Designer Profile: Sweet Child Of Mine

Sep 10, 2013 | Designer Profile, Designers

No wonder Gold Coast kids are the coolest getting around. TVM boasts some of the best kids labels on offer, all bias aside!

We can't go past Sweet Child Of Mine for some of the edgiest, unique, on-trend pieces available and at reasonable price points. The founder, designer, saleswoman and mother of two, Kendra, is as lovely as she is talented.

Meet Kendra, the (super)woman behind Sweet Child Of Mine.


Image: Kendra and her cute little family.

Tell us about how and when your label was created? 

I first started sampling in 2008 while on maternity leave.  After returning to work, my ideas were totally put on the back burner and it seemed like there were never enough hours in the day to devote to a new project.  On maternity leave for the second time in 2012 and after much prompting from family and friends Sweet Child of Mine got off the ground!

What pieces are included within your range? 

Sweet Child of Mine consists of clothing, bedding and accessories for children of all ages.  The size and age range is growing by demand!

Taya 1

Stevie 2

What is your creative background? 

I have a background in fashion retail, wholesale and buying.  This included a lot of product development and input into ranges aswell as the crucial part – listening to customers!

Where is the label designed and made? 

All of the styles are initially created here on the beautiful GC.  We have a core little team taking care of patterns and sampling and some styles are made here too.  The rest of our manufacturing is done in Indonesia and managed by a fantastic friend and his family there.

What inspires you? 

Oh gosh, everything and anything.  My kids, my husband and my friends inspire me daily to not only be a better person but totally stimulate my creative side.  My daughter is seriously the most artistic creature I have ever encountered.  What she can make out of a toilet roll, old party hat and ribbon has to be seen to be believed.  I love working on new styles and getting her feedback!

Taya 2

Stevie 1

Latest collection consists of? 

Sweet Child is definitely more of a summer brand so we have LOADS coming.  Beautiful floaty dresses, skirts and shorts are on their way in our own signature prints for the girls and some super cool printed tees and new slouch shorts for the boys.  All in gorgeous lightweight fabrics that kids are comfy in and we are becoming known for.  Our new sarong towels arrive soon and the interest we have had in these is craaazzzyyyyy.

What's on your mood board? 

Prints, prints and more prints!   Is 17 prints too many for the new range??  From the simple to the complex I am just loving what is out there…seashells, birds, palm trees, confetti, skulls, anchors and more.  And in total contrast I am also drawn toward some darker and gloomier urban images which tap into that part of me that wants to be living in some old bohemian warehouse in Greenwich Village.

What’s your creative space like? 

I am lucky enough to be sharing a studio with The Freedom State.  It’s very earthy with loads of their cowhide rugs and cushions,  and recycled timber workbenches and then I waltz in with my pretty florals and pom pom’s and totally throw the place into chaos.  We share a love of music, photography and style though and are both respectful of each other’s space so it is truly a dream environment.

What music do you listen to while designing/creating?

Ahhh, well the list is long and varies depending on my mood and the level of concentration needed.  In all honesty I’m pretty much still stuck in the 90’s.  Not bad pop 90’s more bogan grunge.  We often have total old school 60’s blaring on occasion too.

A day in the life of you consists of?

It mainly revolves around the kids!  I have only a couple of “kid free” days per week and they are spent on product development and catching up on emails and website work.  I NEVER seem to get up to date on my admin!  Online sales take priority as does placing new orders to ensure we are well stocked.  Combine that with running a household it leaves little time for anything else.  My days with the kids revolve around the beach at the moment.  The weather has been superb.  Oh and I steam mop EVERY day…so addicted!

Favourite TVM stall (besides yours of course)? 

Please don’t make me limit it to just one….Little’s Footwear for the epic kids shoes that compliment our range, Lokoa for the most original leather bags, wallets and clothing, Reeden and pretty much ALL of the food stalls!  Hanamuru, The Wandering Bean, and Cupcake Craft…oh my!

Favourite reads/blogs? 

The Design Files, Love and Late nights Mumma, Girlstalktoboys, and The Freedom State are the main ones but I have 100’s that I check in on!

What can we expect from the next collection/what are your plans for 2013 and beyond? 

The next collection will consist of more of our own prints and a diffusion line of timeless basics under the banner “SC by Sweet Child of Mine”.  All unisex easy wear pieces that look fantastic on their own or matched back with our prints.  It’s been a loooonnnngggg time coming and is a delicate process but another step toward building our brand and expanding our categories.  It was always the intention but somehow got lost along the way.  Now we are taking our time refining shapes and sourcing the best fabrics possible.  We have had so much interest both in Australia and overseas from stores wanting to stock our products so that is also on the cards!

Taya 3

Tay and Stevie 1

Why TVM? 

TVM is unsurpassed in its setup, quality of stallholders and the clientele.  Having now attended many “boutique” markets in other locations I can honestly say we have the best gig going round.

What do you love most about attending TVM? 

The community feel from both fellow stallholders and our customers.  I have made friends, built supportive relationships and had so much fun along the way.  It never feels like work although now that I’m self employed it’s as close as it comes.  Hoping for a Christmas Party this year!!

Find Sweet Child of Mine at TVM this Sunday 15th September.

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