Live Music Sunday 1 Nov ’20 :: The Lyrical

Oct 27, 2020 | I Heart TVM

You're in for a treat at TVM this Sunday as incredible artist The Lyrical will be joining us all day from 8:30am - 1pm with live tunes under the trees.

We had a chat to Karl from The Lyrical in the lead up to this Sunday's gig.

Hey Karl! We're looking forward to having you play at TVM for the first time this Sunday. For those who may not be familiar with your music, tell us what style of music we can expect?

Blues, roots, folk, hiphop.

What inspires you most?

The Lion King and Ben Harper

What else do you get up to, when not playing gigs?

When I'm not gigging you can find me streaming online on Twitch. Usually playing Tetris or some other video games... And sometimes playing songs that I'm still working on before they make it to the stage - I usually stream live on:

I actually do a lot with video games. Gaming has been a big part of my life for a long time and even influenced more of the music than people might realize. I'm very passionate about sharing the positive aspects of the world of gaming.

I work with a beautiful live stream gaming company called generOZity and we raise money for charities twice a year by bringing streamers from all over to play video games, perform, singing dance... Anything really that'll bring smiles and donations through the community.

I also speak to Kat Feeney on ABC radio Brisbane every two weeks about video games, and more specifically their relation to a younger audience.

And I do a podcast called Game Train Podcast, which has sent us far and wide (even to LA) in pursuit of reviewing games and following the news.

What’s been the biggest highlight for you, as a musician?

The biggest highlight for me is a musician is being able to live this life full-time and doing so for the last 10 years. But if it was to be a single event I would have to say having Leon Mobley (of Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals) featuring my latest album playing percussion. He was one of my favorite musicians growing up and I looked up to him so much... To have him appear on my album was a dream come true.

Favourite local Gold Coast haunts for food and drinks?

I don't really venture out as much as I would want, but I am a massive fan of Jac and Eileen's in Palm Beach for coffee (let to find a better one) and a feed before hitting the beach!

Where can people connect with you, to find our more about your upcoming gigs and events?


Insta: @thelyrical



And also, as I mentioned earlier, you can catch my streams on - If you follow me on there you can catch the notifications of what I'm getting up to at home etc and even play with (or against) me on games you might have, love on my stream haha. It's a lot of fun.