Designer Profile – Gloria Dulcie

Apr 13, 2015 | Designer Profile

This Sunday at TVM you can checkout exciting new fashion label Gloria Dulcie, launched in January of this year and designed here in Australia by Alex Coleborn.

Gloria Dulcie is an independent, boutique label. Merging traditional crochet and knitting techniques with the romanticism of silk, the simple silhouettes lend focus to the textual elements of each collection. As a brand, Gloria Dulcie aims to conjure a mood of quirky elegance, designed to delight and disarm. 

TVM: Alex, tell us about how and when your label was created?

Alex: Gloria Dulcie is an independent, boutique label designed in Australia.

It had been a dream of mine to launch my own label after graduating my Diploma in Fashion and Textiles but it wasn’t until I finally “settled down” after travelling that I could truly focus on my passion. I worked for over a year designing, sourcing and sampling my collection before I felt it was ready for production. I launched G.D with debut collection “Whimsical Suburbia” in January this year.

Gloria Dulcie was born in celebration of the incredibly inspirational, feminine aesthetic of what can only be described as the “Modern Babe”. Creative, unabashed girls brimming with witty irreverence, honest beauty and free-spirited confidence. I shot the campaign with one of my favourite photographers, Mandy-Lyn, in East Vancouver with model Annapurna Marlen. We worked together flawlessly and I couldn’t have been happier with the images. Our vision was translated perfectly to epitomize the feeling behind the label. It really gave me the confidence to commit to a beautiful journey with Gloria Dulcie.

What pieces are included within your range?

Gloria Dulcie is a silk and knitwear/crochet label. We focus on finding high quality silks and working on innovative knitwear/crochet designs. “Whimsical Suburbia” features a variety of silk garments in “Ivory” and “Midnight” that soften the knit/crochet pieces. We have the “Billie” oversized, cropped singlet designed as a two-piece with the “Two Tulips” high-waisted mini skirt and the “Another Day Dream” dress in both mini and maxi styles. The focus is subtle detail with romantic undertones to compliment the slightly eccentric crochet/knitwear. These include cropped sweaters, the “Delilah” long sleeve dress, high-waisted maxi skirt and mini shorts for lounging around. The “Lowlands” mid-calf cardigan and a simple, off the shoulder singlet. I created a quirky “pom-pom” design that is used across all the crochet garments in a palette of dusty pink, mint, cream, black and a vibrant blue. Designed to delight and disarm.





What is your creative background?

Whether it was drawing, writing, crafting, designing or decorating, I have always felt the need to create and express myself. I studied a Diploma in Fashion and Textiles but it wasn’t until after traveling I could truly focus on my own label. I have always been trusted with creative direction in the boutiques and vintage stores I have worked in which gave me the extra confidence I needed to pursue my dream of fashion design.

Where is the label designed and made?

I am constantly designing and adapting my ideas so to name one place is almost impossible…I have a lovely creative space in my home on the Sunshine Coast and one in Bali where I feel most comfortable compiling my ideas and rendering the designs. All manufacturing is done in Bali.

What inspires you?

Girls doing it for themselves! Being such an observant person I find myself overwhelmed with inspiration. What stimulates my desire to create most is surrealism, photography, the perfection of nature, whimsical babes, textiles, colour, vintage fashion magazines, classic films, kitsch at it’s finest, surf rock, whiskey, Berlin, flowers and Hope Sandoval.

Latest collection consists of?

This collection features four versatile silk garments that work beautifully as both statement or layering pieces. The “Midnight” colour is a gorgeous sand-washed Habotai silk and the “Ivory” is a sand-washed silk crepe. Both catch and reflect light beautifully with the movement of the body. Subtle detailing includes dropped backs, princess panels, French seams and tiered, ruffle hemlines. I used a palette of dusty pink, mint, cream, black and a vibrant blue in 100% cotton to create the beautiful, hand-made crochet. The simple silhouettes of these pieces lend focus to the textual elements of the collection. All feature our signature “pom-pom” design. Refer to question 2 for a breakdown of particular garments in the range.



What's on your mood board?

Marbled palettes, sand-washed Habotai silk, historical theatres, Edie Sunday photography, Shae Detar photography, Rhi Blossom, knit samples, glitter, kitschy play-things, turtle necks, babes…

What’s your creative space like?

It triples as my office and stock room so it looks some what like a pop up shop. My desk is usually covered in samples, rough sketches and fabric swatches. Prints of my favourite shots from the campaign adorn the walls and there’s never a shortage of plants. The window looks out into the garden. It’s nice.

What music do you listen to while designing/creating?

Gypsy jazz, surf rock, atmospheric art rock, post punk, shoe gaze and psych-folk are my immediate genre choices to heighten my creative productivity.

A day in the life of you consists of?

It all depends really. I could glorify things and give you an example of my favourite or busiest days but to be realistic my typical day consists of...Early mornings drinking tea and listening to music. Working on the computer, networking, packing orders, planning photo shoots etc. I usually have family and friends popping in through-out the day. I’ll run errands, work in the garden, exercise or go to the beach (never all four). Then I’ll drink wine and make dinner with my sweetheart or watch a film and that’s the day done and dusted.

Favourite TVM stall (besides yours of course)?

I really love Mari Bray’s Handmade Ceramics. They are beautiful, but there are so many gorgeous stalls that I haven’t spent enough time in yet.

Favourite reads/blogs?

I’m not really blog obsessed. I prefer magazines. My favourites are Another, Black, Contributor, Bricks, Junk and Homework.

What are we likely to find you wearing on market day? Any favourite labels?

I always wear Gloria Dulcie at the market.

What can we expect from the next collection/what are your plans for 2015 and beyond?

I try to keep my collection pretty tight under wraps until it is ready to be debuted but you can trust in seeing gorgeous silks in an innovative palette, ribbed and cable knits with a signature Gloria Dulcie element. Think “quirky elegance”.

2015 will be spent growing with my label, being in love and hopefully some cheeky road trips!

Why TVM?

The Village Market is such a fantastic platform for emerging designers. I love being able to interact with my customers face to face. I am constantly learning more about my demographic and the direction in which I want to take Gloria Dulcie.

What do you love most about attending TVM

The good vibes! Meeting/being inspired by like minded individuals and the opportunity to collaborate. The support and smiles!

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