Protected: Brand Rack Sale


We’re excited to welcome you to the Brand Rack Sale.

Please select your desired Brand Rack Sale date for which you were accepted from the dropdown below and make your payment. Your receipt is your confirmation.

Contact payment methods preferred.

Brand Rack sale spaces are strictly limited and all must be pre-booked. Please ensure your rack is placed on the ground markings. It is strongly advised you bring hand sanitiser which can be purchased with your rack sale and picked up from the TVM info tent (also available from the TVM Info tent on market day).

Please double check the requirements and instructions in your welcome email prior to attending.

The cost is $120 per rack per brand (maximum 1.5m with one rail only). No items on the ground in bags or boxes and with shoes placed neatly under your rack.

We look forward to having you!


Note – we do not permit rack sharing.