Stall Profile: It’s Coco and Peach

Dec 7, 2019 | Designer Profile, TVM Burleigh Heads

A long time dream between friends Meg and Laura, It's Coco and Peach are affordable beach accessories for the ocean lover. The newly launched label will be at TVM this Sunday 8 December 2019.

What's your background?

We have dreamed of creating a business together since we were 8 years old and we are proud to say we have finally got here. It’s Coco and Peach has come along way, evolving from a conversation on the beach into something so much more.

We wanted to create affordable products that allow you to enjoy the beautiful world we live in while ensuring that you’re taking care of your peachy skin.

Tell us about your creative background?

To be honest we both can’t draw a stick man to save our lives however our incredible designer Ali Maclean works with us to turn our ideas into beautiful designs. 

Shout out to Al!

Is It's Coco and Peach your full time gig?

We both currently work full time with this being our passionate side hustle.

Laura works for a start up tech company and has a costumer centric role. 

Meg is a registered nurse who has a scrub/scout role in the operating theatre.

Tell us about the name It's Coco and Peach?

It’s Coco and Peach came about after weeks of deliberating between a number of names. 

We came to a final decision as we like to think of “Coco” as the coconut shell representing the umbrella and the “Peach” as your supple skin that needs to be protected. Which is why our products are UPF50+.

So what are you products?

Our first product range includes our designer beach umbrella’s. We currently have 3 styles but we plan to release more in the coming months. 

We are also currently working on a number of other products, so keep your eyes peeled.

What's your creative inspo?

Nothing gets the creative juices flowing more than being outdoors surrounded by the people we love. A perfect day for us is on the beach, funky tunes pumping and a note pad in our hands.

Where do you work from?

As this our side hustle we squish this in wherever we possibly can. Whether it’s throwing ideas around or answering emails after an early morning ocean dip or a mid week late night zoom chat to each other after work.

What are your sustainable practices?

We are extremely conscious of plastic use and have worked to eliminate plastic from any of our packaging. We are also currently working with our manufacturer in creating new products made from sustainable/recycled materials.

Why TVM?

We have always loved the vibe of The Village Markets and have seen so many other entrepreneurs succeed in this space. 

We are excited for the opportunity and couldn't think of a better place to kick our business off.

Fave coffee haunt?

Zephyr Coffee Co in Coolangatta

Fave podcasts?

Millennial Money & Deliciously Ella

Fave way to unwind?

A fresh salty dip in the ocean.

Websites or profiles you're loving right now?

Like minded b****** drinking wine