Live Music :: Sunday 3 October

Sep 27, 2021 | Live Music, Tunes at TVM

Celebrate 13 years of The Village Markets this Sunday and catch live tunes under the trees by two incredible artists!

8:30am - 10:30am Naomi Connell
11am - 1pm Samir Shah

Grab your besties and make a morning of it - shop boutique market stalls, stay for breakfast and lunch thanks to our street food vendors and rummage our pre-loved Rack Sales.

TVM Sunday 3 October, 8:30am - 1pm at Burleigh Heads State School

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Naomi Connell

Australian singer songwriter, Naomi Connell has a soulful and daring voice that has captivated audiences across the Australian East Coast. Her debut EP Draped in Wine presents her distinct style and ability to interweave genres with her enchanting melodicism and intimate wordsmith. Naomi evokes a genuine connection with listeners, creating a timeless and original sound, influenced by the soul bearing honesty and wit of artists like Laura Marling, Julia Jacklin and Aurora. In 2020, Naomi won the Toyota Country Music Championships and has since created unforgettable performances with fellow artists at festivals and shows across the South East Coast. Strangers, her upcoming single, is a bold and heartfelt realisation of how time can create distance between lovers. Naomi’s music will take you on a journey closer to your inner self, while drawing a deeper connection with those around you.

Upcoming Single Release:

’Strangers’ - Out on September 17th 2021

In tender new single ‘Strangers’ (out September 17), Naomi Connell showcases her devastatingly lovely voice and wondrous way with words, simultaneously tying herself to her audience whilst weaving a heartbreaking tale of growing apart in love. With the light touch of a delicate chiffon dress on bare skin, ‘Strangers’ opens with elegant finger-picked guitar as Connell’s exquisite vocals float and shimmer. In a gossamer of acoustic folk elegance, Connell travels into her song, demonstrating her intricate workmanship with bold yet intimate storytelling and enchanting melodies. With nothing to hide behind, Connell’s raw, powerful talent shines through, leaving everyone in her vicinity speechless and entirely under her spell. As with all of her releases, ‘Strangers’ is poignant and relatable as Connell delves into the feelings of uncertainty that arise following the realisation of time creating distance between lovers

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Samir Shah

Samir Shah is an American singer songwriter based in Australia.

Emotionally charged, Samir’s sound is a marriage of acoustic soft rock with surf rock,

singer songwriter and folksy elements.

With a key belief that music is a universal language that draws out emotions in people to empower change, Samir creates and performs music to connect with people, to help people and motivate them to create positive change.

Despite the often uplifting and positive messages and sound of Samir’s music, a very personal, devastating loss in his family left him lost, without an avenue for his emotions.

However, through his music, Samir found a way to channel his emotions, and begin a process of healing. Samir describes the loss he felt in the deeply poetic, heartfelt single, “Please” which is also featured on his EP, 1947.

Along with “Please”, 1947 showcases Samir’s musicianship, vocal range and songwriting prowess with many of the songs focusing on meaningful grounded philosophies, yet written and delivered in such a way that they connect with and captivate the listener.

Samir’s unique vocals and playing style draw on a wide range of musical influences capturing listeners from various genres. Samir remains passionate and focused on creating and returning this influence and change through his music, while providing an emotional release for his listeners.

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