Designer Profile: Alfie by Kobi

Nov 10, 2012 | Designer Profile, Designers, Young Designers

This week we chat to the clever designer of handmade kids clothing and accessories label Alfie by Kobi.

'Alfie' has long been a favourite at TVM, and we're pretty sure just about every child on the Coast has at least one of the labels cute bandana bibs in their wardrobe! Kobi is super creative, always has a smile on her face and her latest Summer collection is to die for.

Meet Kobi Brown...

What do you listen to while getting crafty?
A lot of the time to be honest its the Wiggles! After the 1000x I still don't mind it and it's actually kinda fun to sew along to! It never gets old with Harvi either so for now that's a good thing!

A day in the life of you consists of: 
Cuddles and avo toast with Harvi on the couch, a walk to Barefoot Barrista (cafe) for a coffee and baby chino if I'm lucky, house duties, Harvi has a nap and this is my big opportunity to sew as much as possible, when she's awake I like to get us out of the house so maybe go visit my Gran or a friend, come home and sort dinner and bath time etc, Jesse (husband) gets home and we try sit down at the dinner table together and hang out the three of us, Harvi goes to bed and I go to the sewing room!!!

Favourite TVM stall (besides yours of course):
Shikoba Delicates! I may be biased as Teena is a very close friend of mine (well sister-in-law really), however she makes such beautiful, quality and original pieces with recycled feathers, driftwood and skulls. Check her out!!

Favourite reads/blogs:
To be honest I'm not really up to date with blogs as I have up until recently had the slowest internet/computer in the world, but one blog I always read without a doubt is my friend Lori's 'EightTenTen'. She writes so beautifully and she truly inspires me every time I do.

What new pieces are you working on at the moment and what can we expect from Alfie in the future:

At the moment I am working on some girls mob caps, head scarves, new jumpsuits, boys sun hats and possibly something else for the boys just still playing around with the design!