Designer Profile: LoveBird

Jun 5, 2012 | Designer Profile, Designers

Stroll through TVM and you'll be stopped in your tracks by LoveBird.

Step inside and you'll find walls lined with colourful crochet wall hangings, chunky handcrafted knit's and neon crochet neckpieces hang from the racks, and amazing decorative cushions are piled on old vintage suitcases. This stall could easily be mistaken for a page from Real Living Magazine.

Meet Angela Steedon, the creative force behind LoveBird....

Tell us about LoveBird and what we can expect to discover:

The idea for LoveBird has always been simple; to create statement hand made crochet pieces that are beautiful, well made, feel soft against your skin and evoke the feeling of taking you back to another time. LoveBird is a constant reflection of the relaxed lifestyle that I have living on the Gold Coast in Queensland. With the beautiful weather and the beach on our doorstep, it’s hard to not be influenced by the surroundings. LoveBird is a collection of hand crochet bikinis, tops, singlets dresses and accessories. We also have a collection of printed cotton tops, dresses and capes using limited edition prints that are bought on a small run so once sold they can never be bought again. The collection is designed to be worn over your favourite bikini for day or worn as a stand alone piece for a night out.

How and when did LoveBird begin:

I have always loved creating with my hands and using fabric and sewing has been a big part of my life however I could see a niche that needed to be filled and so crochet became ‘my thing’. Thanks must go out to my Nanna Peggy for teaching me the lost art of crochet. After having children and wanting to find original soft toys that had that ‘ just like Nanna used to make’ look and feel, I decided to create ‘Cutecritters’ in 2009 in memory of my Nanna Peggy. Cutecritters was full of hand crochet soft toys, baby blankets, mobiles, booties as well as a range of embellished singlets and printed cotton bloomers. After finding the Babies and Kids market saturated I decided to re-define my focus and in early 2011 LoveBird was created and debuted it's first collection at the May TVM.

What is your creative background:

I have an on-again-off-again love affair with photography and after finishing school I embarked on my journey of becoming a sports photographer. After a year of TAFE and the first year of a Bachelor of Photography done, I decided Photography wasn't going to be my profession and turned my attention onto learning how to sew......and never looked back. Photography is still a huge part of my life. I love taking photos and creating permanent memories.

I have also spent 12 years in the Fashion Industry working as a Designer.

Where is LoveBird designed and made:

I can say that 100% of LoveBird is designed and made in my home in Palm Beach Queensland.

I am truly proud to be able to produce a product that is so hands-on and is created in small runs and can be tailored to suit individual customers.

What inspires you:

My biggest inspiration comes from where I live. The lifestyle, the people, the environment. I ultimately want to make beautiful, inspired but practical garments. I am also influenced and inspired by other creative people. It's wonderful to catchup with likeminded people and talk ideas.

Latest collection consists of:

LoveBirds' latest collection is called Neon Nights. It's a small capsule collection of 6 garments with neon a running colour inspiration. The collection is a little more dressed-up. Each piece is designed to be dressed-up a little with neckpieces, statement tops, full length fringed skirts, oversized jumper/dress, and a statement made to order 'it' dress.

What's on your mood board:

Neon!! Currently in love with Neon. Lots of Crochet inspiration. 70's vintage crochet patterns. Homewares. Macrame

What’s your creative space like:

As LoveBird is made in my home, my workspace shifts from place to place within the house. I do have a designated workspace with a desk and cupboards for materials and filing but my main work area is on the comfy couch.

Luckily crocheting is a craft that doesn't need much room or large equipment.

What do you listen to while getting crafty:

I'm quite boring....I do pop the ipod on shuffle sometimes but usually I have the TV going for some background noise.

A day in the life of you consists of:

At the moment my life is quite full-on. I have a 3yr old daughter, Kit, and a 20month old son, Sunny, so my day consists of getting these 2 ready for daycare before heading to my full-time job. I then do the pickup run before heading home to get dinner, baths and bed done (for the kids) finally sitting down and crocheting for LoveBird, searching the internet and blogs for inspiration, replying to emails or adding items to my website or Etsy store. Thankfully I have a wonderful supportive husband and a great family network that can step in and help out when needed.

Favourite TVM stall (besides yours of course):

Hattie!!!! I met Rach and have become great friends through doing The Village Markets. We both have a passion for crochet and you can often find us talking shop or doing impromptu crochet lessons at TVM.

Favourite reads/blogs:

TVM Blog of course!!!!! Also Unknown Pleasures Blog, Spell and The Gypsycollective, Macushla Burke Photography, Honestly WTF

What new pieces are you working on at the moment and what can we expect from LoveBird in the future:

I've started a line of crochet pieces for your home. LoveBird Home is full of Crochet and Linen cushions in ethnic prints and colours.  They are an easy way to update your decor with out breaking the bank.

I am also loving creating 1off Crochet Wall Hangings. They are more like art pieces and are made without a pattern, making them truly original.


You can find LoveBird at TVM on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month! Or visit and 'like' them on Facebook here.