Designer Profile: Children of the Light

Jun 23, 2013 | Designer Profile, Young Designers

As most Mumma's would know, cool kids threads are hard to come by, especially those made with organic materials.

Today we meet the lady behind the label, Clarisse Odum from Children of the Light

Years in operation?
Two years

How did COTL begin?
Growing up in Byron Bay with a Yoga teacher/artist mum was pretty much the perfect platform for me to have an understanding of the benefits growing, eating, wearing organic. 

COTL is a result in the environment I was raised as a child.

I saw an opportunity in the market for on-trend organic cotton Baby clothing with designer prints. To give the little ones a chance to shine as they should be by breaking away from the spots/stripes and pink/blue mould. 

Children of the Light

What's your creative background?
Graphic Design. I've worked for many publications, gracing the floors of Oyster, Harper Collins, Yen and Monster Children. I soon yearned for the more hands-on design of fashion after getting some experience making yardage prints and fabric designs for a number of fashion labels. 

Where is COTL designed?
In an effort to make our carbon footprint as light as possible, Children of the Light is designed in our studios that run on 100% clean energy, powered by the sun in the hinterland of Byron Bay.

What inspires you?
The world around me. Doing my groceries at local Organic Farmers Markets, friends, family and travel nature.

The Lastest Children of the Light collection consists of?...
A bit of Mexican retro glamour contrasted with earthy nuetrals. I am going to introduce some bamboo fleece hoodies & Jodpurrs with embellishments.


Children of the Light

Favourite piece and why?
Only Hearts Harem pant. The pants grow with the child as they have a contrast cuff which folds down. This really works as the waist hardly grows in the first few years of life.

What's on your mood board? 
As I am renovating Children of the Light studios I am limited to tabs/pintrest/screenshots on my iphone for my current makeshift moodboarding for the next collection.


Children of the Light

What's your creative space like?
Mezzanine level to a warehouse. I am currently renovating and redesigning Children of the Light HQ. I have just painted all the wooden floors white and I am thinking antique map/carte draws, drafting desk, cutting tables and a seascape by David Newman. 100% Solar Powered overlooking the rolling hills of the byron bay hinterland.

What do you listen to whilst designing/making?
I am loving flume at the moment! 

Favourite blogs?
The Satorialist
Roost Blog
365 Awesome Designers

A day in the life of Clarisse usually consists of?
Well... I have a 1.5 year old girl so it all really happens in fragments. morning walks, looking after the horses, looking after the veggie patch, tea with the girls, emails, blogging and instagram.

Children of the Light

Favourite TVM stall (besides COTL of course!).
I really like all the second hand racks. I am a sucker for going through other peoples wardrobes!

Clarisee Odum