Congratulations on becoming a Stall Holder at The Village Markets. We're so excited for you to join our community.

This fact sheet will help to ensure you nail your first market day, and hopefully answer all of your questions.


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Hooray! You've been accepted. Once you have attended your first TVM, you don’t have to resubmit and application, as long as you attend within 30 days.

New applications are only required if you change your product line or wish to sell other items, not included in your original application or if you haven’t attended TVM for 30 days.


Following your acceptance into TVM, please ensure you login to the stallholder portal to make your booking and payment for each event. But WAIT - Bookings made by 5pm the Monday prior to the market attract Earlybird rates (perks!)

Booking early not only ensures your spot on market day, you will also be included in all promotion and advertising leading into the event. (Bonus marketing, yes please!)

Booking a stall confirms your acceptance to The Village Markets.


All stall holders are required to book a stall at each market. Please login to the stall holder portal and select your desired event from the calendar.  Find step by step instructions here.

Stall Position

Stalls are positioned at random each market, we do our best to ensure that similar categories are not placed next to each other or across from one another to ensure you have the most successful day possible.

You have the option to select your stall position as an add on when booking your stall. Select the 'Pick Your Position' option and let us know in the notes your preferred position and we will do what we can to get you in this position.

Corner stalls can be booked as well, these are our most popular option and are the first to sell out


Payment details

TVM accepts payment via Visa (and Visa Debit), Mastercard, PayPal and Cash (paid at event prior for upcoming event).

Please refer to the event listing for stall fees.


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Our team responds to all enquiries 10am - 2pm Monday to Friday.
Urgent enquiries are best sent via email as this is checked frequently - stalls@thevillagemarkets.co


Marissa Bowden & Sarah Schoeller are our TVM co-founders. These two are the powerhouses behind the one of Australia's most loved platforms for creative small business. You'll find them strolling the market on Sundays with their families, and behind the scenes during the week making magic happen.

Tayla is our Community and Events leader and your go-to gal on market day! We also have Jesse and El who are our event day assistants and can help with all your needs on the day.


We know your first market can be super daunting, so we've compiled a full list of resources and handy guides to ensure your first market day is smooth sailing and super successful.


How to :: Be Prepared for Market Day

A short guide on stall set up, presentation, and need to know's for the day.


How to :: Create the Perfect Market Stall

Everything you need to know to stand out from the crowd & make your stall shine.


Here's list of things that we find quite handy to keep in a box that you bring to each market, plus some extras:


  • Sanitiser
  • Scissors
  • Reusable zip ties
  • First Aid Kit - we do have one at the TVM info tent too.
  • Pen
  • BluTak
  • EFTPOS / Square Machine (don't forget to charge these the night before!)
  • Notepad

You'll also probably need these:


  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • A portable fan is great in summer!



TVM conducts heavy advertising and PR in the lead up to each event. To ensure you’re included in this activity please pay your stall fee by 5pm Monday prior.

We also engage in heavy social media activity so please jump on to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and become a fan of our pages. Encourage your family and friends to do the same. Using these sites allows us to connect with our target market and ensure they know all about TVM. Our pre-event hashtags are #thevillagemarkets

You can purchase Instagram posts which we can schedule for the week leading into the market to let our following of over 68k know they can shop your brand on Sunday. Exposure to our IG allows your brand to reach our organic following, and up to an incredible 1 Million impressions. Also available are Brand Features, where we conduct a short feature of you and your brand to tell your story through our channels, posted to our website prior to market day, this post will remain on our website with over 90k viewers per year.

TVM have also curated a bunch of digital assets for stallholders to use in the lead up to market day, so you can let your customers know where they can shop your brand in person. You'll find these on the stallholders portal, here.



Market day is exciting and busy, please consider the below items prior to the event to ensure that you’re well prepared for the day.

Your stall location and bump in time will be uploaded to the stallholders portal by 2pm on the Friday prior to the market. Please ensure you check this and arrive at your allocated bump in time to ensure the morning runs as smooth as possible. On arrival, our team will be there to greet you and talk you through the set up process.



TVM parking for stall holders in a designated area. To ensure sufficient parking for customers, please park in the correct area, bringing only one car per stall. As TVM is situated in residential areas it is crucial that noise is kept to a minimum at all times during set up.



Please see location specific site map, via the portal for the amenities location for your event.



TVM prefers cashless payment methods and no longer has an ATM on site.



All stall holders are required to have PLI. If you have your own market stall cover, please send your copy to management for a discount code prior to booking. No refunds apply for stalls booked not using the code.



All stalls must display a clear sign, inside or affixed to to their marquee. No signage is to be placed outside the stall or in the walkway.





At TVM, presentation is everything and as a stall holder there are some important guidelines that need to be met. Stalls must be presented as a boutique.

Please read these guidelines carefully to ensure your stall will look its best on market day.

The Village Markets is a boutique lifestyle market and we pride ourselves on presenting quality and unique items to our shoppers. Stalls must be presented as individual boutiques and we encourage you to use your imagination and creativity when designing your stall. You can check out our Pinterest board of market sale inspo here.

All stalls must ensure all items for sales are on racks, table or other shelving. Piles are not permitted on the ground. Refer to the Stall Presentation Fact Sheet for more information, All stall sites must be cleaned upon departure. You are required to supply all of your own equipment, including racks, marquees, shelves, tables, marquees and 4 x weights. See our Stall Presentation Guide here.



Power and water are not available at TVM.



Whilst we love our pets, they’re not the best company on market day. Please leave them at home.





The market rubbish bins provided by organisers are for your customers only, no stall holders are permitted to use them to discard of stall waste. Please ensure you bring rubbish bins/bags for your stall and take them with you at the end of market day.

Excitedly, TVM aims to be a zero waste event. This means all waste from the market, recyclable or biodegradable (preferably the later).

Bins at our event are hand sorted and for customer use only. Please ensure your waste is taken off site, unless its biodegradable and processed on site. If commercial rubbish is found in TVM bins, it will be returned to your stall and may offend.


The Village Markets has partnered with Climate Wave to reduce our impact on the environment and we need all vendors on board to achieve this.

You can found out more about our sustainability policy here.



TVM is proudly a plastic-free event. This means no single use plastic is to be used during the event, including plastic bags, cups, water bottles and things like zip ties.

Its important single use plastic does not make its way into the market. You can find out more about our Sustainability Policy here.



Standard stall spaces are 3m x 3m. Any marquees that exceed this size will need to be prior approval (including awnings) and will incur additional charges, which can be booked via the portal. All stall equipment must be within stall boundaries.

All stall holders are required to supply a marquee and all necessary display equipment for their stall.  TVM has limited equipment for hire.




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Food vendors will be permitted to sell any plastic utensils, straws, bottles, (including H20) or packaging at our event.

We will be implementing new waste management initiatives and require all food vendors to comply with the below rules – let’s look after our mother Earth collectively. Every little bit will make a difference! For more information, please head to our sustainability policy & fact sheet.



  • No sale of plastic water bottles/plastic drinks/straws. Cans and bottles only, or biodegradable cups.
  • No plastic straws.
  • No plastic cutlery.
  • Biodegradable serviettes are preferred.
  • No plastic or polystyrene packaging/wrapping.
  • No plastic coffee cups or lids.
  • Please use biodegradable garbage bags.
  • No single use zip ties, you can find re-useable ones at Bunnings & Officeworks.



Tent pegs are not accepted at TVM as weights are compulsory. All stalls must supply 4 x weights (one per marquee leg minimum 15kg per weight) at all TVM events. Please note that you cannot trade if you do not bring weights/



Please ensure you have sufficient change for market day. Also consider offering eftpos to you customers. Stall holders who do, make four times more at each event. Contact your bank for more information. Check out Square or PayPal.


Our bump out process is essentially the opposite to your bump in. You can begin to pack down your stall no earlier than 1pm, move your stall equipment to the loading bay, get your car from the stallholders car park, load it up and away you go! Please ensure you do a spot check of your stall space to ensure you take all of your equipment and rubbish with you.

Don't forget post event marketing, thank your customers and ask them to share their purchases on socials for more brand awareness!



Each market, a Sunday’s Standout Competition is held. Entries are judged by TVM fans on Facebook and the winning stall gets the next TVM (at the same location) free of charge (non-transferrable). Use all your creativity and retail merchandising skills to ensure your stall is the best looking.

Winning is limited to three times per financial year, per location.



You may cancel your application before registration if you need to.

Once you have registered and paid for the stall your stall fee will not be refunded if you choose to cancel. If you cannot not attend, and provide 48 hours+ notice, your booking will be transferred to the next consecutive event (excluding November and December events). Cancellations must be made via email.

Bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours notice are forfeited.



You may cancel your application before registration if you need to.

Once you have registered and paid for the stall your stall fee will not be refunded if you choose to cancel. If you cannot not attend, and provide 48 hours+ notice, your booking will be transferred to the next consecutive event (excluding November and December events). Cancellations must be made via email.

Bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours notice are forfeited. This includes covid related isolations.



As part of your application to TVM, you accepted the TVM Regulations and Bylaws. Please ensure you’re familiar with these conditions as they apply to all stall holders.

TVM has a firm three strikes policy. If you are issued three warnings against breaches of TVM regulations.



TVM will only be cancelled in the event of torrential weather conditions. A decision to cancel will be made by TVM organisers on the morning of market day.

Should you choose to pull out of the event prior to market day, you will forfeit your stall fee.

If organisers choose to cancel on the morning of the event, stall holders will be notified prior to 6am via email, text, website and Facebook.

Should the market be cancelled due to weather, 50% of the stall fee will be transferred to the following event (not transferrable thereafter).



We've collated some articles we've written over the years to help you plan your market day!

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