Say Hello To :: OnePeace

Nov 16, 2022 | Lifestyle Feature, TVM Startup Stall

The story of how OnePeace came to be is particularly serendipitous - a series of life events that make the brand almost seem destined from the very beginning.

Founder, Anna Grundy has always had a deep love of fashion and its ability to empower people. Despite studying it at university, she felt the industry was misaligned with her values and never pursued it.

Fast forward to today, and she owns a creative studio called Puraest that builds purpose-led lifestyle brands like ours. The idea of OnePeace was planted two years ago when Anna was creating a portfolio of dream brands within the areas she was passionate about. Renowned for wearing jumpsuits, combined with being a lover of sustainability, symbolism, and double entendres - the name OnePeace was brought to life.

This beautiful alchemy of events all came together to create a life’s purpose, one you will see sewn into every fibre of the brand.

This months Startup Stall recipient was Anna Grundy of OnePeace, get to know her beautiful business here and you can find OnePeace this Sunday 20 November at TVM for the very first time.

Anna Grundy, Founder of OnePeace

TVM: Hi Anna, did you have any formal qualifications in fashion before starting your brand?

Yes! I have a Bachelor of (Hons) Fashion Promotion, I am an experienced graphic designer and Owner of a creative studio. In the past I have also won various fashion awards in the UK and have worked within the sustainability niche.

Tell us more about the name OnePeace and how it came to be?

OnePeace came about at the beginning of me building Puraest. In a stitched effort to obtain clients within the purpose-led lifestyle brand space, I came up with hypothetical brands within the areas I was passionate about. Renowned for wearing jumpsuits, combined with being a lover of sustainability, symbolism, and double entendres - the name OnePeace was brought to life. I simply couldn't get the brand out of my head. It seemed as though everything I had done up until now lead me to this - my true north, my purpose and passion in life.

What products or services are included within your range?

Jumpsuits & playsuits to begin with. I aim to do one-piece swimwear and likely dresses too.

What inspires you creatively?

The beautiful art that is nature.
Art in itself.
People are a huge inspiration as they are what I am creating for.

Do you work from home, an office or creative workspace?

I work from home but am working from Sun House Studio one day a week, from this week!

Do you implement any sustainable practices within your company, if so tell us about this?

We are 1% for the planet
We source 100% recycled fibres

Linen was chosen for the first movement as I did a lot of research on the most sustainable fabric and I believe it to be linen.

All elements of our packaging are created with the intention to strike a balance between beautiful and sustainable. Our manufacturing process and packaging is com pletely plastic-free with us carefully selecting the best eco-friendly alternatives. All our labels are made for recycled fibres and each piece is lovingly wrapped in compostable mailers and FSC-certified post-consumer recycled paper. Our marketing material is printed on carbon neutral ECOstar paper stock that is 100% recycled post-consumer using soy-based inks.

One Peace was created as a symbol of how every being is intrinsically linked, with the purpose to inspire the power of us all coming together in creating a brighter future for our planet and our people. We promise to always embody this metaphor and forever strive to make it a reality. Inch by inch and seam by seam, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible to bring you beautiful pieces that are as sustainable as they are beautiful. Our approach is to create consciously, engage in ongoing reflection and continually drive progress towards sustainability, circularity, inclusivity and transparency.

Why did you choose TVM as a platform for your business?

I have always been a huge fan of TVM and from day one of starting OnePeace I envisaged collaborating with you. The core reason being that there is incredible synergy there between our product offering but also our values. I hope to create brand awareness, connect with our local community and fingers crossed develop some partnership opportunities too.

Where’s your favourite local coffee haunt?

Milkman's Daughter - their dirty chai is incredible, and I believe the chai is made traditionally by a local Indian man (which makes me love it even more as there is a story behind it).

Favourite book?

The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell

Favourite podcasts?

One Wild Ride