Ethical & Sustainable Swimwear :: IIXIIST

Nov 13, 2020 | I Heart TVM

A brand on a mission to provide sustainable and ethical clothing - is a brand for us!

IIXIIST have been aiming to make your summer that little more effortless, comfy and sustainable since 2013 and we're excited to welcome the brand to our TVM community this Sunday, 15 November. We spoke with founder Rebecca Klodinsky to learn more about the business, in the lead up to her first TVM this weekend.

Tell us about your creative background?

I grew up on the Gold Coast so have always been extremely inspired by the Aussie beach culture and panoramic blue backdrop of the coastline – my weekends have been spent seaside for as long as I can remember, which has definitely been an influence in my love for swimwear. Prior to starting my brand, IIXIIST, I worked part-time in retail after school and throughout university for years. Design and fashion have always been a passion of mine.

What do you do, when not working on your brand?

When I’m not working you’ll find me relaxing by the pool or at the beach with my baby boy and partner. I’ve learnt to become very good at switching off work-mode, so weekends are our time. Reading, playing, having a long lunch; just being present and enjoying each moment. I also do reformer Pilates every morning - regular exercise is so important to me; I think it’s essential for the mind and body to function properly.

Tell us about your products?

IIXIIST swim features high quality and well-structured swimwear that re-engineers the basic bikini. Effortless and just done better, our bikinis are uncomplicated, timeless and ooze summer. Designed to be mixed or matched, fit, function and fashion are at the forefront of everything we do. All our swim is made from 100% sustainable materials.

We’ve also just launched loungewear, which like our swim, is produced in responsible quantities with 100% sustainable materials. The Loungewear range is not just another Instagram brand; it’s built on quality and is responsible with an ethical standpoint plus manufactured locally right here in Australia….all of the important things.

What inspires you, creatively?

I am inspired by everyday moments, people, architecture, photography… I am an extremely visual person so my home is filled with books that showcase all types of mediums. I am also inspired by my customers. Each morning I spend time scrolling through the IIXIIST Instagram looking at all the incredible, pure and REAL women who wear our swim. How they style it, the backdrop they’re against; my customers are the pure passion behind my brand.

Do you implement any sustainable practices within your company, if so tell us about this?

At IIXIIST, our swim and loungewear is 100% sustainable made from recycled ocean waste, ethically sourced and produced in child-free environments. Over the past two years I've been quietly examining the way I produce. I've switched swim manufacturers four times now due to the treatment and lack of care to the workers heading up their production lines. Furthermore, I’ve been to China three times and also frequent Bali – historically close to eight times a year. It was a drawn-out task but the end result has been so worth it. We produce our garments in the cleanest, kindest and most sustainable conditions.

Thanks so much for sharing Rebecca! x