Foolproof indoor gardening with Lauren Lance, from The Borrowed Nursery

May 12, 2020 | Local Love, Locals we Love

So we’ve been stuck at home for close to seven weeks now and never has there been a better time to become a become a crazy plant person.

Not many may know, that Lauren Lance started her first venture Signs of Wear many years ago at TVM, which evolved to The Borrowed Nursery - the Gold Coast's much-loved plant haven and rad venue (which is available for hire).

Lauren is also the brains behind The Bontanica Box and The Hangar AirBnB at Bilinga Beach and unintentionally created an influencer hangout when she painted the doors of her beloved nursery peach many years ago.

The doors have recently had a violet makeover and we chat to Lauren as she dishes the dirt on how to create a foolproof indoor iso victory garden at home.

What are your recommendations for the easiest houseplants?

Zanzibar gem is the most hardy of them all! They genuinely thrive on neglect, only needing watering once a month- yep that's once a month and tolerant to low levels of light too!

There's talk lately about houseplants acting as air purifiers. Any truth to this? And if so what should we get?

They have definitely been proven to this - true story, NASA have done experiments to prove it. Ones to look out for in particular are the snake plant - fancy name is the there's heaps of varieties of these but the ones we have in the shop include the dwarf variety perfect for the bedside or as an office plant. We also love the bigger varieties for floor plants in the living areas, these include Laurentii, Trifasciata and the pastel varieties of moonshine and silversword are my personal favourites.

The Fiddle leaf has had its day, tell us, what’s big in plant trends at the moment?

I do love the umbrella tree and the happy plant varieties. We often get them in established sizes which given a great impact to a space and they are very low maintenance which is a bonus.

And tell us, how do you revive a sad fiddle leaf? 😉

Main tips are to ensure the leaves are kept clean free of dust- just a wipe with a damp cloth with do. Keep them in a position with a bright but diffuse light and water just when the leaves get droopy, that's when they're thirsty.

What the most underrated indoor plant?

I love the Monstera Deliciosa! It has a lush tropical foliage and is easy to take care of and fast growing too.

The Borrowed Nursery is open 7 days a week 10-3. Follow @theborrowednursery on IG.
They're also working hard on an online sore with click and collect and delivery options. In the mean time they'll continue to offer delivery for those larger items or for those purchases that might be a little bigger that you intended to be .

Thanks Lauren!