COLOMBIA – An Exhibition by Ale Ramirez

Apr 27, 2015 | Art

TVM stallholder Ale Ramirez of MAVERIKSTUDIO is getting ready to launch an exhibition on Friday May 8th from 7pm until 10pm at White Box Gallery in Southport titled 'COLOMBIA'. Read on to find out more....

How do you feel about your home? Your culture? Your identity? Ale Ramirez is a Colombian who has called Australia home (away from home) for the last eight years.

“I look and sound different, (foreign, dark skinned, accent, mannerisms) and people often ask me “Where are you from?” “What are your thoughts about Australia?” The more I am asked, the more I realise the misconceptions the world has about Colombia, it’s culture and community.”

Cocaine. Pablo Escobar. Guerrillas. War. Poverty. Crime. No!

This has given birth to the COLOMBIA Exhibition. You are invited to celebrate another side of Colombian culture. Explore the history, tribes and landscape of the place that is so close to her heart.

Spirituality. Design. Art. Landscape. Culture. Community. Love. Passion.




Like most developing nations, Colombia has a dark past. Media perpetuates this painful reputation, putting a shadow over the truth. As a proud Colombian woman, Ale Ramirez seeks to design against the stereotype. She communicates the truth through art, design and business.

“The world needs to know that we are more than our troubled past. We are more than the media image. We are more than a backdrop to pop culture films. I invite you into my heart and to see my home through my eyes. Fall in love with an honest, beautiful and strong Colombia.”

MAVERIKSTUDIO is a multi-disciplinary creative studio. There are two sides to Maverik. Firstly, we specialise in tailored creative outputs; digital services, graphic design, branding, photography and product management.

Secondly, we import artisan products from Colombian tribes, working with the craftsman to support the financial wellbeing of their traditional way of life. Our services are varied – design, culture and community always work hand in hand in our eyes. We reconnect consumers with the makers. When is the last time you knew who made your handbag? Or dress? Our products close the gap between the craftsman and consumer.

Love comes before money. We like to think big but we want to do things that we love.



We support two Colombian tribes – the Wayuu and the Chami Puro. The Wayuu tribe, an indigenous Latin American community inhabit, La Guajira Peninsula, on the border of Colombia and Venezuela. The Wayuu people have a very strong matriarchal culture. The women have a final say when it comes to cultural, religious, political, family & medical matters. The Wayuu women are responsible for passing down the traditions and cultural beliefs. Maintaining the indigenous language, beliefs and traditions in a rapidly developing world is a massive achievement for the Wayuu people. MAVERIKSTUDIO donates 10% of profits the tribe.

Much like the history of Indigenous Australians, the Colombian tribes have been affected by instability through decades of politics, corruption and forced displacement. The tribes of my homeland use their talents and cultural strength to grow and push forward. The crafts they produce are a tangible celebration of culture, pride and strength.

The foundation of MAVERIKSTUDIO is one of service to the community. We make money to pay the rent, but we work to be productive for our cause. Of the 86 tribes in Colombia, we are supporting two. One day we will make it to 86. On our last trip to Colombia we were fortunate enough to be invited to stay with the tribe, meet with the artists, share their stories and become a part of their family.

The COLOMBIA exhibition will show you the other side of Colombia. It showcases many different cities and villages. See images of our first donation to the Wayuu tribe. Take home a piece of the exhibition with you, postcards depicting some of our favourite images are available.

You can also purchase MAVERIKSTUDIO products (at the special price of 15% off) and speak to Ale Ramirez about her passion for Colombia and its people.

We welcome you to make donations (large or small), which will be directly provided to the tribes of Colombia.

Find the Facebook page for this event, here.