course, TVM!

What do you do to unwind?

Hang with my family and play with our daughters, catch-up with my incredible friends, go to the beach, head off on a road trip adventure, cook and read. I’m not a TV person but I am a confessed book nerd.

Who and what do you find most inspiring and influential in your life?

Who - Close friends and expanders who are taking a chance, carving their own path. Creating, despite challenges and fear whilst giving back and helping others along the way.

What - TRAVEL! Travel brings me so much joy. It inspires, rejuvenates and challenges me. At the moment we’re manifesting a family ‘gap’ year in Europe.

Meet Nicole here:

Follow Nicole here

Thanks so much for sharing Nicole!

x Gemma



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How to :: Cultivate the career of your dreams, with Sacha Strebe

We’ve been so fortunate to be able to connect with many inspiring people over the past 10 years, since TVM’s inception. There’s nothing more important to us than supporting and…

We’ve been so fortunate to be able to connect with many inspiring people over the past 10 years, since TVM’s inception. There’s nothing more important to us than supporting and encouraging those creating and cultivating their dream paths.

One such soul is Sacha Strebe. Wind the clock back to the very beginning and Sacha was the editor of our local, go-to for fashion and lifestyle on the Gold Coast, ‘Tuesday’ magazine.  

A breath of fresh air for Gold Coast media, Sacha injected her style-savvy, forward thinking, innovative flair into the publication, always supporting new and exciting cultural projects along the way (TVM included).

Sacha’s equally talented husband and denim aficionado Troy, designed his own denim range Debris Blanc in those days and we were so excited they wanted to showcase at our humble event, alongside a whopping eight other stalls (yes, that’s right, nine stalls total at our first ever TVM event!), with toddler son Neon in tow.

We have proudly followed her career journey since, as Sacha moved to Melbourne to pursue a role as the digital director for a trade show company where she ran multiple blogs, social media, and newsletters for a show called Décor + Design.

She eventually relocated to Los Angeles (her husband is from the U.S.) and landed her dream gig as editorial director of MyDomaine—a home décor and lifestyle website founded by the creators of Who What Wear.

After four years with MyDomaine, Sacha announced her departure and took a new direction in her career as the editorial director of Create & Cultivate—a platform that helps women to create and cultivate the career of their dreams.

We thought it was a great opportunity to chat with Sacha and delve deeper into this concept. How do you in fact, manifest and achieve your dream career? After all, it appears she herself has done just that.

Sacha Strebe by Jenna Peffley

Sacha, you are one hard-working lady who has always been one-step ahead of the digital game since we’ve known you and we have so much respect for you as a woman, mother and in your career. In our opinion, you are the true definition of an influencer—where does this come from, it seems as though it’s ingrained in you, what was your childhood like?

Firstly, thank you. That is such a nice compliment. I guess it comes from my parents. They are both really hard-working people and always pushed us to be the best versions of ourselves. My dad was incredibly self-disciplined from his work to his physical and mental health, so it definitely rubbed off on me. He runs about 15 kilometres around three or four times a week and has a six-pack in his 60s. My mom often runs with him or does her own sun salutations and yoga at home. Growing up in a family of five we always had to do chores around the house and dad never let us off the hook. He taught us that through hard work and persistence you could master your craft and achieve your dreams. But there isn’t a success story in history worth hearing about that didn’t happen as a result of putting in the work. I have carried this work ethic into my adult life, and I am only just now seeing it start to pay off—I turn 40 next year. It proves good things really do take time.

Can you tell us how you managed to secure your first dream gig in LA?

My husband is from Arizona. After living with me in Australia for eight years (we got married and had our son during that time) we moved back to the U.S. to pursue our career ambitions. We also wanted to be closer to Troy’s parents as his father (who is a Vietnam vet) had been having health problems.

We sold everything and moved to the States with no job prospects and a few boxes of books and records (the essentials, of course). We landed in Arizona first to stay with family, but the plan was always to live in L.A. I knew I wanted to work at Clique, the founders of Who What Wear. It had been a dream of mine and a permanent on my vision board for years (I even applied for WWW jobs from Australia). I saw a listing for MyDomaine lifestyle editor and applied immediately.

Within a few days they emailed me requesting an interview. I had two interviews and completed an edit test before securing the role. I worked remotely in AZ for two weeks while my husband was in L.A. looking for apartments. We found the dream 2 bedroom 2 bathroom home in Silver Lake and we’re still here. We love it.

Tell us about your time at MyDomaine. Your days must have been so varied and never the same, talk us through the type of projects you were responsible for?

Working at MyDomaine was an incredibly exciting time for me. The site had just re-launched from being a purely home décor site to a lifestyle platform and I was responsible for helping them expand into the new content categories. The company was in its prime and both influencers, celebrities, and brands were super excited to work with us. Within a year I was promoted to managing editor where I was responsible for the calendar and ensuring a varied content mix across all categories, kept the editors on deadline, and worked closely with the editorial director on strategy.

I was in that role for a year before being promoted to editorial director. In that role, I managed a bi-coastal team of seven extremely talented editors and was responsible for the editorial vision, direction, and tone of the site while also looking for new and creative opportunities for the brand to expand both editorially and experientially. I expanded the site well beyond its home décor roots to create an all-encompassing digital lifestyle publication and community that inspired and empowered women, and in turn, helped MyDomaine reach a lifetime traffic high.

Being on set shooting the homes of people I admire was definitely a highlight for me. Getting to know Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent and being invited into their family home to tell their love story was incredibly special. Another pinch-me-moment was seeing my editorial concept, Womaneer come to life as a Power Lunch and being able to host it with 200 incredible women in L.A. MyDomaine was a very rewarding four years.

Who What Wear was such a digital pioneer and one of the first platforms we ever read religiously. You were employed by and worked very closely with media powerhouses and founders Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr (Clique Media). Were the pair mentors for you during your time at MyDomaine?

I vividly and fondly remember the first WWW newsletters. They were truly doing something different and disruptive and I couldn’t get enough. It was around the time I had my son, Neon and I was feeling frustrated at home in need of something to fuel my creativity again while on maternity leave. WWW inspired me to start a blog and keep writing. That really helped me connect with other inspiring people online (it was a very tightknit and small community at that time) and really keep my hand in it. I dreamed of working with them for years and would often apply online for jobs that were listed even though I knew they wouldn’t hire me.

My logic was clear though—the more I applied, the more they’d see my name so that one day when I was in the States, they would remember me and call me in for an interview. I’m not sure it worked but I think the universe was listening because when I did get the job, Hillary Kerr recognized me (we used to tweet each other) and called me into her office with a big smile, a warm embrace and incredible welcome. I will never forget it. She has been my biggest champion ever since and even now, despite not working at MyDomaine anymore, she is a huge advocate and supporter of mine. I’m truly grateful and honoured to have her on my side as a mentor.

You were very much instrumental in turning MyDomaine into what it is today, was it hard to leave something you considered your second baby?

It was really hard and truthfully, I cried a lot. It took a few weeks to really digest everything, to recognize and commend myself for what we created at MyDomaine, and to be proud of that. It’s important to take a moment and celebrate personal milestones. We don’t do that enough as a society. I learned so much during my time at MD but it truly was time to move on. I was ready for a new challenge, something that pushed me mentally and energetically.

Your new role is editorial director of Create & Cultivate, how did you transition from MyDomaine into this new position?

I wasn’t really actively looking for anything. I was taking my time and even considered consulting or starting my own advisory when I received an email from C&C’s publicist (who is a good friend) to let me know that they were looking for an editorial director and if I’d be interested. I had worked with the C&C team a few times during my time at MyDomaine when they asked me to moderate a panel at SXSW and then again in Chicago at their conference. The team had always impressed me with their efficiency and kindness, plus the CEO Jaclyn Johnson truly is a powerhouse and I have huge respect for what she has built and the movement she started. It’s inspiring.

You recently mentioned your mission statement in your former role was to ‘empower women to be the CEO of their own lives’ and your new role will entail giving young people the keys to unlock their full potential and cultivate the career of their dreams. What do you think is the key to cultivating your dream career?

Hard work. I don’t think you always know what your passion is, and to be quite honest, the idea that we have to find it can be confusing and frustrating. Especially, if, like me, you have more than one and can’t decide which one to run with. I’ve always been hungry, unafraid of hard work and the person who is the first to arrive and the last to leave. I guess you could say I’m an intrapreneur—I think with an entrepreneurial mindset when I’m working for someone else.

Nowadays, you can really broaden your prospects and try new things to test out a new business idea or career while you’re working full time (and getting a reliable paycheck with benefits). You just have to be prepared to burn the midnight oil but that’s good preparation for when if you do launch your own business, if that’s the end goal, of course.

I started a bi-weekly newsletter before starting at C&C which is now my passion project. Every two weeks I rotate between Stylexicon (design newsletter) and Skinlexicon (beauty/skin newsletter). I get the biggest kick out of seeing new subscribers each week. It’s so rewarding and exciting when people sign up and trust you with the prime real estate of their inbox.

We don’t believe there is any luck involved when it comes to achieving success and I am sure you will agree! We like the quote ‘luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity’ (Seneca) – what are your thoughts on this?

I 100% agree with that. Oprah says it all the time on her Super Soul Sunday podcast and it always rings true.

People talk about finding a work-life balance. To us it seems as though your career is very intertwined with your life in general. Tell us about how you manage to make it all work?

Some days its more work and less family, and others it’s more family and less work. You just have to be flexible and go with it while ditching the guilt. I let that go a long time ago and to be honest I have always felt like mom guilt was invented as a way to keep women down and stop them from pursuing careers. We shouldn’t feel guilty because we want to contribute to society or embark on creative pursuits that nurture our soul and make us feel connected to the world. I’m a much happier person, mother, friend, wife, sister, and woman when I can do what I love and feel fulfilled by my contribution. I’m also incredibly lucky to have a very supportive husband who values gender equality and truly wants to see me succeed. We share everything, including house hold responsibilities and he actually cooks during the week. I love him so much.

We love keeping up with your busy life via Instagram (@sacha.strebe) and you have connected with so many incredible and high profile people in the lifestyle space, some of whom have become great friends. Tell us, who has been the most interesting person you have interviewed, to date and why?

Ahh there are so many but I definitely loved interviewing my friends Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. Telling the story of their young family was so moving and so special to me. They truly are paving the way for other LGBTQ+ families and showing us all that love trumps everything. This is one of my favorite quotes from that story; “We’d walk through fire for our kids, but we’d walk through it holding hands.”

You and your family have made quite a life for yourselves in LA (with one killer apartment to boot!) how have you adjusted and what is Troy working on these days?

We absolutely love it here. It’s home. We have created a little sanctuary in this house and the energy is filled with love and warmth. I just wish my family lived closer because I’d love for them to visit and come over for a cup of tea. Troy is the senior wash designer at Paige denim now and really doing amazing things over there. We’re also quietly working on a few small projects together so stay tuned.

If you could offer up one piece of advice to anyone wanting to create his or her dream career, what would it be?

Be authentic. I know it’s an overused word but it’s honestly the first thing that comes to my mind when reading this question. Everything feels so saturated and homogenized now, especially in media and on Instagram, but it’s the ones who are true to themselves and authentic to their vision and creative path that stand tall above the rest. If you want to disrupt the space and do something different or compelling that grabs people’s (limited) attention spans then you have to get comfortable with yourself and resist the urge to do what everyone else is. Find out who you are and do that because no one else can be you better than you. It’s slightly cheesey but it’s true.

If you could interview anyone at all, who would it be and why?

Oooh that’s tough but probably Kristin Stewart or Tracee Ellis Ross because they’re both unapologetically themselves, they never compromise.


Favourite podcasts – SO many!/

Armchair Expert, Goop Podcast, Boss Files, WorkParty, No Limits, Offline the Podcast, Oprah’s Master Class, Super Soul Sunday. Second Life, Super Women, Recode Decode, The Barney’s Podcast (episode 3 with Noor), Him & Her With Skinny Confidential, Unstyled, Secrets of Wealthy Women, Vanessa Wants to Know and more…

Favourite book/read - Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie or Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Favourite thing to do in LA – Walk the Silver Lake junction visiting the shops and cafes with Neon and my husband.

Biggest inspiration/s - my mom and dad!

Follow Sacha via her instagram @sacha.strebe and you can also subscribe to her new personal newsletter.

Thank you so much for your time, Sacha! x

The Strebes, by Jenna Peffley


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How to :: Run a successful business and be socially conscious, with Tess Willcox.

We first met Tess Willcox a decade ago, right at the beginning of The Village Markets journey. From the get-go, we were drawn to her highly intelligent, innovative, mover and…

We first met Tess Willcox a decade ago, right at the beginning of The Village Markets journey.

From the get-go, we were drawn to her highly intelligent, innovative, mover and shaker vibe.

When she wasn’t setting up shop at TVM peddling her Moroccan wares sourced during her latest exotic overseas jaunt, she was cruising the streets on her self-carved ‘soul deck’ or doing the 9-5 hustle as PR and Marketing Manager of World Resorts of Distinction.

What really stood out for us, though, and still continues to do so today, is her ability to be a damn good human – voicing her passion for our planet and using her platform to make change.

Here we chat to Tess about how to run a successful business and be socially conscious.

TVM: Tess, after many years of blood sweat and tears you’ve recently acquired your company, World Resorts of Distinction and you’re CEO! You are the true definition of girl-boss and it seems entrepreneurism is in your blood. Did you study PR, how did you come to work for such an amazing brand and did you always plan on running your own company?

Well firstly, it takes a legit girl-boss to know one, and I’ve always been so incredibly inspired by what you ladies have done and continue to do!! Now, the process, which one would anticipate was a lot more intentional than my own. I did study PR & Journalism back in my heyday. I went to university with the intention of becoming a broadcast journalist with a dream to work on Getaway (didn’t we all!?), however quickly discovered that back then I hated being in front of a camera. I also struggled with the concept of writing about topics I wasn’t 100% invested in. So, the journalism side of things didn’t capture me as much as I thought it would, but I’ve always been an avid writer, creative and traveller. Somehow a fusion of all of those things managed to manifest themselves into the dream job all those years ago. My first ‘career’ job out of university was as a Sales Executive for World Resorts of Distinction, which I now own. I never intentionally set out to become CEO and owner, but a serendipitous succession of life events led me here after 15 years on and off with the company. Being incredibly invested in creating an intentional life, it still blows my mind that I get to do what I do every day, and I’m daily amazed at how the universe served this up for me.

TVM: Tell us about World Resorts of Distinction, has the focus always been on sustainability and socially responsibility?

No, definitely not. That is a pure emulation of who I am and a passion project that I have been injecting into the business since I became a partner 3 years ago. When I took over as sole owner on 1 July 2018, that was the number 1 goal – rebrand and restructure the company to be the ONLY brand of its kind to solely focus on sustainability and social responsibility. My predecessor ran the company with a very different focus and concept, which was still very successful in its own right. However, for me to personally sit comfortably in what I do every day (which is a dream come true), I need to know that I am effecting positive change in this world. I have a deep-rooted craving to save the planet and to effect change in every way possible. I want to be an active participant in creating this world and know that I am here to be a part of the revolution.

TVM: Your profile says you are a ‘peripatetic eco warrior’. I recall you having your own Instagram account in this area a while back to raise awareness on caring for our planet and your company WRD is very active on this – is this an area that you have been passionate about since an early age?

In many ways yes, but I wasn’t as vocal with it when I was younger. It grew within me as I grew as a person and learnt to be less self-involved. I think when you grew up the way I did, in a small country town spending a lot of time on the land, and in the ocean, it is instilled in you. It isn’t a separate entity to us, the planet, so I don’t understand the ignorance towards it.

TVM: If you could share five tips for small businesses, so that they too can be more sustainable and socially responsible, what would they be?

  1. My dad always taught me to infiltrate from the inside out. So, first point of call is to inspire your team. Running a sustainable business starts with the people you directly impact first – your staff. So, it is important to first effect how they live their lives and inspire them to do better daily. It’s about progress not perfection
  2. Plastic Free Policy within the office – I personally think the fact that we even still discuss this is despicable. It’s quite simply the quickest and easiest way to have a positive effect on the environment. No one should be using disposable plastic, period. But beyond that, we need to be educating consumers and small businesses that green-washed solutions like Bio-degradable plastic isn’t the answer when the lifespan allows it to be sitting in landfill years later – compostable packaging is the key which YOU need to be responsible for composting in your back yard. The simplest way to reduce your impact is to re-use your ceramics / glass / steel from home.
  3. Encourage carbon neutral commutes or working from home – encourage staff to walk to the office, ride, catch the bus or the train, ride-share with other staff. This isn’t always an option, but when it is, we should be utilizing it. Allow staff to work from home in order to avoid daily travelling and offset any carbon from flights via the right kind of programs (directly with the airline and with companies like 1% for the planet etc).
  4. Climate Activism Involvement – Get involved in climate change activism on a business level. Use your platforms to educate your clients, followers, customers, database. Give them the information and make it simple for them to act. Outline HOW they can write to local government bodies, participate in protests and actively work within the community to save our environment.
  5. Support a clean Energy Provider as a business. I use POWERSHOP at home and for the office, who offset all of your carbon emissions, are advocated by Greenpeace and support 100% clean & green energy!!

TVM: What is the greatest piece of wisdom somebody has shared with you, that has helped shape the way you are today?

In hindsight I wish I had made a note of all the good advice I’ve been given. However Margaret Mead’s quote always rings in my ears when I feel hopeless; “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

The time is now and we need to act as if it is our personal responsibility to save the world via whatever platform we are gifted.

Lastly, a few quick ones:

Fave podcast – 1. Green Dreamer 2. Live Awake 3. Offline, The Podcast

Fave book – The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfern

Fave show – Anything David Attenborough, and currently obsessed with The Bold Type

Fave movie – Out of Africa, Something’s Gotta Give

And just for fun:

Fave Gold Coast/Brisbane restaurant – Long Time

Fave GC/Brisbane coffee haunt – Stable Café (obviously)

Connect with Tess and World Resorts of Distinction:

World Resorts of Distinction


Thanks so much for sharing Tess! x








Inspired by Tess' journey and ready to plunge into the business world? Check out our eBook - How to Launch your Startup for insight, tips and advice on starting your business from TVM Cofounders.

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How to :: Hustle with grace, with Editor of Who Magazine Keshnee Kemp

I first met you at my sisters hens weekend in Avoca and was fascinated by your story and determination. You moved from your home on the Gold Coast to the…

I first met you at my sisters hens weekend in Avoca and was fascinated by your story and determination. You moved from your home on the Gold Coast to the big smoke (Sydney) at 21, lived in a backpackers and worked for free to secure your future in publishing. You’ve since worked for NW Magazine, worked as a producer for channel 9’s Today Show, edited Cosmopolitan Magazine, married the love of your life, birthed an incredible little human and now you head-up Who magazine, Australia’s most trusted weekly. All by the age of 30. Wow woman, we salute you!

Q – Can you take us back to the beginning, I have heard that you knew you wanted to work in magazines from a very young age? Did you study journalism at University and how did you manage to secure that very first gig which helped kick-start your career?

KK - I did! I was in year six when I first told my parents that I wanted to work in the media. I loved the idea of chasing a story, sharing someone’s experience and of breaking national news. I felt like it combined interests in psychology, law and an intense need-to-do-everything-now attitude.

When I was in year eleven I started going through all of my favourite magazines to find a contact to email to ask for work experience. When they said they’d take me on for a week to work for free I was thrilled! I asked my mum if my plane ticket could be my birthday present as saved up working weekends for accommodation costs at a city backpacker hostel. I loved every single minute of the experience. I couldn’t believe I was so lucky. When I finished the first week as an intern, I asked if I could come back and they said yes - so I went home and I saved up and went back again.

I travelled to Sydney three or four times to work for free and started establishing relationships with the team at what was then Bauer Media. I did everything I could - no questions asked. If they wanted lunch, mail, coffees, transcribing - I’d get it and I’d get it with a smile. On my final week of work experience, I was in my second year of a Bachelor of Journalism degree and I pitched a story to the features editor. To my absolute shock, the editor at the time gave me the opportunity to write it. I poured my heart and soul into the story and they published it. Of course, it had been heavily edited but when I saw my name in print I was blown away. I felt like I’d made it! I asked if I were to move to Sydney if they’d be able to give me one day a week to work for free as an intern. When they said yes, I decided the opportunity was too good to miss. I deferred my degree and I packed my bags for Sydney - not knowing a soul there. I picked up casual work at a Speedo store to afford to eat and lived in a backpacker’s in Bondi. After three months in the city, I was offered an editorial coordinator position and the rest is history!

Publishing has changed so much since you launched your career, the focus is very much digital, how has this impacted on your career?

I am obsessed with the changing scape of media. It’s been a focus of mine to learn as much as possible across different platforms. I’ve worked in print, in television and in digital and when I think about my experience now, it really is in engaging audiences wherever they are. It’s not medium specific, it’s more audience specific. WHO has an incredibly large and engaged digital audience, we’re definitely not a print brand anymore.

What is one piece of advice you have been given, that has stuck with you during your career and personal life?

I was always taught to work hard, to be kind to people and to believe in myself. It sounds so cliché but ten years ago I was fetching coffee for the boss I’m working for now. People remember you, they remember your attitude, they remember the passion you have for your work and how you treat other people. No one is given anything for free - everything worth having takes work. I also think it’s really valuable to be only competitive with yourself. People can be so lost in what other people are doing. I genuinely only put pressure on myself if I feel like I can do better.

Have you ever had a mentor? If so, do you mind sharing who this was and how it has benefited you?

I have had SO MANY and I think it’s important to have different mentors who give you inspiration in different ways - after all, you shouldn’t be looking to be a carbon copy of someone else. In the early days I worked with your sister Amy Mills and she was a huge inspiration to me. She was (and is still!) so passionate about her work and that’s inspiring. Louisa Hatfield, who is the general manager of the entertainment portfolio at Pacific Magazines has also been a guiding force in my career. There have been heaps. I like mentors who don’t sugar coat advice.

If you could share five tips for folks who are fresh out of study and may be looking at a career in media, journalism or the digital realm, what would they be?

  • No excuses, work hard. Or someone else who is willing to work for it will take your dream job
  • Be nice! No one likes the girl who is willing to stamp all over others to get to the top
  • Stand your ground (it’s cool to be nice and also have an opinion)
  • Back yourself. If you know you’ve got what it takes, back yourself. And don’t be disheartened by a knock back. Everyone gets them!
  • Smell the roses! I was talking to Elle Halliwell recently and we were both saying we never really took the time in our careers (thus far) to say ‘Fuck, I nailed that!’ and celebrate the wins. Make sure you do.

As an editor, do you have any tips for brands who may be doing their PR in-house in those early stages of business – how do they cut-through to get their brand in-front of the right people?

Oh my goodness - know who you’re pitching too. I just received a pitch for something that was SO not WHO. Completely off brand. And this same PR agent has done it a billion times. I totally understand that everyone has a job to do, but it really is frustrating being flooded with emails about content that really would never, ever work on your brand. And make it personal, use a name. A couple of clever PR’s have even referenced my little boy from Instagram.

Any big NO NO’s for small businesses when it comes to PR?

Don’t spend all your money on influencers. Numbers don’t always (and often don’t) result in a conversion.

A few quick ones:

Fave podcast - This changes allll the time, depending on my mood. But on my recently played list is Slow Burn (a political podcast) and I also love Here’s The Thing by Alec Baldwin. I used to enjoy the Girl Boss podcast too.
Fave book – So hard to pick a favourite! I love A Thousand Splendid Suns but also loved from the corner of the oval office.
Fave show – I don’t get to watch much TV with bub to be honest but I loved Ozark and The Fall.
Fave movie – I love The Holiday!!! And Pulp Fiction.

Just for fun:
Fave GC/Brisbane restaurant – Balboa Italian
Fave GC/Brisbane coffee haunt – BSKT
Fave TVM stall (if any): My girlfriend Lisa (@lisa danielle_) recently had a pre-loved stall there that I’m sure was AMAZING.

Who magazine: Australia’s #1 site for the latest celebrity news and photos: @whomagazine
Keshnee Kemp: @keshnee

Thanks so much for your time Kesh!

X Riss


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How To :: Merchandise Your Stall, with Kari from Night Tiger

There’s a certain art to ensuring your stall looks inviting, well thought-out and importantly your products highlighted to maximise sales. We spoke with the master Kari, from Night Tiger and…

There's a certain art to ensuring your stall looks inviting, well thought-out and importantly your products highlighted to maximise sales. We spoke with the master Kari, from Night Tiger and got the low down on Visual Merchandising for your market stall.

I first learnt about visual merchandising when I was working for a designer label called 'RICH'  in Melbourne. It was a large store on Brunswick street Fitzroy consisting of Australian made but Italian sourced fabrics with Men's and Women's clothing shoes and accessories.

My manger had been professionally trained and every Monday we would re-merch the store for a fresh look. She taught me everything she knew and I realised I loved the process. I worked there for about two years and then for a few other labels in Melbourne.

When I moved back up to the Byron Shire I worked with my dear friend Rowie, from Rowie the Label. I worked for her for about four years at the headquarters managing stock and online customer service, retail in her shops and sometimes doing markets. I worked in a lot of different roles at the label, one of them being a favourite, Merchandising her stores.

I created Night Tiger because I had always loved making my own clothes and dressing up (I also have a background in dance where I made a lot of costumes). After a while people wanted me to make clothes for them because they liked the garments I was wearing so I realised that I could make a small business out of it.  I did a course in Fashion Design and Technology and it kept growing from there.

My 5 tips for merchandising your market stall would be:

  1. I never over clutter my stall. Variety and options are good but simplicity is key, especially clothing racks, not having too many items on each rack so the customer can easily touch and see each item.
  2. Have an inviting space. Possibly something the customer can walk into and a centrepiece of some sort, maybe a table or rack in the middle is good for me. Occasionally I will hang macramé or hanging pants to compliment the clothes but not always. A little bit of extra decor is always nice though as customers don't like feeling to exposed in a bare open selling environment.
  3. For each rack in my stall, the clothing is hung in a complimentary colour scheme. I also hang things in a way so that the longer items and shorter items aren't bunched together and it all has a flow and balance on the rack. These factors are aesthetically pleasing to the human eye and unconsciously it draws customers in as there is an ease for them to look at it all. My racks and the way the clothing is presented is the main focus of my stall.
  4. Having some sort of Mat or floor is really good because it separates you from the path outside and psychologically 'slows' people down in your stall to stay a while and relax and have look.
  5. The stall should just have an over-all simple shop feel. I try to keep all equipment that is not necessary out of the stall i.e. marquee covers, rack ropes, trolleys.....anything that's not nice to look at. And my extra clothing boxes of stock I put under a table or cover with nice discreet throws out of the way.

Thanks so much Kari for this incredibly insightful info! You can find Night Tiger at most TVM events, including the next one on Sunday 5 August 2018.

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How To :: Cover your Legal Bases When Starting Out, with Liam Young Legal

The next installment of our How To series is here with local Lawyer, Liam Young. When starting out, often the last thing on your mind is business administration. But take…

The next installment of our How To series is here with local Lawyer, Liam Young. When starting out, often the last thing on your mind is business administration. But take it from us... it pays to cross your T's and dot your I's before launching. In this post Liam provides invaluable advice, covering off all the must-do's prior to launching your business. Read on and enjoy!

So, you’ve decided to take the leap and start your own business. First up, congratulations because putting your idea into implementation is always the biggest step.

Now that you have started up, or are about to, there will be some legal aspects to running an business that you probably haven’t considered but will be incredibly important in the long run.

The list of legal considerations that may affect you are too endless to mention and will always be dependent on your own circumstances. There really is rarely a one size fits all approach to starting up. That said, there are some things that are common to all new businesses and I’ll touch on a few of these here.

  1. Incorporation

More than likely the first thing that should be done is to incorporate your company. This can be done relatively easily online or with the help of your accountant or solicitor.

It is generally considered that a company is the most useful structure to trade through when starting a business. That said, there are other options such as operating as a sole trader that may suit you depending on your circumstances.

At this stage in the process you should also be turning your mind to agreements between the parties that are running the business. If it’s just you running the business then this won’t apply (unless you have some financial backing from third parties). However, if there are 2 or more of you involved then you need to turn your minds to getting an agreement done that sets out how things are to work in the event everyone wants to go their separate ways.

It may seem too early but the last thing you want is to get a few years down the track and one of your partners needs to exit the business and there’s no real plan for how that will happen. Nothing will cost you more than a messy exit from the business by a partner who feels hard done by.

2. Intellectual Property

As a creative business intellectual property is your key asset. You need to make sure you protect this asset to the fullest extent possible from the outset.

There are many different categories of intellectual property but you are most likely to be seeking to protect either a patent, a trademark or copyright.

How you’ll protect each of these categories is different so it is important that you either research it thoroughly or, preferably, get some advice. There’s some great advice available on

3. ABN and Tax

This is more the sphere of your accountant but you’ll need to register for an ABN so that you can commence trading.

You’ll also need to get yourself set up to start remitting tax and other payments, such as:

  1. GST
  2. PAYG
  3. Superannuation

4. Policies

You will need a few essential policies that set out how you’ll interact with your customers everyday. These are:

  1. Terms and conditions – this will govern areas such as returns and refunds, consumer guarantees, delivers and disclaimers. These need to be clear to your customers, for example, a button accepting the terms and conditions when purchasing via your website.
  2. Terms of use – This sets out how people can use your website when they visit and should include protections for your intellectual property.
  3. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – This is an information security standard for handling card payments that is designed to increase controls around cardholder data and reduce credit card fraud. You may outsource payments to a third party, such as Paypal, who will be responsible for this.
  4. Privacy Policy – This governs how you handle your customers’ data that you collect from website or profile visits. Privacy is an increasingly important concern for customers so you need to ensure you handle their data in a way that makes people comfortable about visiting your site. If you sell to European based customers then there will be additional protections you will need to put in place following some significant reforms known as GDPR.

5. Contracts

There will be a host of contracts that you will start entering into. Make sure you read them and understand your obligations under them.

For example, some supply contracts may require director guarantees that make you personally liable if you fail to make payment.

You will also probably need some standard contracts for aspects of your business, such as for suppliers or contractors working for your business.

6. Legal Health Check

Make sure you develop a good working relationship with your solicitor so that you can run issues by them as the need arises.

At some point you should get your solicitor to run their eyes over your business and let you know what is working well and where there are areas of improvement. This should then be done on a  regular basis.


Liam Young 1300 189 697

Liam Young Legal 

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How to Nail Your Stall Presentation :: With Drift Trading Co.

There’s market stalls and then there’s aesthetically pleasing market stalls – the kind that present your brand and products in the best possible light. Let’s be honest – if it…

There’s market stalls and then there’s aesthetically pleasing market stalls – the kind that present your brand and products in the best possible light. Let’s be honest - if it looks that good on the outside, chances are the products inside are just as dreamy and your customers are more likely to want to connect with your brand.

A standout in the stall presentation stakes at TVM is Drift Trading Co, the lovechild of Lou Martin and her handy husband Paul (a qualified carpenter/joiner). We spoke to Lou to get the inside tips on how to nail your stall presentation.

Your stall is known as being ridiculously good-looking, how important is a well-presented market stall?

Ha, ha that’s very kind!  We do put a lot of effort into our stall.  I guess we kind of see our stall as our little shop front – it’s the face of ‘Drift Trading Co.’  We work super hard to produce a quality, handmade product and we want to display it in the best light possible – it needs to reflect our brand.

One of our motto’s from the start has been to continuously improve our stall fit-out – at the end of every market we reassess and ask ourselves how could it work better practically or look better – it’s evolved quite a bit from the early days.

We both actually really love doing The Village Markets twice a month – I guess when you’re working fairly autonomously all week it’s nice to get out and meet your customers – I also think our customers enjoy seeing the face behind the brand.  We’ve gained a really lovely repeat customer base and it’s a really great feeling seeing a familiar face walk back into our stall – nothing beats praise for something that you’ve made with your own two hands.

How did you design your stall layout?

Our stall layout has evolved over time as our product range has grown.  We’ve always had a stall that allows our customers to walk in and around, rather than just walk past (i.e. past a table front) - it creates more of a shop feel and makes it easier for customers to browse without feeling hassled or pressured to purchase.  We use a lot of recycled timber as it’s our thing and it’s where Paul’s talent lies – it also works beautifully with our product story and branding.

Paul had the idea for our current fit-out for quite a while before he actually built it, however the vehicle we had at the time was too small to transport the solid wall structure he had in mind.

The actual construction of our ‘mini shop’ took a weekend for Paul to complete – this is bearing in mind his background in building.

How long does it take you both to setup on market day? Do you have any cheeky tricks to make life easier/less stressful when setting up - given it's a limited time frame?

Hmmm, we are usually the last to finish setting up and the last to finish packing up but we do have quite an elaborate set up!  We go pretty flat out for an hour and a half before our stall setup is complete.

In terms of set up tricks, trolleys are definitely our friend when it comes to transporting product and display items to our site.  We each have our roles during setup time so that we don’t get in each other’s way and we maximise the time to our best use - you kind of get into a bit of a rhythm after a year or two!  We also have a checklist that we run through when packing for the market so that we don’t miss anything.

Drift Trading Co’s Top Five Tips for Market Stall Presentation:

  1. Think about how you would want your products displayed in a shop – what would the shop look like? What kind of feel or image do you want to portray?
  2. Make sure your products are displayed at eye height and easy to access.  People like to pick products up and touch, feel, smell – that’s the difference between online shopping versus brick and mortar shops – it’s the experience.
  3. Add some greenery or dried flowers – make it feel welcoming and enticing.
  4. Make sure your prices are displayed and are easy to read – some people don’t like to ask how much things cost and will end up walking out if pricing is not displayed.
  5. Keep evolving – make sure you change things up every now and then – even if it’s just simple changes that keep it fresh and interesting.

 Thanks so much Lou (and Paul!) for sharing this with our TVM community! Find Drift Trading Co. at TVM this Sunday 1st July 2018 and at every other TVM.

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How to :: Build a Business, a Brand and a Tribe

When we started TVM in 2008, we never imagined that the seemingly small idea of starting a market, dreamed up on the back of our redundancies, would become a full…

When we started TVM in 2008, we never imagined that the seemingly small idea of starting a market, dreamed up on the back of our redundancies, would become a full blown business. Now with a tribe of 100K+ and having welcomed over 2,000 stall holders to our community, we couldn't be prouder of our achievements.

Almost 10 years on with a few awards under our belt, we'd love to share our knowledge with you, with our new eBook - How to Launch Your Startup.

Our Journey

We launched The Village Markets on MySpace, fired up our website and got busy! The first market was just nine stalls... yep nine (we now have 100+). Using our marketing backgrounds we canvassed potential stall holders, drafted up a business plan, secured a venue and kicked off in October 2008. It took a few years of working full-time and juggling the markets before we made the jump to working on TVM full-time. When we did, it was the best thing we ever did! Our business grew and we added a second monthly event.

Since then, we've built an amazing community of 2,000+ stall holders and a tribe of 110K+ followers across Facebook and Instagram. This wasn't by chance... passion and experience combined with hardwork have been the foundation of our business.

We've encountered challenges and with determination, always worked our way through them.

Our ethos is 'When our community succeeds, we succeed' and we've been lucky enough to help launch internationally acclaimed brands including Peony Swimwear, Kivari, Violet Gray and Molly & Polly, plus hosted thousands more.

Late last year we we're nominated as finalists for Cosmopolitan Magazine's Women of the Year in the Entrepreneurs of the Year category and most recently awarded the International Women's Day Patrons Ambassador Award.

How to Launch Your Startup is the guide we wish we had when starting out and it's been created to help make your journey into business easier, filled with 10 years of practical business knowledge.

Our Achievements

2018: Recipients of the International Womens Day Patrons Ambassador Award
2017: Gold Coast Young Entrepreneurs of the Year finalists
2017: Griffith University Outstanding Alumnus of the Year
August 2017: Cosmo's Women of the Year Finalists - Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists
July 2016: Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards - Tourism, Hospitality and Events Category
March 2015: Gold Coast's Best Market - Gold Coast Bulletin Best of Poll
October 2014: Gold Coast Young Entrepreneurs of the Year finalists
July 2014: Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards - Retail, Wholesale & Distribution Category
May 2013:  Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards - Retail, Wholesale & Distribution Category

About the Authors

Marissa and Sarah both hold Business Degrees, majoring in marketing, along with extensive practical events, marketing and PR knowledge from years of working across various industries. We've been in business for 10 years and have the credentials to prove our business strategies work.

What's in the book?

It guides you through building a business with:

  • A simple and easy to follow starter checklist on launching
  • Insights from us and successful stall holders on running and succeeding in business
  • A marketing strategy guide
  • Lessons from our journey and;
  • A highlight, the Startup Toolkit - a total list of tools essential for any new business, as tried and tested by us.


Page 4 - Foreword By Amy Mills
Page 5 - Founders, How We Achieved Success
Page 7 - Background To The Village Markets
Page 9  - Business Insights From The Last Nine Years
Page 10 - Business Insights From TVM Stall Holders
Page 12 - New Business Start Up Checklist
Page 14 - Your Marketing Strategy
Page 16 - Our Top Marketing Tools
Page 17 - Learn From Our Journey - What We Wish We New
Page 18 - Featured Contributors
Page 19 - Startup Toolkit
Page 20 - Connect With Us

Frequently Asked Questions


This eBook is for anyone in business, or thinking about starting a business. It’s useful, been-there, done-that advice, that’s inspiring, insightful and the kind of thing we wish was around when we started out. It’s a combination of business acumen, experience and knowledge all rolled into one.


You’ll receive an email or two confirming your order, with a link to download your eBook. You’ll have 5 goes and 60 days to download your eBook.


After downloading the eBook you’ll have a handy PDF document, that you can easily read on any PDF compatible device.


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Our new eBook, How to Launch Your Startup, is Here!

Last week at the first TVM Talks event, we excitedly announced our first eBook, How to Launch Your Startup, is now available. This eBook has been a long-time in the making…

Last week at the first TVM Talks event, we excitedly announced our first eBook, How to Launch Your Startup, is now available.

This eBook has been a long-time in the making and it's vision has always been to create a handy guide for new businesses or those thinking of starting a business, that is jam-packed full of advice and insights.. the things we wish we'd known when starting out.

There's a one-page business checklist to help cover off all the nitty gritty of business admin, plus a resource toolkit that is designed to help streamline your business.

How to Launch your Startup includes insights from TVM Founders, Marissa Bowden and Sarah Schoeller, plus advice from our stall holders (the founders of Grace Bijoux, Sweet Child of Mine and Kivari).

It's succinct and easy to read... and we hope you love it!


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How to :: Be Prepared for Market Day

Holding your first market stall can be daunting… there’s so much to plan and do, plus mind meeting your customers and getting your sales hat on. We want you to…

Holding your first market stall can be daunting... there's so much to plan and do, plus mind meeting your customers and getting your sales hat on.

We want you to be as prepared as possible for your first market day at The Village Markets and have listed our top tips below.

Eftpos and Mobile Payments

TVM has a ATM on site at each event, but accepting mobile payments is a great way to increase sales. Handy options include Square and PayPal Here. Be sure to bring a float for cash sales too!


Superb packaging speaks tonnes... have you considered your swing tags, boxes and bags? And how do the align with your business?

Stall Presentation and Signage

At TVM, we're big on presentation. Each stall must be presented just like a boutique and we encourage stall holders to go above and beyond on market day by running our Standout Stall Comp.

Customer Service

Get your game face on! It's time to meet the most important people in your business... your customers! Come face-to-face with your customers at TVM and wow them with your superb service skills. Your know-how behind the business is what's going to impress them most. Don't forget TVM is all about the Good Vibes... so keep it positive!

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How to… Create the Perfect Market Stall

Ready to commercialise your craft? The Village Markets co-founders will show you how! Few people can say that losing their jobs was the best thing that ever happened to them….

Ready to commercialise your craft? The Village Markets co-founders will show you how!

Few people can say that losing their jobs was the best thing that ever happened to them. Yet such was the case for Queensland Gold Coast marketing executives Marissa Bowden and Sarah Schoeller.

The colleagues were working in a busy marketing department for a large listed company when they suddenly found themselves unemployed at the start of the financial crisis seven years ago.

“However, we both now say it’s the best thing that ever happened because we potentially wouldn’t have had that push to go ‘Okay, that door is closed, what’s next?'” Marissa remembers.

What would come next is the hugely successful The Village Markets on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

The pair share their expert tips on how to create create the perfect stall…


Make your stall shine. Turning up with a plain marquee, a table and a couple of racks probably won’t do that for you! Be creative, think of an interesting concept or layout that will make your products stand out from the crowd.


If you’re enjoying your day, this will come across to your customers, who are more likely to feel welcome if you have a smile on your face. We want people to leave feeling happy and satisfied about their morning, and hopefully wanting to come back time and again!


Have EFTPOS, which is made easier with a number of phone apps and tools now available. It’s known that stalls with EFTPOS facilities can turn over more than those without due to convenience.


Make sure you have a great online presence through all social media channels as great photos and content go a long way. We advise stallholders to utilise any additional opportunities that may present themselves.


Get to know your customers, sign them up to a mailing list so you can keep in touch and let them know of any sales, new stock and exciting new collections.

Read their full story in Issue 13 of The Collective. 

Republished from The Collective. Written by Amy Mills.

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How to… Create a Successful Market Application

For your best chance at creating a successful TVM market application, we’ve developed a short guide on how to present a top notch application. Before you apply Read our FAQs and check…

For your best chance at creating a successful TVM market application, we've developed a short guide on how to present a top notch application.

Before you apply

Read our FAQs and check out out event photos to ensure your products fit TVM prior to applying.

What does TVM look for?

Creative and uniquely designed products (in particular, fashion) by emerging designers. Original designs, concepts and the consideration of appropriateness and viability of the product with The Village Markets are also key.


Provide us with us much written detail about your products and your stall design as possible. Where possible include a photo of your stall layout - stall presentation is a key element of TVM and we run Standout Stall Competition after each market.


The Village Markets favours high quality, professional images that may be used for our marketing and promotion. Think well-styled shots that are professional and of high quality. Some examples below.




Social Media

Be sure to include your Facebook and Instagram account links so we can review your accounts as part of your application.

The Village Markets ethos has always been to represent the best fashion, art and design talent and acceptance to The Village Markets is via a competitive process.


If you're ready to apply, click here for the TVM application form.

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