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Feb 13, 2018 | Designer Profile

Meet Melissa Rose, founder of Little Bliss Skincare. This teacher-turned Organic Cosmetic Science graduate and beauty brand entrepreneur, has created a brand that is visually stunning and importantly, inspiring women to prioritise self care.

"A few years ago, I was casual teaching in London and got really caught up in the daily grind. I was getting pretty stressed and my skin started really reflecting that. It was super sensitive and reactive, but when I went searching for natural skincare products, the large majority of them seemed to have either questionable synthetic ingredients, known irritants or high levels of essential oils, even if they were advertised as ‘organic’ or ‘hypoallergenic’. It was then that I decided to study Organic Cosmetic Science to create my own skincare range."

TVM: What made you pursue your creative passion?

MR: Once I started studying, I was spending all my free time formulating. When I was at work, I couldn’t stop thinking about getting home to create new face masques. Time flies when I’m in research or creating mode and I realized that sharing self-care rituals to inspire women to prioritise themselves is what I really want to be doing all day every day.

When did you take the plunge and start your own business?

It’s been a long time in the making, but I officially launched the Little Bliss website In January, 2017.

What does your brand consist of?

Currently the Little Bliss range consists of the first vital step of any skincare regime,  exfoliation. The coco coffee scrub is an all over body scrub and the detoxifying charcoal masque is a very gentle exfoliation for the face. I’m working on finalising some exciting new formulations also.

Where is the label designed and made?

I formulate each product and make them myself in small batches by hand, here in Burleigh Heads.

What inspires you?

I’m constantly inspired in everyday life. But mostly by travel, nature, friends, family and people who have the courage to pursue their dreams and passions.

What were the biggest challenges when launching your brand?

Wearing so many hats, having to be everyone at once. It’s a very steep learning curve, but I love it!

What is the best thing about having your own business?

Getting to set my own daily schedule, which usually means a morning beach walk and swim with my husband. It beats working for a boss any day.

One piece of advice for someone hoping to start their own small business that you wish you’d been told?

You’ll be surprised the things you can achieve when you believe you can. Just believe, and start. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be progress. You will work out the rest as you go.

Find Melissa and Little Bliss Skincare at TVM, this Sunday 18 February 2018.

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