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Marissa’s Fave Finds

I'm so excited to have finally purchased a yellow industrial chair from Miss Spent, after procrastinating for months now! It looks perfect sitting in my hallway!

Here's what else I scored on Sunday...

It was my 6 year wedding anniversary on Sunday (aw!), so I bought my husband a cute little card from Small Stall for $5 and while feeling all loved up I also couldn't resist this cute plaque from Hattie, $7. The bright beaded bracelet is from Wear Social, $5.
My beloved yellow chair from Miss Spent (complete with previously purchased pom pom's!), $80.
This Shikoba wall hanging is on my wish list for a later date, when budget permits! (it's $200, love!).
Some Jumble Stall lovin' saw me walk away with these cute Forever 21 shorts, $5 from Lulu's stall and this cool hat, $10 from Kim and Sharona's stall.

Such a great day all 'round! How did you fair?

x M



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