Designer Profile: The Travelling Kimono

Dec 14, 2014 | Designer Profile

Meet Janelle Rawlins and Tara Willersdorf of super stylish TVM label, The Travelling Kimono.

Tell us about how and when your label was created?

We started our label about 18months ago. Each morning on our daily jog we would talk about starting our own label. The more we talked the more excited we became. So we decided to give it a go and here we are following our dream.

What pieces are included within your range?

Our focus is Kimonos but we also make bralettes and baby bloomers mostly with the off cuts so they don’t go to waste.

What is your creative background?

We are both very creative and feel that something is missing in our lives if we are not using some sort of outlet to express this.

Where is the label designed and made?

We design our Kimonos on the Sunshine Coast in QLD and then our family friend Hien and her sister hand make them in Vietnam.

What inspires you?

So many things inspire me. Life its self is inspirational. Everyday is a blessing so we should try and spend our days doing what we truly love.

Latest collection consists of?

Our latest collection is called Metallic Light and uses natural colours with a splash of Metallic. We have tried a few different things like Screen Printing and Embroidery.





What's on your mood board?


What’s your creative space like?

We like to be outside mostly on the beach, as we feel inspired.

What music do you listen to while designing/creating?

Anything chilled that puts me in a good headspace.

A day in the life of you consists of?

Ha ha well I have just had a baby so life is a little crazy but AMAZING. Tara and I talk everyday trying to grow our business and hope to be able to make it our fulltime work.

Favourite TVM stall (besides yours of course)?

Wow tough question. TVM are truly inspirational. There is so much talent there I really could not pick a favourite stall.

Favourite reads/blogs?

The Collective mag is amazing.

What are we likely to find you wearing on market day? Any favourite labels?

The Travelling Kimono of course as we live in them (literally) and then some one teaspoon denim shorts and a Singlet.

What can we expect from the next collection/what are your plans for 2013 and beyond?

We are in the process of designing our summer collection. Which will be a pastel range

Why TVM?

There are soooo many talented people with amazing stalls and the vibe is unreal. We love it!

What do you love most about attending TVM?


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