Stall Profile :: MySky Skincare

Nov 13, 2017 | I Heart TVM

With a steamy summer and the festive season almost here (hello cocktails!), it's time to give your skin some lovin'! Luckily we have a curated selection of local beauty businesses amongst the TVM lineup - perfect for yourself and as gift ideas for your loved ones. This week in the lead up to her appearance at TVM (19 November) we chatted with founder of MySky Skincare, Barbara Moltoni.

Heya Barbara, tell us about how and when your MySky Skincare was created?

Once I got pregnant I became very conscious of what I was putting in and on to my body. I started not only eating cleaner & greener, but also reading labels of skincare products and I was horrified to find out the amount of chemicals and harmful ingredients used even in baby products! That’s when I decided to make my own skincare products and became more and more passionate about natural ingredients and the power of superfoods for skincare, such as matcha, oats, chia seeds, beetroot, cocoa, etc. I mean, if it’s good internally why wouldn’t it be good for our skin,right? After having several of my  “vegan guinea pigs” trying my products out and asking for more, I decided it was time to take that next step and share my values & ethos with other likeminded people.

What products are included within your range?

Moisturizing body scrubs enriched with chia seeds

Mum & bub Oils

Superfood face masks

Oat milk baths

Magic Matcha anti ageing serum

Nourishing fizzy bath cupcakes (bath bombs)

What is your creative background?

It’s funny because everybody and every star sign book out there say that Pisces people are very creative, but  I could never relate to that, until I started making skincare! I just love mixing ingredients and watching the different colours and textures come to life. I’ve always been a bit of a “kitchen alchemist” and never liked following recipes, I like to put my personal touch into everything.

Where are the products made?

Everything is formulated and packaged  on the Gold Coast.

What inspires you?

My daughter Maya Skye is my biggest inspiration. I experienced a complete shift in life with motherhood, so I love knowing that everything I put on her skin is natural and nourishing and won’t have a negative impact on her overall health in the future. I also feel really satisfied in doing my bit to help the planet and the environment.

Latest range consists of?

Magic Matcha Anti Ageing Serum and we have some surprises in the pipeline.

What's on your mood board?

Nature, superfoods,oils and holiday destinations, along with pictures of my daughter.

What’s your creative space like?

Clean, very clean, with lots of bowls, spatulas, oils, flowers, etc…

What music do you listen to while designing/creating?

John Mayer (sorry girls, I know his reputation isn’t the best, but he’s inspired me forever)

A day in the life of you consists of?

Wow! I’m tired just thinking about it…Wake up with the rise of sun (thank you Maya), play with my daughter, plan lessons (I’m also a teacher), make products & restock for markets, send & respond to emails, pack & dispatch online orders, reply to customer’s enquiries.

Favourite TVM stall?

Willow & the little Gypsies

Favourite reads/blogs?

The School of Natural Skincare, Humblebee & me.

Connect with MySky Skincare at TVM this Sunday 19 November, or visit the website - here.