Marissa’s Fave Finds

Mar 3, 2012 | Fave Finds

Well, despite it being a 'sweat fest' at yesterdays TVM, it was another amazing day on the shopping front and I also had fun snapping some seriously stylish shoppers (stay tuned for our Style Snaps!).

I was budget conscious yesterday, so I just picked up some cute little bits and pieces. Here's my stash, all for a grand total of $25!


- Cute little pom-pom thingy from Miss Spent, $5
- Little jug for my house from Reinvented Treasures, $10
- Necklace made by the Masaai women in Africa for $10, with 100% of profits going back to the community, thanks to Born out of LOVE & Wear Social.
- The amazing Melanie Tjoeng kindly gave me another one of her beautiful photo's as a gift at the end of the day. I am a massive fan of her work and already have one similar in my home. Thanks Mel xx
- Not included in this photo was a cute bonnet from Alfie by Kobi, $25 and an amazing bunch of flowers (another pressie) from the gorgeous Twahn at Small Stall.