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Nov 11, 2020 | Designer Profile, Lifestyle Feature, Stall Profile

To celebrate NAIDOC week, we're shining the spotlight on indigenous small business, Peached. Owned and operated by husband and wife duo Kellie and Tyrone Peachey with artwork by Derick Peachey, Peached aims to share the beauty of indigenous culture through their 100% cotton baby swaddles.

Hi Kellie! Peached has been a part of our TVM community since 2019 and it’s been such a pleasure. You sell Indigenous inspired swaddles with artwork created by your husband Tyrone Peachey and his cousin Derick Peachey, both proud Wiradjuri men. Tell us a little more about how your small business was born?

As new parents we found it extremely overwhelming walking into a baby store and having zero clue of what we needed to survive parenthood. Throughout our journey with Penelope (the couples first child) we soon discovered the essentials were; a pram, a rocker and great swaddle (....and coffee!)

Our daughter Penelope is now 3 and we still use swaddles for her - not to wrap her in - but to use as a pram cover, a blanket in summer, and at the beach. Don't get me wrong there are already amazing ranges out there but my husband suggested "what about something cultural?"

I thought it was a brilliant idea and seeing as though his cousin Derick produces stunning Indigenous artworks, we thought we could really make something beautiful.

Since the launch of Peached in September 2019 we have since welcomed our second daughter, Florence. Seeing her wrapped in the Peached swaddles are so incredibly special. Not only were they created by her Dad, Uncle and our collaboration with Natalie Jade, they have cultural significance that embraces her Indigenous identity.

We think it’s such a wonderful way to celebrate Indigenous culture and to wrap your little babes in something meaningful and super soft too.

Tell us more about the work of Tyrone and Derick, are both men artists?

Derick has always done Indigenous art and makes the most beautiful pieces. His page is @derickpeacheyart you should definitely have a look. Tyrone’s first attempt was when we started taking the Peached idea a bit more seriously and he created the PENELOPE Swaddle artwork.

They grew up as brothers more than cousins and have always been extremely close. Both Dek and Ty are proud Indigenous men that are striving to pass the importance of their culture down to their own children.

 "For me Aboriginal culture is my identity. It is where I feel a sense of belonging. When I think about Aboriginal culture I feel whole as a man from the Wiradjuri Tribe. I do Aboriginal art to reconnect with my heritage and my people. I try to share our beautiful culture with the rest of the world," Derick Peachey, Artist of the ISLA, KOBA & OTIS Swaddle.

 "For me Peached gives me the chance to learn and be involved in my Indigenous culture. I was always very proud to be Indigenous but growing up in Cronulla I never really got the chance to learn about my culture. To have the chance to involve family and culture is a dream come true. I'm extremely proud of the products Kel and Dek have produced and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do"  Tyrone Peachey, Peached Owner and artist of the PENELOPE Swaddle.

You aim to share and celebrate the beauty in indigenous culture, can you tell us a little more about how you aim to do this through your brand?

We want our products to be identified as something beautiful and that people want to use for their babies or for gifts. We want our own children to have a strong connection with their Indigenous culture and the beauty it offers. But we also want it to be a way for non Indigenous Australians to celebrate Indigenous culture.

Can you share with us your most treasured print, is there a story behind this design?

For Ty and I we have a soft spot for the PENELOPE. I think because it was our first design and being Tyrone’s first artwork.

“The clusters represent the important groups of friends and families in our lives. We are so lucky to have such supporting and loving family and friends I wanted them to be represented and be a part of this journey too,” Tyrone.

Do you have any favourite indigenous small businesses we should know about?

Absolutely we do! We love @theiammovement @mararadesigns @natalie_jade_collective @earth.blended and of course @derickpeacheyart

When will your next TVM event be, and in the meantime how can our community find Peached online?

We will definitely be doing the next TVM Insta Market - 27 November 2020.

Hopefully we will be able to get to a Sunday TVM market before the end of 2020 and we are online at and Instagram @peached_au