Stall Profile: Nautical By Nature

Sep 27, 2014 | Designer Profile

Meet the friendly faces behind cool art and homewares stall, Nautical by Nature, Danni and Fitzy. Find these guys and their rad wares, at most TVM's.

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Tell us about how and when your label was created?

Nautical by Nature has been a creative journey for us that evolved from designing our first home together. Sharing our love of vintage and nautical inspired home wares we started mixing our creative backgrounds together to create our label.

What pieces are included within your range?

NBN produces handmade pieces including our wooden signs, coasters and message in a bottle necklaces.


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What is your creative background?

Fitzy is the creative mind behind the brand, while I am the crafty one. Fitzy being a graphic designer he is always coming up with unique ideas and graphics. He designs all of our prints and together we hand make our special treasures including transferring the design onto wood ourselves.

Where is the label designed and made?

Our products are designed & made in the comfort of our own home in Burleigh.

What inspires you?

Both Fitzy and I are inspired from upcycled ideas we see on pinterest. We take ideas and build them into our own in the theme of traditional tattoo artwork, vintage and nautical.

Latest collection consists of?

Our latest range of signs has been based around typography using quotes that we have stood by over the years and share them with in a creative and unique way.

What's on your mood board?

Fitzy doesn’t really have a mood board as his ideas flow straight from his mind on screen. We have however been looking a new textures and styles of décor.

What’s your creative space like?

Our house (NBN HQ) is filled with a mix of retro, vintage and handmade features. The shed features old suitcases to store our tools and vintage tea chests as work benches.

What music do you listen to while designing/creating?

We really listen to a mix of music depending on the mood really. Anything from soft acoustic tunes to The Doors, which influences the treasures we are creating.

A day in the life of you consists of?

Our weekends usually consist of visiting garage sales, recycling shops and antique stores. There is usually a trip to bunnings every weekend, followed by a few ciders and beers to relax while making our signs.

Favourite TVM stall (besides yours of course)?

At the moment we are loving Zylo for their amazing laser-cut designs.

Favourite reads/blogs?

We have been recently following a few Instagram bloggers in the US that work with industrial recycled tools. We also love using Pinterest & Craft Gawker as a way of sourcing new ideas.

What are we likely to find you wearing on market day? Any favourite labels?

Fitzy also has a label called Stoln Clothing which we sell in our stall. His label is available for both men and woman, this is what we are usually seen in. While I practically live in my chucks all weekend.

What can we expect from the next collection/what are your plans for 2014 and beyond?

We are currently looking into using more textures on our signs, so a mix of metals and wood. Also adding cute vintage framing to our signs.

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Why TVM?

The Village Markets offer us the ability to showcase our work alongside other evolving artists. We love having the opportunity to meet like-minded people who also share our same passion for art and culture.

What do you love most about attending TVM?

We really enjoy the sweet acoustic sounds, amazing food/ coffee and soaking in the beautiful sun here on the coast while offering our treasures at the same time.

Connect with Nautical By Nature:
Instagram: nautical_bynature