Stall Profile: Libby Watkins

Oct 28, 2013 | Art, Designer Profile, New to TVM, TVM Burleigh Heads

Making the drive all the way from Sydney to join the TVM lineup for the first time this Sunday, is artist Libby Watkins.

We had a quick chat to Libby to find out what what inspires her and what pieces we can expect to find at her stall this weekend (did somebody say pineapples and flamingos!). Be sure to pop by and check out Libby's work, we can't wait.

When did your creative business begin?

I never stop making things out of things- creating, problem solving, making things out of nothing...led me into studying interior and then fashion design. I have never been able to stop sketching, drawing and illustrating. Working for brands meant always contributing to an already existing brief, an established brand DNA.

I would come home from work and keep going in my garage studio for some down time. On weekends neighbours started popping in to see my pieces, bringing friends.

I started selling my pieces from my garage nearly 6 or so years ago slowly, just as a bit of a side project. From there I started to do a local market to let people know where I was and invite to see my pieces.

Now I am a full time freelance designer and artist fusing both skills together in design and art briefs.

What sort of work will you be showcasing?

I have contrasting statement pieces, I am conversational in my works and yet sometimes understated for a contrasting reaction.

Using bright watercolours and layering techniques.


Where do you create your masterpieces?

Newport, Sydney, all made locally, all materials are purchased from local businesses, and this important to me and what I am supporting.

What inspires you?

I love old films, taking a coastal walk and wandering to clear the mind and focus on new ideas. I love the ocean the blues the movement the size of the ocean washes away any worries and reminds you of what is important.

I keep all my old magazines and editorial shoots I pick them up and could happily flick through all day long.

I recreate things, give  a new life to objects, scenarios and get lost with my thoughts.

Latest collection consists of?

Inky Pineapples, palm trees and Flamingos- OH MY!


What's on your mood board?

I have some colour threads, colour palettes made up from collected colour chips and bits of textures, and things to keep me challenged- I found the most amazing shell the other day with a creamy pink metallic, the more I stare at it, I see an island and escape, so amazing like cloud watching pictures and shapes. I am working on new fabric prints between days of painting at the moment. My mood board is forever changing.

What’s your creative space like?

Clean crisp, dapples of colour and chaotic idea. FInished works, half completed works and high energy doing what I love! I am my most busy at night, there is something about the world being still at night, that no one is watching me, contacting me and I just draw from the dead of the night to create!

What music do you listen to while designing/creating?

Sometimes things hit me, I am either in the creation cave and block every possible noise and sound and sometimes I really need the inspiration- I love playlists from my friends- When I am working solo it helps to know whilst you are working alone, you have the support and encouragement from your friends, I love it- because I don’t know what will be next, makes it an interesting musical conversation in the studio.


A day in the life of you consists of?

I work on my design projects, create artworks draft up ideas respond and work with my clients on artworks and projects. Talking to my beautiful stockists, I work really closely with these people. My artworks are layered and consist of constant lots of bits of work so I do this in between my day. I love the design element of my life, but mid through something sometimes I have an idea and I have to just stop what I am doing and get into what I am inspired to do right then! Some people call it being side tracked I like to call it multi tasking.

Which stalls are you most looking forward to visiting, at TVM?

I am very excited to meet Kirstin from Kavari, we were recently introduced on email. I look forward to meeting her in person, and picking up a few bits from Kavari and scouting the stalls at TVM on Sunday to take back with me. I cant wait to see what beautiful set up Madison & Montana bring this sunday as well, so much talent to explore.

Favourite reads/blogs?

Cloudy Rhodes is insane to my eyes, looking at her work takes you away to a far away land! I enjoy reading the Design Files exploring inspirational creative minds building or contributing to successful empires, keeps me inspired and has great reads!

Why TVM?

Why not? I don’t do many markets but this looks RAD,  and the weather is always at perfection - I can pop into Pompidou (Byron Bay) on the way.

Check out Libby's website here.
And her Facebook here.