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Urban Sun Essential Oils

Urban Sun Essential Oils are family owned and run - Australian made - 100% Pure, Organic & Wild Harvested - Vegan Friendly.

With the desire to make using 100% Pure and Organic essential oils affordable to all, we spent most of 2020 (thank you Covid) designing and creating our Urban Sun range.

As a family we have been using 100% pure essential oils for over 30 years. Our dream was to develop a range that was affordable to all, but must be 100% pure and unadulterated. We were so excited when we realised not only had we achieved this, but also that our oils are Organic or Wild Harvested- so there's no need to worry about any nasties being added.

Our Roller blends are infused with crystal chips (chosen to complement each blend) and all have a clear quartz roller head - for amplifying the benefits of our essential oils. They can be used directly on the skin as they have been diluted with Organic Jojoba oil.

The perfect way to benefit daily from 100% pure Organic Essential Oils- carry on you wherever you go - and roll onto your wrists, behind the ears and neck.