Insta Takeover :: Tess Guinery

Jul 4, 2020 | Lifestyle Feature, Locals we Love

Guess who's taking over our Instagram @thevillagemarkets tomorrow.

The wonderful Tess Guinery will be taking over our Instagram to share a TVM morning through her eyes as she sips coffee, strolls our boutique market stalls and rummages our Rack Sales.

We cannot wait to see this extraordinarily talented author (The Apricot Memoirs and The Moonflower Monolgues), artist, poet, dancer, mother and beautiful human in action. What will she fill her {giant TVM market} tote with, which local brands will catch her eye?

Read our chat with Tess below and we'll see you in the morning, friends.

Image by Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd

Can you share a small insight into your creative process? 

My process could best be described as improvisation mixed with a dash of "I have an hour, better use it', to regular dips and dives into dreamstate (inconveniently). I like to see the creative process not separate, but as a very real and electric part of my everyday life. 

What do you love about visiting The Village Markets? 

My visits always leave me soul-filled. TVM is like a feast for all the senses—the sounds, the colours, the delicious smells and all the stores that completely facilitate my need for the tactile—I always leave completely alive seeing all the makers and creators sharing their passion and love for what they do and create. 

What are you first drawn to, when you arrive and how do you attack your market morning? 

I'm all about the coffee and slow stroll. I usually tackle the markets sans my little love-bugs and treat it as a little solo excursion to fill my cup (literally and metaphorically). Also partial to 3-5 laps of the market, it's as though with every lap another hidden treasure is found. Mid-way my 3-5 laps I'll wander over to the music and have a little rest and a chat, it's always nice to run into someone and get chatting for way too long. 

Do you have any particular re-useable essentials you like to bring along with you (ah hem, like you know, an oversized tote for example)?

I am TVM kitted! haha, I have the TVM oversized bag (which I call my mary poppins bag) and you'll never not see me without my TVM drink bottle (truth). 

I know you’re an op-shop and vintage aficionado, is there a process you go through when scouring the Rack Sales - any particular colour palettes or fabrics you’re looking for when scouting? Teach us your ways! 

It's all about scan and scavenge, I'm drawn to patterns, textures and colour, It's these things that catch my eye first and the rest is like a dance—a slow dance that requires patience and imagination! You need to give items a chance (or a quick minute) to really notice their magic and beauty. It's like a treasure hunt.

Is there a favourite or particular prose that comes to mind, when you think about The Village Markets? 


Page 31 'The Apricot Memoirs' best describes TVM'S sentiments:

"If you can celebrate it—celebrate it".

About Tess

Tess Guinery is a dancer by upbringing, a designer by trade, and an Artist by calling. After graduating from the Karl Von Busse Institute of Design in Australia, she established her own freelance business. She soon established herself as a sought-after creator, but with design work bursting at the seams, Tess pressed pause and decided to take a sabbatical—to explore her inner artist, to express, and ultimately to create unbound which led her to the making of her tangible art piece— ‘The Apricot Memoirs’ and later its prose sister, ‘The Moonflower Monologues’. 

She currently lives by the sea in Palm Beach, Australia, with her stuntman husband and their three spirited daughters.