New to TVM: OPS Kids

Apr 2, 2013 | Designers, Home, New to TVM, TVM Burleigh Heads, TVM Preview

OPS Kids  is an exciting new addition to TVM and we can't wait to welcome this gorgeous stall, which will not only be retailing beautifully handcrafted play tents for children, there will be an interactive DIY element, allowing TVM bambino's to create and have fun.

Founder Sinai Mejias, says  "In a world full of technology and mass production we need to find our on way to create. I remember when I was 10, everything was about playing in my backyard and finding new adventures. That is why I decided to create spaces for the little ones. Spaces where the can escape from reality and let the imagination be the protagonist. My play tents are handmade (by me) and they are all unique."

ops kids1

ops kids 2