Creating Inspiring Spaces :: with Kelle Howard

Jul 1, 2021 | How to, Lifestyle Feature

With the latest Covid lockdown forcing us back to the home office and working solo, we wanted to get the low-down on how to enhance our work space to maximise productivity and encourage creativity.

Introducing Kelle Howard, mother, Interior Designer and owner and designer of beautiful coastal home, Bajo El Sol Beachouse (@bajoelsol.beachhouse).

Kelle shares her insight into the creative process, her must-have pieces for a work space, her fave local homewares brands (and fave TVM stalls!) and as an avid TVM fan - her recommendations when styling a market stall.

Hi Kelle! Firstly let’s get to know more about you for those that may not have been following your work. You’ve worked with some incredible clients such as your recent collaboration with Render X and your latest work designing a dream home for Thessy from Sabo Skirt, as well as your own incredible home Bajo el Sol, tell us about your creative process and what inspires you when creating a space?

Firstly it really starts for me with attracting in my dream clients - I feel like my creative process often starts way before I am working with someone! I am a big believer in law of attraction and so I find that projects I imagine myself working on come to me very organically!

My ideal clients are those that have a good sense of style and know what they like, and they hire me to translate that into a physical space. I love working with clients like this because when we meet for the first time there is a clear direction of what they want the outcome to be.

I spend a lot of time getting to know how they like to live, entertain, work and FEEL in the space long before I start the process of putting concepts together or making selections.

What do you think are key elements to consider when designing or styling a workspace, home office or show room?

Again consider what you want the space to feel like. I will come up with three adjectives to describe the aesthetic and then refer back to them when making any decisions or choices. If you use these words to guide your choices it really helps you to stay on track and keep the design cohesive.

Lighting plays a massive part in making the space come alive, I love using LED lights in niches, under shelves and cabinetry to add some ambience.

Often even in smaller spaces, using larger furniture and fewer decor pieces can make to room seem bigger so by just displaying your favourite pieces can add a sense of space and calmness.

What are three key pieces or must-have’s in a creative space?

I am all about creating a sensory experience when I work.

Lighting candles, playing music and setting the tone for the day and the tasks really helps with creativity.

I do like to create huge vision boards for inspiration and it’s a great way to add some colour and impact to a creative space.

Coffee table books are also fun and colourful and are full of beautiful images to look at if you are facing a creative block and need some motivation!

Who are some of your fave local homewares brands?

I love Velas candles, Chi Chi ceramics for trinkets and skincare and my favourite homewares store is Marr-Kett in Byron. Their vintage Moroccan rugs are so dreamy!

Any favourite TVM stalls?

I live in Lokal Lane bike pants and t-shirts and who can resist Mr Consistent for stocking up on cocktail mixers or Ibu Balinese Street foods for their vegan plates!

When strolling TVM, do you have any suggestions for stallholders on how best to layout or style their stalls?

I love stalls that use layering and that take you on a journey when you visit their stalls so that you feel like you are in a private boutique.

As a stall holder think about what you would love your customers to feel in your stall - lighting candles, layering rugs, adding plants and greenery really brings in a sensory experience.

It always looks nice when the items are displayed at varying heights so get creative with what you can use to showcase your pieces.