Designer Profile: Hattie

Nov 3, 2012 | Designer Profile, Designers, TVM Hearts, Young Designers

From tiny hats and floral fascinators, to cute and quirky decor and homewares, this week we get inside the mind of Hattie designer Rachael Mandregin.

Years in operation:

Two years as Hattie Petite Handmade Hats and just a few month as the re-branded label Hattie.

How did Hattie begin:

The re-launch of Hattie began when I wanted to be more than just hats. My millinery skill where still developing but and I had so many different ideas flying around my head I just had to set them free and get crafty!
So I diversified my label to all things vintage, bespoke, and reclaimed..then re-branded.

What is your creative background:

I've always been the crafty kind.
My father is super creative and super talented, he was always using his hands on all different mediums when I was growing up. Mum was a brilliant sewer making little frocks with lots of hand embroidery goodness for me rock out in.

So I suppose I was destined to become a keen maker of things. I actually didn't learn to sew until much later in my life when I studied fashion for two years it was there that I found my love….Sewing! And shortly after Hattie was born.

Where is Hattie designed and made:

In my humble Miami studio.

What inspires you:

The environment, up-cycling, music, sunshine, fashion, people, nature.

Latest collection consists of:

Lots of reclaimed products that are very planet conscious. Fashion impacts on the environment in so many negative ways. We have become so disposal, there is a lot of wasted items out there screaming to be reclaimed and reinvented which is why I strongly adapt these ideals and use reclaimed fabrics/products as much as I can. All my cushions are filled with a high grade fibre that is derived from plastic water bottles. My supplier which is an Australian company has so far has saved one million PET bottles from landfill.

Favourite piece from your latest collection and why:

Mister Moustache cushion…He is a little fun and a lot quirky.

What's on your mood board:

Lots of vintage hats, navy, red, white and grey hues, sailing ships, anchors, pin up girls, everything 50's, full skirts and suitcases. It makes me want to sail away to somewhere charming.

What’s your creative space like:

Cluttered with a lot of projects on the go at one time but I recently had a major clean out and things are a little more organised now.I have absolutely no will power when it comes to and op-shop bargain, I'm a bit of a hoarder with most treasures ending up in the studio.

What do you listen to while getting crafty:

I am a big fan of the Ipod on shuffle with Nick Cave tracks being a frequent friend. Lately I dug up some old favourites that took me on a very nostalgic trip whilst crafting like….Lamb - Best of Lamb, Sublime - 40 oz to Freedom, Brad - Interiors and Goldfrapp -Black Cherry.

Favourite reads/blogs:

Bleubirdvintage , Oh happy day , Hello Sandwich and 4th and Bleeker

A day in the life of Rachel consists of:

My life lately has such a great balance with every day full of variety I'm really feeling fulfilled and grateful. The start of my week is filled with my part time job at a little sewing alterations shop. I usually go to yoga in the evening after work so Hattie kind of takes a back seat on those day. One day a week I head to Brisbane for my Millinery studies which I'm am just loving its so creative. The end of me week is then dedicated to Hattie and Market peddling - creating, designing, and gathering inspiration. There is not much time for relaxing these days but I am just rolling with it while I am feeling so inspired and motivated.

Favourite TVM stall (besides Hattie of course):

Lovebird!!! Ange is such an inspiration her creations are so amazing, creative and labour intensive!….And she seems to do it all so effortlessly. She is a really talented designer and recently inspired me to learn how to crochet.

Best TVM finds so far:

Too many amazing vintage finds to mention!

What new pieces are you working on at the moment and what can we expect from Hattie in the future:

I've just started gathering inspiration for my next headwear collection for Spring carnival, so I will be working on that over the next few months. It's really fun because I am going to use all the techniques and skills I have been learning from 18 mnths of Millinery studies, its such a beautiful creative process.

Find Hattie at TVM or on Facebook.