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May 1, 2018 | Designer Profile, Stall Profile

The GC is cooling down and lucky for you, you can catch new stall EST 1971 at TVM this Sunday, peddling their Windy's.
What's a Windy you say? Read on to find out more about EST 1971 co-founder Jayne who alongside her business partner and bestfriend Sophie, will be bringing her brand all the way from the Mornington Peninsula to join us at TVM for the very first time this Sunday 6th May.
In a short paragraph, tell us about your background — what did you study or what field did you work in prior to starting your business?
Jayne: After completing an Economics Commerce Degree I found my way into  Advertising, which I have been doing for the past 20 years. I have worked both here and overseas in a variety of roles. Some of my major clients were fashion brands which helped fuel my desire to one day start my own label.
What made your pursue your creative passion?
I grew up with a very creative mother who had my sister and I on the sewing machine making dolls dresses from a very young age. If we weren't sewing, we were embarking on some other creative pursuit from pottery to jewellery making. My mother passed away from Ovarian Cancer when she was only 56 and I was 34 years old. There’s nothing like losing your mother at a relatively young age to make you realise life is too short not live your passions.
When did you take the plunge and start your own business?
It took another ten years and the birth of my two children, Maggie and Sammy, for me to finally start my own label with one of my oldest and dearest friend’s Sophie. We have known each other since we were 12 and can pretty much guess what the other thinking.
What does your brand consist of?
Style essentials. We want to create pieces that can be worn and worn and you always feel good in them. We have launched with the much loved ‘windy’ (sweatshirts). We agonise over every detail and won’t put anything out there unless we absolutely love it and don’t want to take it off.
Where is the label designed and made?
The label is designed here in sunny (ok mostly rainy) Main Ridge on the Mornington Peninsula.
What inspires you?
Travel, where I live, nature, art, vintage fashion. I adore colour and texture and find inspiration everywhere from a painted door to a piece of ribbon.
What are your plans for the brand and where do you hope it takes you?
As long as people keep buying certain pieces we will keep making them and will add new pieces as we perfect them. We want to keep our brand purposeful and true to our essence - everyday style essentials that you can wear and wear.
What were the biggest challenges when launching your brand?
Believing in myself. I think you have to just decide to give it a go and do it. My mother used to say to me all the time “The only difference between you and them is they are doing it”.
What is the best thing about having your own business?
The ability to make and back your decisions — good and bad.
One piece of advice for someone hoping to start their own small business that you wish you’d been told?
You can waist so much time and energy doubting your idea or capabilities but not everything has to be solved in a day. Just get started, focus on what you are passionate about and everything else you can figure out along the way.
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