Plastic Free with Prickle Free

Jul 9, 2021 | Lifestyle Feature

To raise awareness around Plastic Free July, we're celebrating our conscious community of creatives, starting with Prickle Free, by Keele Pont.

"My companies ethos is to provide eco friendly and sustainable products.

The driving force behind these products are functionality, practicality, being ascetically pleasing and on trend. Such products with this ethos in mind include the replacement of everyday items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, baking paper, face pads and sanitary products.

We want to help show that it is possible to have all this without causing a harmful impact on the environment."

We sell a variety of eco friendly products that encourage you to eliminate single use items from all your daily routines. These products are all really functional and practical and beautiful.

What is your most popular product and why? 

A tricky question as our most popular product changes all the time. People are making plastic free changes in all areas and we as a company are constantly introducing new products. Our Safety Razor, my inspiration for starting Prickle Free, is a favorite. The razor not only reduces so much plastic from entering the environment but it gives such an amazing shave, reducing ingrown hairs and irritation.

How important is it for brands to be conscious about the materials they are using from production, to packaging and everything in between?

"My philosophy and my business is driven by the desire to reduce the unnecessary use of single use plastics. There are so many wonderful alternatives available from small local businesses.  Supporting these businesses not only assists in protecting our environment but also supports the growth of local brands with a focus to reduce our imprint on the environment."

It’s important we think about this and do what we can. A wholistic and conscious approach to manufacturing and packaging is simply the way of the future.

What are some tips you have for our community if they’re wondering how they can go about eliminating plastic from their homes and daily rituals?

Remember no one is perfect. Don’t put any pressure on yourself, just do what you can. You are not going to mess it up. Start with small changes that are realistic within your lifestyle. Shop at a bulk food store once a week,  carry a reusable drink bottle or something as simple as swapping your plastic toothbrush for a Bamboo one. Overtime look to other areas  in your day to day life that you can make sustainable changes to. Every little bit counts. 

Are there any books, IG accounts, podcasts or resources you can recommend for more information?

I like to follow @plasticfreemermaid on Instagram she shares all the tips and ticks to help with being plastic free but also is very realistic.

When is your next TVM appearance?

Burleigh on the 18th of July and the new Brisbane Village Market on the 8th of August. Very excited about that one, check it!!

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