Interview :: Sharona Harris of F+H Jewellery

Apr 22, 2021 | Interview, Lifestyle Feature, Women in Business

Meet Sharona Harris, the former Gold Coaster now based in Byron Bay who has been creating edgy jewellery pieces, under her brand F+H Jewellery, worn by celebrities worldwide (and a couple of TVM founders) since 2014.

It’s been almost four years since our last TVM Talks event, where the supremely talented and down-to-earth Sharona joined us on our panel of inspiring female founders.

We caught up with Sharona to find out more about how business is tracking seven years in - from hiring her first employee, to the celebs that are coveting her pieces and what she thinks is the key to longevity in her business.

When did you make the decision to hire your first staff and what were their roles?

I hired my first staff member approximately five years ago to help me with social media, its great having younger people on the team that have a different view point with social media trends.

What does a typical workweek look like for you?

Nothing like a typical week! But generally I split my time between marketing, accounting and designing. Now I try to spend my mornings with my team at the office and then work from home in the afternoons solo so that I can get more done.

You have been in business for sometime now, what do you think has been the key to your longevity?

I think it’s due to flexibility, as much as you might have a great idea in the beginning, you need to test each idea and adapt quickly to any results you find. Test and measure!

How do you remain inspired and passionate about your business, what do you do to ensure you don’t lose that spark?

I think that is something you need to just have on a personal level, I enjoy challenges, so it’s not something that I need to work on. For me the pleasure is in reaching goals.

We’ve been such big fans of your brand since inception and both Sarah and I have many of your pieces, as do most of our friends. I see the likes of style queens Pip Edwards and Sacha Strebe are big fans, who else is coveting your pieces consistently?

Margot Robbie is a huge fan, as is Lizzo and also Jordan Firstman. It’s great to see our pieces cross over to all genders and from pop to high fashion.

In such a competitive market, it can be daunting for emerging fashion and accessory brands to take the plunge. Do you have any advice for those who may be just starting out in the industry?

Be prepared for the long road ahead, it’s a long term game not a short run so don’t get disheartened by initial set backs. Learn from them and evolve and stick to your goals.

You have a store in Byron Bay, what made you decide to take your brand from online to bricks and mortar and how is that going for you?

Having a concept store is amazing, it has really elevated the brand. But it’s just a nice additional layer, the online store and our digital communication will always be priority as you can communicate with your audience and control your message so much easier.

What are your plans for F+H for 2021 and beyond?

Hopefully I will be launching bags this year and we would love to continue to work on collaborations with other exciting brands.

Lastly, who are some of your fave female owned small or local businesses?

I love Nagnata and Oresund Iris, both female owned brands that are really doing well in their own markets and very inspirational.