Sneak a Peek at Sunday’s Stalls

Mar 30, 2013 | TVM Burleigh Heads, TVM Preview, Vintage Market, Young Designers

Sneak a peek at this Sunday's line up and get those wish lists ready!

Little x&y

Madison and Montana

Stalls this Sunday include Venus vs Jungle, EKOLUV, barefoot and blonde, Forgotten Modern, Bluebird Designs, east of grey, jewellery by kim, Sweet Child of Mine, Bu. Designs, Sandi's Jumble, LoKoa, Long way home, Cashem Couture, The Hudson Tree, kiss create, minc collections, Frocktail Party, Reeden, OPS Kids, Faded Hearts, Bloom'd, Nara Saca, bungalow 12, Crystal Creek Flowers, Sea & Stone, Madison & Montana Candle Homeware Co., Vanya Vintage, Faith Design, Forget Me Not, Tenspeed and Brownshoes, Minksy, Saintees, Grommet Designs, A Little Bliss, Raelene Barker, Neverland By Tink, Childrenofthetribe, Candy Store, Reinvented Treasures, Toska,  The SunLounge Collection, Nala Shoes, The Karen Neilsen Collection, Wild Heart Jewellery, Love St, Salte, Annake, Dust, Kivari and Little x&y.

Inside Taste

Gourmet eats from YoFlo, Hawaiian Life, Inside Taste, a ship called hummingbird, The Wandering Bean and JP DOG.