International Women’s Day 2021 :: Dinner with TVM

Mar 9, 2021 | I Heart TVM

Our biggest inspiration in business and in life has always been the incredible women that surround us, both close to us personally, as friends and mothers and also as women who are living out their passion in our community.

Last night, to celebrate International Women’s Day we gathered together women from our community for a night of good conversation, delicious food, laughter and of course, cocktails at Light Years in Burleigh Heads.

These women are intelligent, leaders, innovators, founders, kind, generous and fun souls, who are influential because they are inspiring and empowering women, each in their own way.

TVM cofounders Marissa and Sarah were the hosts, along with our events and community leader Tayla and guests included Sophie Bell founder of Peppa Hart Studio, Lauren Roe founder of I Love Linen, Photographer Kirra Smith, Ursula Watts founder of Bam Bam Bakehouse, Custard Canteen, Cubby Bakehouse and Neptune Kiosk, Daisy Braid aka DIY Daisy, Interior Designer Kelle Howard of Bajo El Sol, Becky Morton founder of Peony Swimwear, Anna Hamilton founder of Cedar + Stone and Nectar and Megan Pentland founder of Daughters of India

This year’s theme is Choose to Challenge and we asked each of our guests to share with us, what they are choosing to challenge in 2021, here is what they said:

Rach Valentine
The Craft Parlour

"I choose to challenge the part of every woman who walks through our doors who has abandoned and disconnected from their creativity, passion and joy. To create a safe space where women can unapologetically be and express their true nature. Where they are given the opportunity to liberate from all of the doing for others and land home, to their selves, even if for a few hours. For my fellow women (and I) to feel deeply empowered and connected, with creativity as the vehicle and their passion as the fuel.
I want conversations around taboo topics to be welcomed here, the messy, raw and intimate connection to feel normal within these walls."

Anna Hamilton, Cedar & Stone, Nectar

"I challenge myself and our brands to take direct action in a movement, instead of just being 'a part' of one. I make a promise to do more, be more than a thinly veiled not to a 'trending' movement. We are the movers and shakers, and it's time to start acting like it."

Kirra Smith
Kirra Smith Photography

'' I will empower every single woman I know, support them through the good & bad, and always be there to help in any way I can. I will be authentic in my own business and honest when sharing my highlights and struggles. We're all in this together."
- Kirra Smith, Kirra Smith Photography

Sophie Bell
Peppa Hart

"I choose to challenge the norm. Dare to be different. Dare to be brave. My motto for 2021."

Daisy Braid
DIY Daisy

"I choose to challenge by sharing, empowering and motivating makers and creatives who are just starting out in the industry. I want to celebrate their achievements and encourage them to do their own thing."

Kelle Howard
Kell Howard Co & Bajo El Sol House

"Being aware of the impact we all have on the younger generation of women. That we can be leaders, fearless, ambitious, and still soft. Feminine and kind. Showing that we don't have to change our core values to be seen in this world."

Becky Morton
Peony Swimwear

"By pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Doing new things, taking on new challenges and remembering to nurture 'me' as much as I nurture my business and my family."

Lauren Roe
I Love Linen

"To bring more joyful groups of women together, celebrate & enjoy the pure beauty of women together."

Megan Pentland
Daughters of India

"2021 has/is been a year of change for our family. Mumma is at work full-time & papa a stay at home dad. School lunches, school runs, sports drop offs."

Ursula Watts
Paddock Bakery, Cubby Bakehouse, Custard Canteen, Bam Bam Bakehouse, Neptune

" To the biggest couple of legends! F* Yeah - what a night! Let's do it again - challenge ya!"