TVM Burleigh Heads

TVM Today

Come and join us today for 100 boutique market stalls, street eats, live tunes and all the good vibes. The best Sunday morning hang on the Gold Coast is waiting for you and your crew! Get social and tag us - #thevillagemarkets @thevillagemarkets TVM | Sunday 19 February 2017 |…read more
TVM Burleigh Heads, TVM Preview

TVM Preview 19 February ’17

Check out this list for one helluva lineup: Lumen and Luxe, Sandinyapantz, MiLK*Body, MiO Buckie Wraps, Au Fait, Woolf Leather, Oscar & Coop - Vintage Designs, Harvest Clay, Marho, Summer/Addiction Swimwear, Wild Heart, Bambita, Ruffled Leaf, Kanvass, Divine Creatures Jewellery, Brave & Fearless, Ms Mel shoes, Zylo, Sandi jumble, Desert Wanderer, Forgotten Modern, NaCl, Stone.Wood.Wax, Balu Child, Limbo Collective, Nat Kent Jewellery, Little Leas, The Sunday Co, Bodhi Collective, Hatha Clothing, Makers and Me, Only on Sundaze, Farmhouse flowers, Mahala Drift, The Travelling Kimono, Mennie, Zakiiah, Zoozap, Tippi…read more
TVM Burleigh Heads, TVM Preview

TVM Preview 5 February 17

Join us this Sunday for a HUGE lineup with the best boutique stalls, street eats and food trucks, live tunes and the famous TVM preloved and vintage Rack Sale. Stalls include Zahlo Swim, Lumen and Luxe, Munay Designs, Sandinyapantz, Peregrina Small, Sweet Child of Mine, Bali Batik at Home, Zylo, Au Fait, Bones Society, Marloe Swimwear, Divine Creatures Jewellery, little drifters,…read more
TVM Burleigh Heads, TVM Preview

New Years Day TVM Preview

Come along and chill at TVM on the first day of 2017 and shop our sweet lineup of boutique stalls including Jack Tars Locker, Divine Creatures Jewellery, Bambita Kids, Forgotten Modern, Waikiki Moo Cow, Bali Batik at Home, Brave & Fearless, akazi, Lokoa, The Parla, Barcelona on the road, dust, Bliss Inventive, Ophelia Braithwaite jewellery, Sacred Bundle, Gloria Dulcie, Annette daley designs, COTTONCOAST, Zeffa and Fosse, Attic Collective and Fiola Rose…read more

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