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Jul 2, 2013 | Designer Profile, Young Designers

It's unlikely you've missed the DINJUAN stall at TVM. That's because amongst the racks you'll find, Juanita - a beautiful soul who's constantly smiling, and that's exactly what's she's best known for at TVM (along with her amazing designs!). 

Today we chat to Juanita Machado, from label DINJUAN.

How long has Dinjuan been in operation?
DINJUAN established in 2010.

How did Dinjuan begin?
My fascination with fashion has been since childhood (see me below wearing my Mother’s high heels at the age of four). DINJUAN expresses my love for Fashion, Nature & Wanderlust!


What is your creative background?
After graduation in 2002 I worked for a variety of Fashion Houses in Sydney. My Fashion journal graffiti across the cover read quotes such as, “Work Hard & Stay Humble” and” Knowledge is Power.” Working for Fashion Houses, I developed my skill sets & knowledge of the Fashion Industry. While in my spare time I begun to design and make Beautiful One off, Limited Edition clothing under my own name Juanita Machado.

The Glebe Markets was my first taste of living the bohemian lifestyle. “Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, involving musical, artistic, or literary pursuits.”

A few years later, I received a job offer in Hong Kong as Fashion Designer, Buyer and Merchandiser for a High Street Fashion Company. Hong Kong opportunity created an amazing adventure to learn about the fashion industry, another culture and myself. Once back in Australia I taught in the creative Industry of Fashion at MSIT- Metropolitan South Institute of Tafe, Australia. Working with like-minded fashionistas, allowed me to guide these enthusiasts to make their own mark in the Fashion Industry. With a variety of skill sets from Fashion Design, Creative Director, Buyer, Visual Merchandise, Marketing, Sales , Fashion Stylist, Teacher/Fashion Trainer, Mentor, Fashion Blogger.

Where is Dinjuan designed and made?
Australia -Local Production, Africa & Indonesia.
DINJUAN is created for a multi-faceted woman. She is ultra feminine, multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan in “mix ‘n match”, techno-modern in “urban and bohemian-romantic!” DINJUAN Collection offers a variety of options in clothing and accessories to create personal style.


What inspires you?
DINJUAN an eclectic essence of chic weaved into every day. Cultural influences, vibrant colours, lush textiles & people inspire DINJUAN. Animal prints are evident throughout the DINJUAN collection, inspired by their motherland Africa, Nature & Wanderlust. Brother & sister duo. Dino & Juanita created DINJUAN bohemian luxe. DINJUAN Fashion Innovative, versatile and bohemian chic designs are affectionately named after favourite destinations & adventures!

The latest collection consists of...
DINJUAN Back to Basics Bohemian Chic, a fiery of colours. DINJUAN style infusing Hand-Made Fringing detail creates a playful way to express. Tran seasonal shapes, limited edition & fringing fun. Accessories outfits with Ethnic Woven Necklaces. DINJUAN Statement Necklaces for a cause. DINJUAN are versatile designs that can be worn from dusk to dawn. DINJUAN mantra is Love Fashion, Form & Function. DINJUAN Capsule Collection is an exclusive Limited Edition.


Favourite piece and why?
DINJUAN Back to Basics Collections inspired by their love of wanderlust. Our Favourite is working with DINJUAN motherland Africa. We would like to share the Tribes creative, traditional craftsmanship of Africa. DINJUAN works with factories, villages & people in disadvantaged countries. DINJUAN Fashion is produced Ethically, No Sweat, Fair Trade. DINJUAN Produced in Australia and Offshore countries such as Indonesia & South Africa. DINJUAN Made with Love.
DINJUAN imports beautiful Ethnic African Beaded Necklaces. These hand beaded necklaces are crafted by Zulu Tribal Women in the Kwazulu-Natal Province of South Africa. The purchase of this jewellery enables these women and their families to lead better lives by educating their children and in turn, assisting them in improving their living conditions. These Traditional Tribal Collars are a unique fashion statement and styled back with DINJUAN Back to Basics Bohemian Chic Collection.
* African Statement Necklaces By Pre-Order Only

What's on your mood board?
DINJUAN inspiration begins to weave their assortment of forest flowers. Scarlets are entwined with hues of sublime, aubergine, cherry blossom and electric blue, infusing an essence of sandalwood. As dusk settles to an evening sky a bohemian goddess rides bare back through a misty forest on her pearl white stallion. With the cool evening breeze upon her skin, her hair cascading, she wears DINJUAN & flowers in her hair as she gallops down the forest pathway.

DINJUAN Moodboard

What's your creative space like?
DINJUAN bohemian Studio is my converted garage. With creativity, music, friends, collective minds & positive energy always welcome. DINJUAN Studio converts into social gathering for chit chat & something beautifully special. Alternatively used as Photo Studio, with my muse Jade. 

Juanita Machado

What do you listening to whilst designing?
I love music! Soulful, Vocals, Beats, Happy Tunes, Indie, Rock, recently saw Van Hoorn live. A major fan! (can’t wait to see what’s next for them). At the moment listening to the following links..
Deep House Mix Vol. 3 2013 HD

Favourite blogs:
PS I Made This -  A DIY inspiration & ideas site

A day in the life of Juanita usually consists of...
Start the day with yoga session or a run. My day consists of me wearing a variety of hats, so to speak. From Fashion Design, Creative Director, Production, Marketing-Social Media, Fashion Blogger, Sales, Website, Photography, Illustrator. My family are my life, dinner in the evening brings us all together to enjoy & be grateful for all that we have. “Love what you do, & do what you love!”

Favourite TVM stalls:
Salté Resort / Kivari / Wild Heart Jewellery / Nat Kent / Love St / Dust / Jewellery by Kim / Qui Qui / 337design / Tenspeed & Brownshoes Vintage / Fly Peacock / The Hudson Tree / Crystal Creek Flowers / The Wandering Bean

Juanita Machado