Stall Profile: Paradise Pantry

Oct 20, 2014 | Stall Profile, TVM Paradise Point

This one is for the tastebuds! This weekend at TVM Paradise Point, we welcome new food stall Paradise Pantry. A divine selection of fresh, healthy ready to eat products, made locally by Holly Shelley.

With a menu including rice paper rolls with optional satay dipping sauce, choc walnut biscuits with peanut butter cream and strawberries/banana, paleo pumpkin bread with avocado slices, sweet potato brownies (vegan), it's safe to say we're pretty excited! And for all those Paradise Point pooches, there's even banana peanut butter dog biscuits on the menu!




Tell us about how and when your business was created?

I created my blog Paradise Pantry a couple of months after moved to Paradise Point in May last year. I am incredibly passionate about healthy food and wanted to share some of my ideas, and so a food blog was born. I was struggling to come up with a name but then my boyfriend (genius) came up with Paradise Pantry, I loved it. It’s a great way to share my recipes, get inspired by other food blogs and communicate with my friends and family interstate and overseas.

What products are on the menu?

All healthy items, I want to give people options if they are vegan, paleo, vegetarian, gluten free etc. Or if they are just looking to live a healthy lifestyle.

There will be ricepaper rolls, all filled with fresh veggies and rice noodles and a choice of turmeric tofu, soy marinated mushrooms and chilli, sesame pumpkin. Also optional dipping sauce will be available, sweet chilli or homemade satay.

Sweet potato brownies (vegan), no bake lemon tarts topped with blueberry chia jam (gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free), choc, acai and coconut bliss balls or choc walnut biscuits topped with peanut butter cream and fresh berries or banana, paleo pumpkin bread with avocado slices (paleo, gluten free), seed crackers with hummus topped with roasted chickpeas and last but not least peanut butter, banana and parsley dog biscuits, we can’t forget to treat our best friends!

I use organic ingredients where possible. Free range eggs and most of my items are from a local health food store. Please ask if you want to know specifics.



What is your background?

Healthy food lover since I was born, I grew up in the bush with a massive veggie garden and health conscious parents. I became more and more interested in what food could do for my body in high school. My health journey continued as I discovered ideas and recipes when I was living in Canada and had to cook all my own meals. Now I’m currently studying Nutrition and Dietetics at Griffith University here on the Gold Coast.

Where are you based?

In my small yet beautiful kitchen in Paradise Point, QLD.

What inspires you?

I can spend hours looking at food blogs, scrolling through instagram, reading nutrition articles, hearing about new food items and flavours just waiting to be made. I love hearing people discover how healthy things taste amazing and then start their own health journey. I hope to encourage more people to make healthier choices, because what we eat is such a big contributor to our overall health. 

What's on your inspiration board?

My to make list. Little facts about what certain foods are good for. Photos of my boyfriend, nature and our dog Blaze.



What’s your creative space like?

Clean, everything has its spot. I try and make it fun and pretty though with pops of colour and quirky little finds. I love having photos that remind me of fun times, they always make me smile.

What music do you listen to while in the kitchen?

Coldplay, Pierre Lapointe, Chet Faker, Asegir, Triple J.

A day in the life of you consists of?

Having something delicious and nutritious for breakfast before heading off to uni. I love options that are quick during the week. Banana granola, smoothies, chia puddings and breakfast muffins would be a typical brekky. Pancakes and eggs on weekends. Then there is a day of going to lectures and labs, my lunch will usually consists of a salad I’ve made the night before. If I’m at home I’ll get a bit more creative and make veggie sushi or miso salmon. I’ll make my boyfriends lunch in the afternoon and have a smoothie or kombucha. Dinner is usually packed with veggies, such as baked sweet potatoes, raw pad thai or cauliflower crust pizza. A peppermint tea and loving chocolate / pana chocolate are my favourite dessert options.

Favourite TVM stall (besides yours of course)?

I love Hatha yoga, and Galerie Wa. Wish I had more cupboards to store both things in! I’m obsessed!

Favourite reads/blogs?

Green Kitchen Stories, My New Roots, Sprouted Kitchen, Teresa Cutter, Nutrition Stripped, This Rawesome Vegan Life.

What are we likely to find you wearing on market day? Any favourite labels?

I love my Lululemon and Hatha gear, so comfortable yet stylish. Country Road is a dangerous shop for me to walk into, I love their clothes as well as their homewares. Oh and exciting news, a beautiful fashion boutique called Hidden has just opened in Paradise Point. I bought clothes from there that I’m sure I will be wearing on market day. Definitely an apron, as I don’t want to get anything dirty!

What can we expect for the remainder of 2014 and beyond?

I’m always trying new recipes and would like to change the Paradise Pantry food options with the seasons and customer preferences.

Why TVM?

Because it’s the best market I’ve ever been to, full stop. The quality of each stall is amazing, and it has such a great vibe. You can feel the passion in the air from the market stall holders and the excitement of customers findings all these cool things. Sounds cliché, but its true. I noticed there was a gap in the market for healthy food options and I wanted to fill it. Paradise Pantry in Paradise Point? Yes please.

What do you love most about attending TVM?

Well I haven’t been as a stall holder yet but I’m sure it’ll be fun, I’m quite nervous as I want everything to be perfect. It really excites me to think people (will hopefully) buy my food! All I can say from a customers perspective I couldn’t wait until the last Sunday of the month, every time I’ve gone I’ve found something I love.

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