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Aug 19, 2013 | Designer Profile, Designers

It's safe to say the coastal shores of Byron Bay have become quite the creative haven over the years, housing many amazingly talented young movers and shakers in the fashion and design industry. One such designer, is the lovely Sara Afonso with her label, Amilita.

Amilita has become a much loved stall at TVM over the past couple of years, consistently presenting a stunning collection of pieces from chunky knitted cardigans and cool biker boots, to kimono's, dresses, gorgeous lingerie and much much more.

Read on to find out more about Amilita...



Amilita at TVM

Tell us about how and when your label was created?

I started about 5 years ago, after completing a TAFE diploma in Fashion Design. I started making Lingerie, with the ethos of making comfortable and yet still sexy Lingerie. I was sewing things myself back then, and I decided to throw a couple styles of clothing I had made onto my rack at the Bondi Markets… the entire 8 pieces sold out in the first hour of trade! And from there, it just snowballed into what it is today.

What pieces are included within your latest range? 

The Spring Summer collection “Black Magic Woman” that dropped a couple weeks back consists of about 20 different styles. It ranges from Tencel denim flares to Lace evening dresses with the usual boho mix of dresses in between which has become the Amilita signature.





Amilita Spring Summer

What is your creative background?

Art and all things art have always been a huge part of my life. And at 23 I decided to make my hobby/passion my career and enrolled in TAFE to study fashion design.

Where is the label designed and made?

It’s designed wherever inspiration hits me! I live in Byron so this place is a constant source of inspiration for me… and I always have a notebook handy. When I am sitting down to pull the collection together my favorite thing to get the creative juices flowing is to hide away somewhere beachside and just draw for days. I used to produce in Bali so this was easy. But just last year we moved production to China, so a little Thailand stop off en route really helps me get in the flow.

What inspires you?

So many things! Travel, the ocean and nature, music and films, vintage furniture and art, the list could go on and on…

What's on your mood board?

About a month before I do each collection I put pictures up on my mood board…I’m between designing collections at the moment, so it’s currently empty! But my constant mood board is our tumblr… . Things get rather hectic running Amilita, but I just love when I have the time to tune out and get lost in tumblr world.

What’s your creative space like?

We have a beautiful space in the industrial estate in Byron (moving to an even better space in 1.5months!). It’s our office, warehouse and showroom. Sometimes though when designing I need to get out of there and escape to nature, to tune out of the daily biz and get creative.



Sara 'having a giggle' in the showroom.

What music do you listen to while designing/creating?

I’m a fan of all music from the late 60s early 70s that never changes. Then I always have a flavor of the month…at the moment it’s Haim.

A day in the life of you consists of?

I live up in the hills of Byron on a 90acre property, so the day starts on the deck with tea and admiring the view. I’m constantly late to the office as I struggle to tear myself away from this wake up ritual. But I generally make it to the office by 10am where I juggle and delegate all that needs to be done, and out the door at around 5 where I often do the lighthouse circuit or jump in the ocean in summer. Weekends are full of socializing and playing around in Byron town… listening to live music, garage saleing, swimming, walking… and wishing the weekends were longer.

Often there has to be some work squeezed into that mix.

Favourite TVM stall (besides yours of course)?

It’s hard as I love so many stalls at TVM! I’ve been in the markets game for quite sometime now and it’s by far my fav! But I would have to say  Takoda and Millie are real stand outs for me…oh and I got the most amazing crochet dress there once but I can’t remember the name of the talented soul who crafted it! It’s so amazing!!

Favorite reads/blogs?

Sadly I don’t have a great deal of time on my hands. Amilita keeps me well busy! That and I’m a little bit old school. When time allows I love snuggling up with a good book. I just finished Just Kids by Patti Smith and have started on one by the famous Indonesian author.

What can we expect from the next collection/what are your plans for 2013 and beyond?

I’m so excited about our high summer collection that’s dropping in October! I don’t actually think I’ve ever been so excited about a collection. Now that we are working out of China my design ideas are limitless…something I always struggled with in Bali due to fabric availabilities. But yes, high summer has an incredible fern/Hawaiian/retro style print and a bunch of yummy crochet in bright mustards and in natural off whites. As for the rest of 2013 and beyond… just keep on “living the dream”.


Sneak peak of the Amilita High Summer collection, dropping in October.

A couple of quick one's!....

Why TVM?
It’s the best!

What do you love most about attending TVM?
Being in the mix of such a great bunch of creative souls.

Find Amilita at TVM and you can follow the label on Facebook, here.