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Foolproof indoor gardening with Lauren Lance, from The Borrowed Nursery

So we’ve been stuck at home for close to seven weeks now and never has there been a better time to become a become a crazy plant person. Not many…

So we’ve been stuck at home for close to seven weeks now and never has there been a better time to become a become a crazy plant person.

Not many may know, that Lauren Lance started her first venture Signs of Wear many years ago at TVM, which evolved to The Borrowed Nursery - the Gold Coast's much-loved plant haven and rad venue (which is available for hire).

Lauren is also the brains behind The Bontanica Box and The Hangar AirBnB at Bilinga Beach and unintentionally created an influencer hangout when she painted the doors of her beloved nursery peach many years ago.

The doors have recently had a violet makeover and we chat to Lauren as she dishes the dirt on how to create a foolproof indoor iso victory garden at home.

What are your recommendations for the easiest houseplants?

Zanzibar gem is the most hardy of them all! They genuinely thrive on neglect, only needing watering once a month- yep that's once a month and tolerant to low levels of light too!

There's talk lately about houseplants acting as air purifiers. Any truth to this? And if so what should we get?

They have definitely been proven to this - true story, NASA have done experiments to prove it. Ones to look out for in particular are the snake plant - fancy name is the there's heaps of varieties of these but the ones we have in the shop include the dwarf variety perfect for the bedside or as an office plant. We also love the bigger varieties for floor plants in the living areas, these include Laurentii, Trifasciata and the pastel varieties of moonshine and silversword are my personal favourites.

The Fiddle leaf has had its day, tell us, what’s big in plant trends at the moment?

I do love the umbrella tree and the happy plant varieties. We often get them in established sizes which given a great impact to a space and they are very low maintenance which is a bonus.

And tell us, how do you revive a sad fiddle leaf? 😉

Main tips are to ensure the leaves are kept clean free of dust- just a wipe with a damp cloth with do. Keep them in a position with a bright but diffuse light and water just when the leaves get droopy, that's when they're thirsty.

What the most underrated indoor plant?

I love the Monstera Deliciosa! It has a lush tropical foliage and is easy to take care of and fast growing too.

The Borrowed Nursery is open 7 days a week 10-3. Follow @theborrowednursery on IG.
They're also working hard on an online sore with click and collect and delivery options. In the mean time they'll continue to offer delivery for those larger items or for those purchases that might be a little bigger that you intended to be .

Thanks Lauren!

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Local Love: Pepe Italia Deli

We’re celebrating small business and kicking off a new series of features starring businesses who are shaking things up and evolving whilst we’re in isolation. First up is Pepe Italia…

We're celebrating small business and kicking off a new series of features starring businesses who are shaking things up and evolving whilst we're in isolation.

First up is Pepe Italia Deli, one of our favourite family restaurants located in Palm Beach (our kids love their bunny pizzas) and they also have a restaurant in Burleigh Heads. During this time Alexa and Andrea have had to change their business quickly, adapting to new government guidelines, which included offering takeaway only.

We chat to Alexa about the evolution of Pepe Italia Deli. Enjoy!

Tell us the back story of Pepe Italia Deli? How did it come about?

We are a young couple who have both always loved working in the hospitality industry. With our first restaurant we had a lot of demand to buy our fresh pasta and sauces so that’s when we decided to open Pepe Italia Deli. We want people to feel like they are in Italy when they walk into our shop. We want to provide fresh and authentic food.

What’s changed for you in the last 3 weeks?

A lot. We have had to change to just takeaway food only. We have also had to become creative with ideas to keep people entertained at home as many people are getting bored. We have also had to make more products available in our deli as now the demand is even higher for a wide range of products.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed your at home pizza packs and can’t wait for our Easter pack. What else is in the pipeline for Pepe’s?

Grazie! We are creating more hands on activities to do at home during this time. I can’t give away to much but everyone will have to stay tuned on our social media platforms for updates!

What’s your favourite Italian dish? And drink?

Our favourite drink is the classic Aperol Spritz! Yummmmm! Our favourite dish is the traditional Carbonara made with eggs and no cream!

Lastly, how can people order your take home packs?

They can jump onto our shop online at and order through there.

Follow Pepe Italia Deli here @pepeitaliadeli

Order your takeaway packs here

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Locals We Love :: Amy Mills

Community is at the heart of everything we do at TVM. This year, we celebrated 11 years of The Village Markets and also our home, the Gold Coast’s, 60th Birthday!…

Community is at the heart of everything we do at TVM. This year, we celebrated 11 years of The Village Markets and also our home, the Gold Coast's, 60th Birthday!

Here, our intern Gemma Lyndon chats to one of our favourite locals and long-time supporter of TVM, Amy Mills.

Amy is the Travel Editor of WHO magazine and the mother of two handsome little men, Sunny (8) and Ziggy (5). Now based in the thriving hub of Miami, Amy chats about the evolution of the Gold Coast and why it's the perfect destination for work and play.

Amy, Ziggy and Sunny at The Village Markets

What does the Gold Coast mean to you?

It’s where my home and heart are! I grew up at Currumbin Beach and then lived in London and Sydney for close to a decade. I came back to raise my two sons, Sunny and Ziggy, here and haven’t looked back since. The GC has really evolved into a vibrant city while retaining that famous, laidback coastal charm. 

Tell us about your job as Travel Editor for WHO magazine and how do you make it work whilst living on the Gold Coast?

I am the Travel Editor of a national magazine and digital brand WHO, part of the Pacific Magazines stable based in Sydney, but I am lucky enough to work from the Gold Coast.

I have a permanent desk at the GC’s best co-working space called Hotel Miami, co-founded by three absolutely wonderful human beings. It is such an inspiring place to work and a lot of my co-workers have really interesting and creative businesses, which is really reflective of the Gold Coast’s cultural shift.

 How has the Gold Coast helped shape who you are?

My childhood on the Gold Coast was really slow and carefree. I loved that we finished school and went to the beach and could smell the salt air and hear the ocean from our balcony. It was such a beautiful childhood and taught me to appreciate the little moments and the beauty of mother nature.

We didn’t grow up with the frenetic pace and stresses of the city so I think most Gold Coasters are fairly grounded, particularly us Southern Gold Coasters.

 How do you see the Gold Coast as a platform for business owners? 

You only have to look at what Marissa and Sarah and The Village Markets have done for so many small businesses! They have been a launchpad for some global brands like Kivari, Peony and Cleopatra’s Bling and that is so exciting. There is so much creative talent here on the Gold Coast and once, those people would eventually head to the larger cities to seek opportunities whereas now, there is so much opportunity here not just in fashion and design but every industry.

 How have you seen the Gold Coast evolve?

In so many ways! There’s been a real metamorphosis not only culturally - thanks to the girls at The Village Markets and also HOTA and Miami Marketta - but in the retail, design, hospitality spaces, also! The Gold Coast is finally being taken seriously as a business destination and that’s exciting. 

The food scene here has also exploded. I remember when restaurants would offer only ‘modern Australian’ and now we have some quality eateries and bars that would rival anything in Sydney or Melbourne.

I also do some content creation for a local architectural concrete brand called Concrete Nation and their handmade bespoke pieces are being coveted by clients and leading architects and interior designers all over the world.

It is an inspiring time to live and work on the Gold Coast!

Favourite thing to do on the Gold Coast?

Shop at The Village Markets, drink the Gold Coast’s best brew at Hide n Seek Espresso, spend a lazy day at one of the many beautiful beaches, take my boys to the farmer’s markets on a Saturday morning to fill up our baskets with fresh, local produce, chase waterfalls at Currumbin Valley, hang out with the kids and my family in my sister’s beachside street or my parent’s house, swim at Echo Beach, watch the sunrise from Burleigh Headland, enjoy a long lunch at Rick Shores or Hellenika, grab a margarita at Rosellas, banter with my workmates at Hotel Miami -  so many!!

 What do you expect for the Gold Coast in the next 60 years?

A lot of change but hopefully as it grows, we can retain that laidback way of life

Thanks so much for sharing Amy! Much Love x

Follow Amy on Instagram here
Read Who magazine here

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Six must-visit destinations to add to your bucket list

The best part? You can fly to them from the Gold Coast. It’s easy to get caught up living the good life here on the Gold Coast, and hey, we…

The best part? You can fly to them from the Gold Coast.

It’s easy to get caught up living the good life here on the Gold Coast, and hey, we understand if you occasionally find yourself wondering why you’d ever want to leave. But sometimes that sense of wanderlust comes creeping up on you, and you find yourself craving a jaunt abroad.

Well my friends, we’re happy to break the news to you — the Gold Coast now has the world at its fingertips.

You may not have noticed, but our little coastal paradise is growing up! In fact, you might be surprised to find out just how many epic international destinations you can fly to from our golden shores. To give you a taste of what’s on offer, we’ve put together a list of our top destination picks for your next overseas adventure.

Time to start packing your suitcases.

New Zealand

If you’re looking for a dose of mother nature like no other, look no further than our next-door neighbours. The natural beauty of New Zealand is unparalleled, and only outweighed by the incredible, welcoming people who call it home. It’s a truly diverse landscape, featuring some of the world’s best ski slopes, ancient volcanoes and lush rainforests; not to mention the unique communities scattered across its two islands. Make the trek to Roy’s Peak for some of the most spectacular views New Zealand has to offer, or head to Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula for an experience in the sand like no other. For the movie buffs among us, take a Hobbiton Movie Set Tour and explore some of the filming locations from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. New Zealand has something new waiting around every corner, and at a flight time of only four-hours from the GC, it’s the perfect destination for your next international road trip!


You may have noticed Japan’s growing reputation as a must-visit destination for Aussies everywhere, and there’s a good reason for it. This timeless destination is an explosion of art, culture, architecture and technology. It’s a land where past, present and future converge — from its bustling cities to its ancient natural landscapes. Experience the majesty of Mount Fuji, and immerse yourself in the electric lifestyle of Tokyo. Brighten up your stay with a visit to the Kawaii Monster Cafe, or take a day trip out to the Hakone Open Air Art Museum for an unbelievably tranquil (and extremely Instagrammable) excursion. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or exhilaration, Japan can satisfy — making it a bucket-list destination like no other, and one you’re unlikely to soon forget.


Singapore has a lot more to offer than its world-famous airport. This island city-state is a hub of art and culture, not to mention the dream destination for foodies and fashionistas everywhere. Head to the lively Little India district and experience some of Singapore’s most colourful creations; edible and otherwise; or drink in the city views (alongside a cocktail or two) from the infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands. Singapore is renowned for its sustainable development, and is hailed as one of the greenest cities on Earth. Transport is a piece of cake too; the city is home to one of the world’s most efficient public transport systems. Eat, shop, explore, sleep, repeat — what more could you want?


When you think of Phuket, your mind probably jumps to its picturesque natural landscape; sweeping white sand meeting crystal clear turquoise water as far as the eye can see. And you know what? You’re absolutely correct. But there’s so much more to this diverse destination than that. Phuket is home to incredible cuisine, a shopping experience like no other, and is in close proximity to some of Thailand’s most significant cultural havens. For the adrenaline junkies among us, you’ll find white water rafting, kayaking, and quad biking too. Adventure by day and cocktails by night? Count us in.

Kuala Lumpur

If Kuala Lumpur isn’t already on your bucket list, it’s time to write it down. This charismatic city fuses its diverse cultural heritage into a melting pot of awesome, and it’s just begging to be explored. Enjoy exceptional street-eats, some of the world’s best nightlife, and the most absurdly oversized shopping malls you’ve ever laid eyes upon. Kuala Lumpur is a visually stunning city — for the best vantage point, we suggest heading to the Mandarin Oriental Infinity Pool, where you can enjoy the view with a beverage in hand. Be sure to check out the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers, and get an authentic taste of Malaysia with a cooking class from the Lazat Cooking School. Kuala Lumpur is a place that has to be seen to be believed, making it the perfect bucket-list destination.


Often overlooked by tourists for other marquee Asian destinations, we’re here to tell you that Seoul is no second-tier city. This hidden gem takes some of the best components of its neighbouring states; the colour and charisma of Buenos Aires, and culture and cuisine of Japan; and merges then into a travel experience like no other. Enjoy a delectable sweetened Soju, and devour a Korean Cheeseburger (barbequed meat wrapped in lettuce and oh, so yummy). Give your skin the vacation it deserves with a muddy excursion to Daecheon Beach and, if you hold a foreign passport, take a detour to the infamous DMZ (demilitarised zone), where you can dip your toe into North Korea — a truly unforgettable experience!

We know what you’re thinking — when did these destinations become accessible from Gold Coast Airport? Well my friends, this is just the tip of the iceberg; you can now head to over 40 bucket-list destinations across Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia and the USA from our sunny shores.

And you know what? When you’ve finished stamping all the pages of your passport, you’ve got an incredible bucket-list destination to explore right here on the coast.


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Rad Dads Takeover :: Fathers Day at TVM

With Fathers Day fast approaching on Sunday 1 September, we wanted to give you plenty of time to prep for the big occasion to ensure that a) your main man…

With Fathers Day fast approaching on Sunday 1 September, we wanted to give you plenty of time to prep for the big occasion to ensure that a) your main man is well dressed with all of his fave local brands from TVM and b) you know the best way to spoil him with a Sunday well spent at TVM on the big day.

Introducing two of our favourite local ‘rad dads’ Nick Atkins and Darran Franks, founders of our local co-working space Hotel Miami amongst many other titles, best mates and most importantly dads to two pretty cute little people.

They’ll be taking over TVM’s Instagram this Sunday 18 August to give you a taste of a Fathers Day well spent at TVM, through a [rad] dads eyes – trust us, this will be FUN!

We sat down with the guys (not true, this was all done via email) so that you can get to know the men behind the lens this Sunday 18 August at Burleigh Heads at TVM. Be sure you're following along @thevillagemarkets

For those who don’t know you both, who are you and what do you do?

I’m Nicka, I’m a Pisces, photographer and I once travelled to Colombia with Shakira on a private jet. I also part own Hotel Miami our Agency and co-working space.

I'm Darran. I'm a creative Director working across a few businesses and projects including Hotel Miami our Agency and co-working space.

Who are your offspring?

Nick: I have 1 x offspring and his name is ABE. His nickname is Abey baby, he’s only 10 months old and doesn’t speak yet so I’m not sure if he’s cool or not.

Darran: I have 1 x offspring and her name is Ester. Her friends call her Essy. And, you definitely want to be her friend.

What kind of dad are you?

Nick: So far so good. I get upset when he cries all the time though.

Darran: I try my best to engage with Essy through art, being in nature, taking time to explain what I can and letting her make choices. I also occasionally use the ipad for bribery.

When you’re not being rad dads, where do you like to hang of a weekend?

Nick: Darran and I spend most of our time together and so ultimately our kids hang all the time too. I tell Essy all the time that her and Abe are cousins but she has figured out that I’m lying.

I spend a lot of time at The Burleigh Co Op along with being at Hotel Miami and sitting on the beach in Burleigh.

Darran: I try to make surfing a priority, but this is often stifled by places like Cambus Wallace, Rosellas, and The Scottish Prince. Most daytime action consists of hanging around Burleigh and hitting Tallebudgera creek on the high tide.

What do you love about coming to TVM with your fam?

Nick: TVM is part of the fabric of the community here in Burleigh Heads and an absolute necessity for the area. I believe its one of the reasons our little part of the Gold Coast has become the eclectic, creative hub that it is.

Without people like Marissa And Sarah having the foresight to create things like this for the GC we would still be the sleepy retirement town of yesteryear. You guys have given so many opportunities to the GC community to expand their ideas/brands and feel worthy as creatives in this region. The Gold Coast is a better place for your courage and persistence in keeping a fucking great thing going for these 10 years.

I LOVE TVM because you guys have made an environment that I love being in. Daz and I both support the continued growth of this city in the cultural realm and have only the utmost respect for people who love this place and see the future potential like we do. 

Darran: It's a great place to run into friends. I enjoy grabbing a coffee and watching the music - it's great to just sprawl out on a blanket and stop for a while. I've also got huge respect for the stallholders. These are the people who stopped talking and started doing something about their idea and I like to try and support people like that. I think it's inspiring, and I love exposing Essy to our creative community.

What should the kids get you this Sunday at TVM, if they needed a hint?

Nick: I need a new Hawaiian shirt.

Darran: I'm into outrageous socks so a little four pack from Funky Sock Co would be sweet! I'm also a sucker for a little Lobster Shanty number.

Number one pick for eats this Sunday at TVM - are you a hotdog and coffee kinda dad, or a bowl and kombucha kinda dad?

Nick: Little Wahaca is my go-to favourite.

Darran: All of those sound delicious and I'll take them in that order please.

You can read more content from these witty and intelligent fella’s over at the brand new Hotel Miami blog ‘Fake News’, check it out:

Nick Atkins and Darran Franks, Hotel Miami.


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Locals we Love :: Anvil + Essence

We love nothing more than welcoming new homegrown businesses into our community. Allow us to introduce Ben and Nicole Braithwaite and their business, Anvil + Essence. Anvil + Essence was…

We love nothing more than welcoming new homegrown businesses into our community. Allow us to introduce Ben and Nicole Braithwaite and their business, Anvil + Essence.

Anvil + Essence was created In Burleigh Heads, Australia by husband and wife team Ben and Nicole Braithwaite. A shared passion by two different backgrounds, merged to bring a unique, modern perspective on traditional health and well-being.

Nicole and Ben

A compassionate Naturopathy student with a creative flair, Nicole began regularly crafting tea blends for her then fiancé Ben to support his mental clarity, stamina and recovery while working labor intensive shift work as a commercial Refrigeration Mechanic.

The beginning of an idea formed during that time as the benefits became a way of life. What started as studied relief, naturally formed into an exciting opportunity to bring the same level of care and support to others.

A new concept was formed to celebrate the ongoing study, skill and experience in the creation of innovative health, well-being and lifestyle products.

The duo say their passion comes to life by ensuring they provide an exceptional level of service, craftmanship and quality organic, cruelty free and sustainable products, with their clients highest well-being and satisfaction in mind.

They believe in satisfaction, sustainability and a great tasting cup of tea. Which is why they have created their hand blended teas that are designed for both taste and wellbeing. They only use 100% organic botanical ingredients throughout their product range. That means a well-rounded, vibrant taste with no nasty chemicals, additives or pesticides.

Every single ingredient and blended tea has been thoughtfully crafted to enhance and assist in the body’s healthy function. Chosen from a variety of ethically sourced Australian based suppliers, then carefully packaged within their sleek, modern violet MIRON glass containers.                

Growing health, wellbeing and sustainability awareness, means people are more interested in enjoying organic products that provide a better taste with more benefits.

"When Nicole and I started Anvil + Essence, we always maintained that we would use the highest quality in every aspect of our journey to provide a modern-day solution to traditional, organic tea. Each product is delicately hand blended under our strict level of quality control, ensuring each product is beautiful in taste and appearance," says Ben.

"We love making tea and we plan on making them for a long time to come, which means we are here to provide long term sustainable solutions with a great quality product."

Congratulations to Ben and Nicole, who have launched their organic tea and wellness space online today. Head on over to take advantage of their generous launch discount!

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Sundays at TVM :: Good vibes with Soda Photography

We recently teamed up with local photographer and Hotel Miami co-working buddy, Liz from Soda Photography, to capture a typical Sunday morning at TVM. With the impeccable styling expertise of…

We recently teamed up with local photographer and Hotel Miami co-working buddy, Liz from Soda Photography, to capture a typical Sunday morning at TVM.

With the impeccable styling expertise of our friend Nat Owens of The Stylist Co, who used labels from TVM to style our gorgeous models Aria and Larissa. It was one damn fun morning!

You'll find us at Burleigh Heads this Sunday 2nd June from 8:30am - 1pm. Grab your bike and your besties and head on down.

#thevillagemarkets @thevillagemarkets

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