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Jan 15, 2020 | Stall Profile

Growing up in the same small coastal town on the NSW South Coast, Andy and Eva fell in love 15 years ago and their life since then has included road-tripping around Australia, working, buying a home and raising their three young daughters. Four years ago, amidst wrangling a 2 year old with another baby on the way, they decided to start their new side-hustle a men's apparel clothing company, Friday at Five.

What prompted you to start your men's apparel company, Friday at Five?

Andy was a casual employee of a contracting company as an operator for a local coal mine. At the time there was a lot of uncertainty within the coal industry, we decided it was time to think about the future. Also around the same time Andy had an interest in independent clothing brands, following a lot on social media, we fell in love with the idea of creating our own label, something unique that was ours.

With Eva being an artist and able to create our designs, we though this was an achievable small business we could successfully run from home. We didn't tell anyone of our plans, friends and family weren't in the know purely because this was our plan that we believed in, we didn't want to be influenced in anyway, be it positively or negatively, by those closest to us. We had to back ourselves and trust our gut.

Friday At Five was born!

Months of planning, learning on the run, sourcing manufactures, printers, brainstorming design concepts, logo's, building websites, all while Andy was working overtime shifts to cover the costs involved with starting a new business.

We also welcomed the birth of our second daughter, Layla, in this time. To be completely honest we were out of our depth and had no clue what we were doing. But we were having fun, embracing the challenge and enjoying the journey.

Our first tee's went to print in February 2016 and since, thanks to all of our customers who have trusted in us and purchased our products, we now have and continue to sell Australia wide to every state and territory. Tasmania was the last to come on board in 2018.

We now have created over 40 different limited release designs over a range of products! We are continuously learning and evolving.

The journey continues!

What is your creative background/qualifications?

I (Eva) am our artist (self taught).

I have always loved art (drawing/painting) but when it comes to the digital side of art I was completely in the dark, so I learnt on the go how to use Adobe Illustrator, so that our designs could be ready to print, I'm getting better and more confident with the program and have improved dramatically in these last 4 years!

Andy is the ideas man, his mind is constantly ticking and he is always shooting ideas at me and things he wants me to get down on paper because he has a strong feeling that they will go well! So far he has been pretty spot on and all our art inspired gear has been really well received!

Four years on, is this business your sole income or do you still have a full-time gig?

Andy has still got a full-time job in the mines, I'm a stay at home mum to three kids, so I fully run the business from home. Our aim is for this to be our full-time gig! Hopefully in the not too distant future.

Tell us about the name Friday at Five, how did this come about?

The name represents the weekend, yes, but more than that it's the feeling you get when you're no longer working, you're on your own time, free to do what ever it is you love, be with whoever you choose!

Tell us more about the products you are currently offering?

Our apparel is art inspired limited run designs, we never reprint designs keeping them unique!

We have tees, muscles, singlets, hats, long-sleeve tees, hoodies, crews, button up 'flanno' and beanies.

We also sell original artwork, hand painted one of a kind skateboard deck art coated in resin so it can be used as an art-piece or as a functional board.

What inspires you creatively?

I just love art!

It's always been a part of my life and even if we did not have FAF, I would still be drawing or painting!

Do you work from home, an office or creative workspace?

From home. A lot of the time on the floor, on the lounge, kitchen table, occasionally while in bed. Always surrounded by our kids.

Do you implement any sustainable practices within your company, if so tell us about this?

We use recycled paper bags and we are moving into 100% biodegradable and compostable mailers in place of plastic.

Do you collaborate with any other local GC/Brisbane businesses?

Our screen printers are PSI Screen Printers located on the Gold Coast

Why did you choose TVM as a platform for your business?

We have family that live in Byron Bay and we have herd really great things about the stalls and overall vibe of the market. We have a really strong customer base in QLD (Gold Coast/Brisbane area especially). We wanted to expand our markets outside of NSW and TVM seemed like a great way to do that!

Where’s your favourite local coffee haunt?

Asser House in Scone NSW do one of the best Dirty Chais!

Favourite book?

So hard! I love so many but one of them is - Ivory by Tony Park

Favourite podcasts?

The Joe Rogan Experience and The Basement Yard

Favourite way to unwind?

Outside with my family, music, BBQ and a few drinks.

Thanks Eva and Andy!
You can find Friday at Five at TVM this Sunday 19 January 2020 and online, here.