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Mayella ® Organics

Having a young family was the spark to start this journey, knowing we didn’t want any of the common household toxins, chemicals and additives in our homes. Our professional and our life journeys have revolved around health and wellbeing, so it was a natural progression to fuse our knowledge and love of organic botanicals to create a range of products that we could share with our family, friends, clients, and beyond into the global community.

Our name Mayella was inspired by Amanda’s daughter’s name, Sophie Mayella. Family is precious. It’s the most important thing in life and the core of our business. By bringing our family into our brand, we are creating products from our family to yours. 11 years on we are more passionate than ever about what we do.

We firmly believe in the gut skin axis and microbiome as the key to healthy skin and beautiful health. Our range is like a family in itself, all related in their function and how they overlap in purpose to support the inside and out "healthy is beautiful" we believe in. Which creates the basis of our brand, products that serve the inner and outer balance of our health and wellness = skincare, whole-food nutrition & herbal teas.