Krystal’s Five Fave Finds

Sep 17, 2011 | I Heart TVM

The Village Markets on September 18, 2011 had a relaxed vibe from the very start. As my first official TVM as an intern, I was excited to meet the stall holders and see the merchandise everyone was selling. The (extremely) hot spring day was welcomed as TVM shoppers browsed through bikinis, dresses, shorts and skirts as well as a range of accessories and homewares.

Everyone I spoke to was very friendly and informative about their products. It was difficult narrowing down my 5 Fave Finds, but here they are. Enjoy!

1. Sisterhood Sewing

Walk past Sisterhood Sewing and you cannot help but notice all of the eyes looking at you. These eyes belong to the wide range of adorable owls peering out from the stall. I have not picked out just one owl as my favourite (I am personally obsessed with owls so I would find this task extremely difficult!). Rather, I have chosen the entire stall as one of my 5 Fave Finds.

Using a range of various fabrics, including vintage wool from op shops and Ralph Lauren swatches, these hand-made cuties also help to raise money. With a $1,000 of revenue per year going towards a desired charity, the money raised this year will be going towards Teen Challenge. Ranging from $15 to $40, TVM customers can also enjoy paying wholesale prices when buying at the markets.













2. Lokoa

Cut-out detailing? Check. Fringing? Check. Available in a number of colours? Check. Made from beautiful, soft leather, the new Amazonia Vests from Lokoa tick all the boxes. With a modern western feel, this garment would look perfect teamed with a pair of denim shorts and a bikini top on a hot summer’s day! (Staple festival outfits anyone?)

Priced at $140 and available in Mad Mustard, Urban Rustic, Olive, Cinnamon, Beige and Peach, you will be sure to find one that suits you.



























3. Jewellery by Kim

The hand-made ceramic jewellery pieces at Jewellery by Kim are unique and beautiful! The new ‘Love and Late Nights Collection’ especially caught my eye and was created through a lot of love and a lot of late nights (when you speak to Kim you notice straight away how much she loves what she does!). With a mixture of hearts and crosses, some designs are imprinted with antique lace, whereas others showcase roses and beautiful sayings.

Said to be jewellery for your home, most pieces are one offs and would create a talking point in any room. The ‘Love and Late Nights Collection’ is priced at $60, with other pieces in the stall available at various prices. Kim is also about to branch out into little ceramic tiles with famous inspirational and fashion quotes written on them. Watch this space!












4. Qui Qui

Every time I passed this stall I could not help but look at the beautiful maxi dress on one of the mannequins. The rustic colour and rope detailing (two trends which were very prominent at TVM!), gives a desert meets nautical feel. Made from crushed satin, this lightweight fabric is perfect for a day out with the girls or on hot summer nights cruising along the Broadwater. Priced at $129, this hand-made maxi is a steal!

Qui Qui originally started out with all garments being hand-made. Now that it has grown, some garments are being manufactured in China which means some cheaper prices for TVM customers. What is even more exciting is that Dissh has taken up some of the made in China garments! Congratulations Qui Qui!



























5. Myrtle and Dove

Last but definitely not least, I could not go past the Retro Denim Dresses with vintage fabric pockets from Myrtle and Dove. The first thing I noticed about these dresses was the unique fabrics used to make the pockets. Period fabrics are used ranging from the 1940s to the 1970s! The same fabric is also used on the neckline to create continuity with the design.

I love how these dresses are a little bit unique and as they are hand-made, it makes them just that bit more special! If you are really after a vintage buy, then these dresses are perfect for you, priced at $89. There are many other cute designs at this stall, including skirts with pockets made from vintage tapestries! Oh so cute!