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Jan 30, 2020 | TVM Preview

A thoughtful gesture by a client prompted former Beauty Therapist Triss Clark's passion for crystals and she hasn't looked back. Find Triss and her ethically sourced crystal business Lunar Vibrations, at TVM this Sunday 2 February in Burleigh Heads and read on to find out more about her journey.

"Just before I started Lunar I was managing a Beauty Salon in North Brisbane. I was going through a really hard time and struggling a lot with anxiety. One of my staff members was really spiritual and would always be wearing crystal jewellery and have crystals in her bra. She would give me little tumbled crystals to keep in my bra throughout the day and I started to notice how they affected my mood in a positive way, I felt like my world and perspective began to completely change. In April 2017 I decided to start Lunar Vibrations as a side hustle. I wanted to be able to offer people these amazing creations from Mother Earth with the hopes they help others as much as they have helped me."

We're looking forward to welcoming you to TVM for the first time this Sunday Triss! Tell us more about what you were doing prior to Lunar Vibrations?

I am a qualified Beauty Therapist and I worked in the industry for 7 years. Which is a completely different path to what I am now on!

Is this business your full-time gig, or a side hustle?

Lunar is my full time job, I took the leap in August 2019 to quit my 9-5 job to follow my dreams!

Is there a particular meaning behind the business name?

It took me a while to decide on a business name. I knew I wanted a reference to the energy and the vibrations that the crystals hold in the name, then one night I had a dream and was told I need to also reference the moon. Then I decided on Lunar Vibrations. I feel very connected to the moon and crystals, so I thought it was a perfect name to represent my business and also me.

What can TVM goers expect to find at your stall on Sunday?

Crystals, crystals and more crystals!

We have pieces ranging from small pocket size to large statement pieces.

I love the idea that you can carry a small piece of magic with you throughout the day or style a bigger piece with a plant, candle and some coffee table books. My crystals look amazing as decor pieces, and you are also bringing that beautiful energy into your home.

What inspires you creatively?

Being out in nature.
When I'm struggling with inspiration I usually grab a crystal, head straight to the waterfall near my house and just reconnect with nature and clear my mind.

Do you work from home, an office or creative workspace?

I work from home, Lunar HQ is a small room filled with my crystals and plants!

Do you implement any sustainable practices within your company, if so tell us about this:

Our pieces are ethically sourced directly from the mines and wells in India. It is really important to me to know exactly where my crystals are coming from and that I am not supporting child labour or unfair working conditions for the miners, which is unfortunately quite common in the crystal world.

Do you collaborate with any other local GC/Brisbane businesses?

I don't, however that is something I would love to do!

Why did you choose TVM as a platform for your business?

"I was doing a lot of research on different markets around the coastal areas and when I came across TVM's Instagram, I decided to make a day trip to the Gold Coast to check it out. It was exactly the type of market I have been looking for to fit my brand and I absolutely loved the vibe and the people."

Favourite book?

I am currently reading Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein, such a great book and simple and easy practices to help change your mindset!

Favourite podcasts?

I don't actually listen to podcasts, something I wanted to get into in 2020.

Favourite way to unwind?

Sitting outside in the afternoon watching the birds in my yard or hanging out with my cats watching Netflix.

What’s your favourite TVM stall, if you have one?

Lakiki Jewellery

Connect to Lunar Vibrations online, here and on Instagram, here.