How To :: Sell Your Wares at the TVM Rack Sales

Nov 18, 2020 | How to, Rack Sale

A few weeks ago, we shared our tips on how to successfully shop TVM’s highly coveted Rack Sales.

This week, we’re sharing our tips and tricks for how to successfully SELL your wares at the TVM Rack Sale.

At each TVM event, a curated line-up of ladies and gents can be found peddling their pre-loved vintage and designer clothing and accessories alongside live local tunes.

With a freshly brewed coffee in hand and a gaggle of likeminded, fun people on either side of you, it’s a great way to spend your Sunday – and did we mention making some great cash in the process?

Byron Bay based Influencers and style queens Lisa Danielle and Emily Yates are regular sellers at our TVM Rack Sales, stating they are a ‘ritual cleanse’!

Here’s our tips on how to master the art of selling at the TVM Rack Sales.

First up, apply!

Head to TVM’s website and complete our Rack Sale Application Form.

We are looking for designer brands, so be sure to list labels you wish to sell within your application form. We also like to view images of an example of the products, so we can make sure it’s a good fit for TVM.

Our event is curated, so only quality designer pre-loved wares and vintage will be accepted.

Rack Sales are for individuals, not brands, so if you are a small business or a business wanting to clear stock, you’ll just need to apply for a market stall.

Once you have been approved, you will receive a welcome email with all of the information on how to pre-book your spot, guidelines and setup instructions for market day.

Numbers for each event are limited due to space, so it’s important to get in quickly if you wish to take part. Unfortunately you can’t just turn up on the day without having pre-booked.

Next, Cleanse Your Wardrobe!

Once you’ve been approved, it’s time to prepare for market day.

Go through your wardrobe and take out any pieces you no longer wear, or thought you may be saving for a rainy day.

Think of it as making way for new pieces you’ve been wanting in your life! 

You can also sell accessories and shoes at your rack, so gather these pieces too.

Check Your Items

Go through and check each item for stains, tears, missing buttons etc. If you’re so inclined you may like to mend the items for selling, or if not, just price them accordingly.

Price Your Items

Once you have checked each item, pop a price on it. This could be done using a sticker or tag, or you may like to bulk price all items depending on what you’re selling.

*Tip – people don’t like to have to ask how much items are, so it’s very helpful to make sure pricing is clear for shoppers or they may not purchase the item.

Rack Sale items prices usually range between $5 - $50, with some designer items going for more at $100-$200 depending on the brand and whether it has been used.

Personally, we’ve bought T-shirts for $5, Levi’s for $20 and Chloe wedges for $40 whilst even bagging a Zimmerman dress new-with-tag for $200!

Buy or Borrow a Rack

Check the instructions and guidelines within your welcome email for rack specifications. You can usually purchase a rack from Kmart or Target, however just be mindful many of the cheaper versions are not so durable in the wind and with heavy clothes piled on them.

Also keep in mind you will need to wheel your rack from your car, down to the Rack Sale area, which is potentially 100-200m. We have seen a few casualties in our time! So preparation is key.

A sturdy Rack makes for a happy market morning!

Make a Sign (optional!)

Personally, as a shopper, I like to see a list of summarised brands on the end of the Rack, so I can do a quick scan for the rack that appeals to me most.

So if you’re selling some amazing brands, print off an A4 page with a list of labels you will be selling and you can even list pricing there too, if it works for you.

Market Day Tips:

  • Plan your fave market outfit, showing off your own personal style.
  • Grab a bag that is suitable for change, you may need a float.
  • Make sure all clothing and accessories are priced and ready to hang. Many people like using a suitcase on wheels so it’s super easy to transport on market morning! Otherwise a big bag will do the trick. Plus you can pop your empty hangers back into the suitcase/bag whilst you’re selling.
  • A chair or picnic blanket is also wise, it can be a long morning.
  • Don’t forget your hangers!
  • You may even like to use PayPal or have your bank details ready for any bank transfers, this is a great option if you don’t want to deal with cash and is also contactless during these wild Covid-19 times.
  • A hat and warm jacket is also wise, as you never know what weather will be thrown at you.
  • The Rack Sales are best done with friends, so spread the word and tell them to apply too. Plus you’ll have someone to mind your rack whilst you grab a coffee or use the bathroom too. If not, you’ll most likely make friends with your new neighbour on market day anyway, so just smile and have fun!
  • Share any pics you take on market day with us on Instagram and tag @thevillagemarkets #thevillagemarkets #TVMRackSale